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Justice League

By Mariano1990
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They've never face us before, not us UNITED!

Ivan Reis made this great lineart, i've made the coloring work.

You can follow me on insta and twitter: www.instagram.com/marianodeven…

I'm selling this piece on digital, just write me in private if you're interested. Also, i'm taking commissions for coloring, lineart or both!
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AbhiramMYNew Deviant
wow amazing
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:) very fine colorwork and a well-deserved DD :thumbsup:

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Thanks my friend!! :)

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;) you're absolutely welccome... cheers :ahoy:

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how did the symbiote get kalel or kalel get the symbiote?

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fuck ezra miller that gay jew was awful im glad he is going away

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It`s honestly sexist and sad that modern comics go out of their way to depict male characters half naked almost every issue yet female character are never dawn in a sexual way ever thanks to years of feminists, sjws and liberals outrage mobs. That double standard is disgusting. What is even sadder is that radically feminism has been the norm in comic writing as well with male characters always being depicted as stupid, effeminate, cowardly or immature yet female characters are all written as tough, smart, heroic and with no flaw what so ever. Spider-Man or Batman these days have to team up with female characters at least once every 2 issues and in those issues the female character is always super disrespectful to him and always presented as smarter, stronger, more mature and overall better then him. There is always a scene of the "stupid" white male character having to be rescued by the female character or is told what to do by him, even through he is supposed to be the protagonist of the comic, yet the female character never has to be rescued or told what to do by the male hero of the story. Male character really get nothing to do in comic other then be stupid comic relief where every joke is at their expense of how stupid, cowardly or weak they are yet there are never any jokes at the expense of female characters. And of course whenever ever there is a fight the female character always easily wins and beats up the male character. Men hating attitudes like this are why I am no longer buying american comics.

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

Fantastic work!!! :clap: !!!

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cool what great pic of the justice league of the justice league movie is awesome and fantastic is one great work congratulations friend:) :D

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OperationCornDogProfessional Digital Artist


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craigareStudent Digital Artist
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NRGComicsProfessional Writer

It will be interesting to see how the Snyder cut holds up.

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Gilliland35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really great work. Synder cut looks good
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