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This isn't right by MariaShade This isn't right :iconmariashade:MariaShade 3 8
Casting Runesongs - Chapter 2
Diplomacy at its Finest
Yethzer swung around to the east when he saw the mountain ahead of him. He didn't want to confront the angels, not yet at least. The flat rooves of the city spread before him, though occasionally a sloped roof interrupted the line. Different coloured lanterns glowed on many of them, indicating taverns and inns. Closer to the mountain palace was a small collection of red lanterns, which indicated the demon embassy. He circled above it for a while, deciding where to land. Not where the messengers landed, this was too important for that. Not at the barracks, the message was more important than rest. Finally he came to rest on the roof of the main building, one usually reserved for high diplomats and royalty. A demon landed on the roof in front of him.
"You may be a royal guard but..." She began, but trailed off at the disdainful look Yethzer gave her.
"This is too important for protocal, I may have the key."
"The key?" She seemed awed by the prospe
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Mature content
Casting Runesongs - Chapter 1 :iconmariashade:MariaShade 1 6
Red Dust Poetry
Painted by the red dust
We shoulder the weight
Scoured by the red winds
We carry the future
Connected to our origins
But never to return
We answer to Earth's people
Yet this planet is our own
Can we carry our own future
And cease being used?
Can we gain our independence
Without fighting a whole world?
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Chapter 2
Westerns and Guns, Someone Always Dies
Jordan sat up and rubbed his eyes. He stretched out and tried to turn off his alarm clock. He couldn't find it but it stopped anyway. He opened his eyes and saw the Victorian style divider and the foot of his bed. He looked up and saw the two walls meet at a point not far from his head, with a few shelves set up in that corner. The bed was also pressed against the straight wall and a tiny desk was against the curved wall, so close that no chair was needed. Beside it was a small clothes rack with three outfits on it. He frowned, they were all similar to the old man's dress pants with frilly shirts and a vest. He sniffed his own clothes and rubbed his nose, no way he was getting away with those.
He walked out of the back room, tugging at the frilly cuffs of the dress shirt. The old man was collapsed on his desk, sleeping. Jordan sighed and sat down at the counter, flipping through a book on the counter as he watched the lame cowboy
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Chapter 1
Unbelievable and Impossible, And Only The Beginning.
Jordan was getting ready to leave the shopping mall, it was late and he didn't want to miss the border security show, he found it fun to watch people try to get away with the dumbest of things. Like openly carrying drugs in their bags. He walked out of the mall and down the street towards the bus stop, at first hurrying, until he checked his watch and realised he was late anyway, with almost an hour till the next bus he had time to kill. He pulled out his phone and thought to call his friends, or his mother, but it wouldn't come on. He swore, it had been fully charged that morning. He sighed and looked around the street, it was a shortcut he often used, but he was almost always running at full speed through it, he might as well have a look around. The street was empty, and not surprisingly, almost all of the shops were closed, only the meat place and an old antiques store were open. With a sigh Jordan walked towards
:iconmariashade:MariaShade 3 2
A man and a boy stood near the central staircase, looking past the intricate ironwork of the central pillar. Obscured by the vines and flowers and elves and other things were a series of gems, spaced evenly up the height of the staircase. One man was tall with brown hair, he wore deep blue pants and a deep blue vest embroidered with silver over a white dress shirt. He ran a hand through his hair and glanced nervously at the young elf beside him. The elf's skin was almost white and his pointed ears were hidden by his strawberry blonde hair.
"Are you sure about this?" The man asked.
"I have studied this for almost sixty years," The elf, who looked only to be fifteen, said, "I started as soon as I could read."
"Will there be no side effects?" The man said, fiddling with his glasses, "I would not want to harm the shop."
"It will not harm the shop, as long as I take the right one," the blonde elf smiled, "It will mean a new era in shopkeeping, it will make things better."
"Have you tested i
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A Writer's Revenge
I was trying to think about my characters, trying to define them in my head. The manuscript was still warm in my hands and I wondered if I was to old fashioned in this digital age. I put it to the side and flipped open my laptop, connecting to the internet. I joined a chat and smiled to see a number of people greet me.
Lily: Hey.
Lily-The-Writer: Hey.
Hey guys
How are you?
Nervous, giving my manuscript to a small publishing house today.
Wow good luck
That's great news.
This is the one you won't show us isn't it, the one you won't even give us a hint to.
You must be dying to tell us something about the characters.
Yes, wait, someones looking over my shoulder.
Where are you?
On the bus ...
*** You have been disconnected *
I opened my eyes, and looked down at the scratched screen of my laptop, marveling again at how sturdy it was. I felt like I should be aching all over, but the pain was blocked by some extremely strong painkillers. My head was especially sore but not sore. I rubbed my te
:iconmariashade:MariaShade 3 6
One Morning, Over Dinner
One morning, over dinner she dumped me. She was looking so pretty, even though she had only just come home from work. She was raging about how it was so annoying she only got an hour off in the middle of the day, and complaining that she had to go back. I sat there, listening patiently, simply glad she was home now. I didn't speak, just listened. Then, out of the blue she turned on me.
"When are you going to do your part for this household?!" she said angrily, "You need to get a job."
I just stared at her, mouth hanging open in surprise, surely she could not be suggesting such a thing. I scratched my head and tried to smile at her but she didn't respond. In fact it only made her angrier.
"What have you got to say for yourself?" She was getting angrier, "I don't see why I should pay for all your food anymore, or let you sleep in my bed, when you just don't pull your weight around the house! You haven't even got rid of that mouse in the house yet!"
She wouldn't change her mind, she force
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Mature content
Powers Hospital :iconmariashade:MariaShade 0 0
Chicken's Flying Lessons
Chick sat on the edge of the roof, looking down to the street below. He kicked his little feet against the gutter and recited a small nursery rhyme he had heard.
"Who are they,
Above our heads,
jumping over alleyways?
I'll tell you who,
I'll tell you why,
But listen do.
They are the human pigeons
The rats, the thieves
That live among the pigeons
and steal our well earned meals.
Chick smiled as he saw one of the roof rats coming his way, leaping the most daring of leaps with ease. He sighed, how he wished to be like that some day. The boy, for the roof rat was no older than twelve, landed on the balcony of the building chick sat on and pushed his dirty blond hair out of his face. Chick pulled his feet up and lay flat on the roof, trying to hear the conversation below.
"Hiya Snake." The boy said happily, "Kitty said you wanted to have a chat to me."
"I did," Snake said, he was an older man with slicked back red hair and a silky voice, "We have a new child, six or seven years old,
:iconmariashade:MariaShade 1 8
See These Shackles
I put my head in my hands, how did I end up here of all places. The place where I would be the least welcome, the place where everyone hated me for what I was. They didn't care who I was, or how I came to be there, or even that I was there quite legally. I looked up into the eyes of the officer above me, gasping for breath. He was looking through my papers, trying to find a fault that was not there. He would find it too, anyway to punish me for being different. They wouldn't send me back though, back to where I came from. If I was sent back there I could go where ever I wished again, as long as I avoided this hellhole. I put my head down again, not looking at him. Finally he stopped reading and whacked me over the back of the head.
"What's this here?"
I looked at the print he was pointing to, "The expiry date, six days from now."
"Exactly this will expire while you are here."
"I was expecting to get it renewed."
"It takes months for approval to go through here."
"I had not expected to
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Eleven Blue Egyptians
I was minding my own business one day, walking through the markets on a more exotic world. I loved watching the aliens wander past, seeing the variety which existed in our universe. I marveled at the differences, at the fact I could not tell the sentient from the non-sentient, the intelligent from the dumb. I found myself staring at some of them and quickly turned away. Then they caught my eye.
Humans had changed vastly in their exposure to the varied conditions of the universe, but this was the most drastic change I had ever seen. Their skin was a bright earth-sky blue and their hair white. They dressed in white cloth, a piece wrapped loosely around their waist and clasped with a red metal broach.
The woman wore red metal necklaces, studded with jewels, which draped over their chests and covered their bare breasts. The seemed for all the world like oddly coloured Egyptians from ancient earth history, perhaps that is what they aimed for. One of the women saw my gaze and thrust her nose
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How to Lose the Solar System by MariaShade How to Lose the Solar System :iconmariashade:MariaShade 2 14
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Ok so a miracle has occurred I have started working on my novel again. I just started writing and I have written over 1000 words already today. Yethzer and Siarus had a fight, Annora almost gave an old man a heart attack and Siarus is currently unconscious. All in all a nice scene. However Annora has decided to surprise me, and she has done a good job of it.

You see Annora is 150 years old, but is biologically only 24 or so. However due to the anomaly which is her kind, the spellcasters, she matured at a normal human rate, meaning she has been an adult for a little over 130 years. And recently she had a discussion where she admitted that the only people capable of dealing with and Angel and a Demon would be a mother with two children who constantly bickered. After writing that statement down I had to take a step away from the keyboard, is she saying she has two kids, if so who's the father. Is it the guy she slept with earlier, and was friends with for a long time, or has she had a few relationships? Why haven't we seen her children? Do they actually exist? How old are they? Are they spellcasters too? If not have they grown old and died?

I couldn't answer any of these questions yet, so I had the humans conveniently walk through a small doorway at this point in the conversation so that Yethzer (my POV) couldn't hear the answer... but it is something to think over as I continue to write this story.


This sentence is a lie.
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