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King Poseidon and Queen Amphitrite
Hi guys these are two OCs for my The Little Mermaid fanfiction. In my fanfiction I only go by the original movies and some of the episode of the TV series. I also go by the original story of Triton and Ursula being brother and sister and Morgana dosen't exist in my story all though Melody does. That being said I was inspired by Morgana's color scheme for Amphitrite. Anyways these are the parents of King Triton and Ursula. They are Poseidon and Amphitrite aka the God and Goddess of the sea. Poseidon is basically the creator and progenitor of the Merman race where as Amphitrite is the progenitrix of the Octopid race basically Ursula's species. Poseidon is rather stern and somewhat temperamental but still a good God of the seas he is also in a feud with his niece Athena. Amphitrite is a kind and sweet Goddess and dosen't like conflict so she hates her husband and niece fighting. Their two most powerful children were Triton and Ursula. They did love both of their children but over all Poseidon bonded more with Triton and had him in line to be King of the Sea where as Amphitrite bonded more with Ursula and tended to spoil her. Ursula's betrayal of Triton which I will get into latter really broke Amphitrite's heart. Also the baby Amphitrite is holding is a baby Triton.
There is this deviantard online named Nayzak he is basically lauded by certain Liberals as a "moderate Muslim" even though he says such delightful stuff like that homosexuals should be jailed and that women who do not veil are asking to get raped he also defends terrorist organizations like Hamas.. I have called him out before and he blocks everyone who criticizes him. However I am honestly not to mad at him I mean I am but he is doing no different then what Muslims have always been doing and saying he is less hardcore then other Muslims but his views are still repugnant. What I am really angry at is the Liberals going on his page talking about how progressive he is and thanking him for "spreading information about Islam." I found on this page a typical SJW who identified as a "non binary queer feminist and a Pagan all though she was mainly Wiccan" and yet this Muslim man basically slut shames women and says that gay people should be put in jail. If this man was a Christian and saying the same things these SJWs would have no qualms with tearing him apart and rightly so. However because he is a Muslim they have far lower expectations for him. Many ex Muslims refer to this as the soft bigotry of low expectations. Christians for instance are held to a very high standard they must pass to be moderate and I agree to this high standard and as a Pagan I have nothing but disdain for all of the Abrahamic religions as we all know they damn sure don't like me. However the standards and expectations for so called moderate Muslims are beyond low. Liberals defend the hijab and the Islamic Madonna/Whore concept as being progressive and just ignore Islamic homophobia, transphobia and intolerance of other religions. The Pagan Arabs and even the Gods of the Pagan Arabs would be ashamed of these people. The Pagan Arabs would curse them from the beyond for siding with the terrorists who forced them to convert and the Gods of the Arabs like Allah who killed Mohammad for teaching against the worship of his wife Allat the Queen of Heaven and their many children would view them with disdain.


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