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Down The Rabbit Hole II

Model: :iconvavalika: glowing toadstool 
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Ivy by MariannaInsomnia  Poison Ivy by MariannaInsomnia  Dragon by MariannaInsomnia 
Dragon II by MariannaInsomnia  Another Red Queen by MariannaInsomnia  Devil Scanty by MariannaInsomnia 
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you look like you are trying to fly... lol great shot though...
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Great idea! Love the colors! 
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Her smile is to wide for someone who is going to have sour bum for a week at least!
styuvee's avatar
Ob u must have clone stamped off the base support structure :P no other possible explanation
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How did this happen? Looking at it I presume with great injury. :o
Or sorcery. :)
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Вы её откуда-то роняли?) Интересная фотка :) 
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Lovely. Looking at this picture is fascinating. I'm just thinking... Levitation... Wow, looks so peaceful, so chill, so quiet.... Well done to all involved in creating this.
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do you style your models?or you work for somebody who styles?
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First photo in my favourites, I can't get how did you do it!
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Great photo, well executed.
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Beautiful! the perception of the gravity being lifted gives the photo it's utmost desire. I also love her beautiful pink hair.
TardisAngel42's avatar
How did you do this? It is amazing and realistic looking.
Blue-Cherub's avatar
Shared your lovely work on my personal blog:


If you wish for me to take it down, I will do so immediately!
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I Love This Picture. The pink hair really adds a nice affect. I do believe that would hurt when she hits the ground though. LOL
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Great photo!

BTW I simply adore the shoes. Just as a side-note ;)
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now: so beautiful *o*
one second later: ...ow... xD
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