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A few days ago, I announced in my media, with great enthusiasm, a surprise for today. And the truth is that I'm both nervous and excited about this news. Why? Because opening a Patreon means that I'm ready to assume an important responsibility with myself and with my own work that for years, I needed to motivate myself to have.

For those who do not know the platform, Patreon is a system in which patrons (or people who want to support you) provide financial support to artists, writers and musicians in exchange of rewards. The support can range from something very small ($1 per month) to larger amounts, and in return, the sponsor can receive anything from simple gifts to exclusive access into the artist’s creative process.

Within my Patreon, you can find rewards such as --seeing my workflow month after month; to receiving postcards, prints, exclusive blog posts; and even works that will not be published on my social networks. Expect special content -- from art tutorials, thoughts about writing, self-publishing, art exhibits, etc. There will be short stories or tales related to my works, as well as more information of what is behind each painting. In addition, if we reach the goals of patronage, I will be raffling postcards, prints, signed books, and even commissions!

At this point, more than one will wonder why I have decided to open a Patreon. I started my artistic career at the age of 16. Despite the fact that both my visual and literary works have achieved worldwide recognition, the personal, economic and cultural conditions of my country have not allowed me to live on my work. Thanks to this, my artistic and literary work has had to stagnate countless times, generating a lot of stress, anxiety and depression.

Even so, and unfortunately, the artistic and literary work in Mexico is valued very little (few times I have been able to charge an artistic work at a fair price), and working conditions are increasingly difficult. A professional with a nine-hour job (or more), six days a week, hardly earns more than $400 dollars per month. Since I left my university career, in 2012, I devoted myself to work at graphic design firms, where my creative skills were oppressed by commercial needs, which declined my mood and confidence in my work.

In fact, since 2014, I have not even had the opportunity to improve the art techniques, since I had to put aside my visual work to write my book The Nation of the Beasts. Having a regular job from Monday to Saturday, nine hours a day, was just impossible for me to dedicate time for both passions.

I want to change that. I want to exploit all my potential, create extraordinary things and improve my technique. I want my life to have the direction that my potential deserves, because I know I can go further, and that is why I came to Patreon to seek the support that I need so much.

Why did I say on my social networks that this was going to be a new era? Because, as I said before, I have almost four years without being able to get fully involved in the evolution of my technique and the style of my works. In Patreon, I want to find the motivation, the mental, and the economic space that I need in order to surprise both my followers and myself taking my art to a new level.

And for that reason, I am very excited to announce that the first piece that I will share in Patreon will be the unpublished work destined to the exhibition "Infinite Worlds".

This international exhibition opens on November 3 and the piece will be revealed to the general public at that exhibition, but my Patreon patrons will have exclusive access to it, its initial sketch, and its process stage in October.

Now, here is another important question: What projects do I intend to develop with the time and money that I will acquire thanks to the support of Patreon's patrons?

1) Literary sagas:
• The Nation of the Beasts (4 books)
• The Book of Generations (Anthology based on the #LNDB universe)
• The Wildest of Us (Biology.)
• A.G.O.G. (Fantasy / YA)
• A.M. (Autoconclusive / 500 pages approx)

2) Artistic Series:
• The Nation of the Beasts Art Book. (+ of 15 conceptual pieces based on the book)
• Tarot Series (78 pieces)
• Monthly artistic pieces.

3) Personal:
• Bills: Of course, money basically would help pay for my basic needs.
• Assistance for exhibits and art shows. In Mexico, travel expenses are generally paid by artists and writers, so it's rarely possible for me to attend my own events. With the help of the patrons, I could have the opportunity to attend these in order to connect with people better.

That's it for this entry. Really, I want to thank everyone who wants to be part of my Patreon. It's very important for me and for my work, so I will be enormously grateful if you decide to take the step with me. Thank you very much for your support!

PD: A huge thanks to Héctor and John, for helping me with the translation ♥

  • Reading: Crooked Kingdom


Mariana Palova
Mariana Palova ss an enthusiastic alchemist who, from time to time, likes to do a bit of magic. Born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1990, she decided to dedicate her life to a constant and disastrous search for her own personality, which has led her to become a writer, artist and forest creature.

With a special weakness for nature, wolves, occultism and folk music, her visual work has been exhibited in more than seventy shows around the world. Her first literary saga, Nation of the Beasts, was recently acquired to be published in United States and Latin America.

Nowadays, her biggest dream is to get a small wood cabin in Alaska and live forever happy with a pet racoon.


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