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TT-Animals 11
The Western Titanic Animals 2: Trust
Without Trust, We Are Alone In The World. Without Trust, We Have No Faith, No Hope, Nor Any Purpose…
Continuity: Directly After The Beast Within   
"I cannot believe you! I can't even bring myself to fathom why you would do such a thing! The only person I don't hold accountable for what you all did is asleep wondering if he's lost his best friends all because he lost control." Raven seethed, pacing back and forth as three of her fellow Titans looked at the ground in shame. Robin didn't take his eyes off the ground, for fear that once glance could mean the end of his life, but did stand up to respond. "Raven, I think you should-" Raven stopped her movement, looking at her leader, causing him to look up at her with her powers.  
"I should do what, Bird Boy? Go with my instincts rather than take the time to think about my actions and their consequences? If I did, then I'd would have already snap
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TT Animals 10
The Wolf and The Robin 2: Talk
If We Don't Speak To The Ones Closest To Us, Then We Only Widened The Gap Of Understanding…
Continuity: Anytime after the Beast Within
The Boy Wonder stood on the roof of Titans Tower, looking out at the city lights across the night sky horizon. It had become something of a morning ritual for him, watching his home from the highest peak. It reminded him of when he was on the rooftops of Gotham with his father…. "Robin?"
Robin blinked, looking behind him to see the Titan's youngest member in the doorway. "Beast Boy, what are you doing up so early?"
The Changeling rubbed his eyes, blinking a couple of times to adjust to the lighting. "Couldn't sleep; nightmares you know?" The young teen muttered, as he sat down next to the team's leader, legs dangling over the edge. Robin's eyes softened before he turned back to the city. The two let the silence envelope around them, many things going unsaid for both teens. "Robin, do you trus
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TT Animals 9
The Western Titanic Animals: Names
They Define Us As Who We Have Been, Who We Are, And Who We Shall Become. It's What Makes Us know That We Exist…
Continuity: During/After Truth
"…Gar?" Raven asked the stunned Changeling. Terra looked from the girl to the boy-though he was more of a man. Do you see that height? "Gar?" Terra started into a fit of giggles, stopping at the look of anger in his eyes. He then looked to Raven, his features softening and saddening. "…Rae?" The Empath looked up at him, eyebrow raised. "Terra?"  Raven looked to the blond and back at him, giving a slight nod. "Terra." Terra's lips quivered slightly and then she could contain it. She burst out laughing. "GAR!"
Beast Boy shook his head with a sheepish grin, right hand behind it. "Terra." Eventually she stopped laughing and picked herself up when BB offered her a hand. She took it gladly, and once she was standing up, he backed up. Raven took a step forward next to h
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TT-Animals 8
The Canary And The Raven: Truth
The Truth May Be The Hardest Thing We Humans Will Ever Have To Tell: We Lie To Protect, We Lie To Escape; We Even Lie To Ourselves…
Continuity: Sometime After Spar
It was 10'oclock at night, in the middle of Jump City's Central Park. A blond teenager sat on the park bench under a dim lamp, staring up at the stars above her. Not too soon later, she sighed, closing her eyes as she slid her hands into her cargo shorts uppermost pockets. "Whoever you are, you don't need to hide from me. I don't bite…much." The blond girl waited, listening to her unknown companion's footsteps as they walked into the dim light.
Their shoes stopped clicking, and that's when the blond opened her eyes to face them. "Oh! Hey, Rach!" The blond greeted the raven-haired brunette before her, patting the empty area beside her. The blond had met Rachel months ago at the library, and the girl had helped her with various school projects and homework, all the
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TT-Animals 7
The Raven And The Tiger: Feelings…
…Are Not So Easily Defined As Anger, Sadness, or Happiness. They Are A Mixture Of Any Emotions, Any Expression We Need To Share With One Another...  
Continuity: Directly After Tokyo
"Raven, do you have the 'feelings' for Friend Robin?" Starfire asked out of the blue, as she sat upside down on the semi-circular couch glancing out the window. Raven choked on her tea, hacking and coughing as she leaned on the stove counter for support. Star quickly flew to her side and gave her a light pat on the upper back. "Pardon?"  The dark Bird coughed, as Star walked- floated-over to the other side of the island countertop. Star rested her hands and rested her chin upon them.
"Do you possess the 'feelings' for Robin? When Robin and I did the dating last night we talked about such things. Robin is very convinced that you do." Raven did not answer her, only stared at Starfire- Did her nails just get longer? And w
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TT-Animals 4 and 5
The Black Bear And The Raven: Love…
...Is More Than An Emotion That We Feel For Those We Care About, It's Something That Connects Our Hearts And Our Minds…
Continuity: Sometime After Overdrive
"I love you as I would my brother." It had come out of nowhere, so unexpectedly that Cyborg dropped his wrench and attempted to sit up. It didn't work as well as he planned considering the fact that he was under the T-Car.
"Shit!" He cussed, rolling himself from underneath the car, rubbing his head as he sat himself up completely. He stared at Raven, who had been sitting on the stool watching him fix the car. They had been talking about the day's event, which had made her sudden statement catch him off guard.
Raven kicked herself off the stool, walking over and gently kissing Cy's bruised forehead. She turned away quickly, leaving him as he sat stunned in silence. The pained had long since faded when finally his servos reacted to her actions, and he caught her cloak
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TT-Animals 6
The Raven, Wolf, And Tiger: Differences
It Is Not Our Differences That Set Us Apart, But Rather Whether We Accept Them Or Not…
Continuity: Anytime After The End
"Star, where are we going?" Beast Boy asked his alien 'sister' as she pulled him down the hallway. Star's grip hardened even more before she answered, knowing full and well how he would respond. "To Raven's room." As if on cue, BB began squirming in her immense grip. "What? I'm not allowed to go in there! Why her room?!" Starfire simply replied that her room did not suit Raven's taste and their friend had stated that Beast Boy's room did the smelling of the cage area that harbors many animals. Beast Boy gr
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TT-Animals 3
The Robin: Language
Language Barriers Aren't Caused By Misinterpreting What Was Said, But Rather Not Understanding Where That Other Person Comes From…
Continuity: Sometime After Tokyo
Robin entered the common room to find only three of his four teammates, Cyborg visiting Titans East. Beast Boy and Starfire seemed to be chatting away about something at the island counter, and Raven was in her favorite chair deeply concentrating on her new novel. He nodded after discovering everyone's location, heading over to the coffeemaker for his morning cup. He noticed that as he walked to and around the counter, Beast Boy and Starfire instantly dropped their conversation.
Now Robin didn't think anything of it, not until he turned his back and heard BB whisper something in another language. He cut his right eye as he caught Starfire nod slightly, and when he turned around to ask them a question, Starfire was already leaving the room. Beast Boy stayed behind, arm
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TT-Animals 2
The Wolf and The Robin: Spar
No Words, Just Action…
Continuity: Anytime After Tokyo And Season 5    
The two teens circled one another, Robin taking a practiced defensive stance as Beast Boy was crouching low, arms forward in a sumo-like position. At the first glimpse of sunlight, they rushed each other, their feet tacking the roof's surface. Robin swiped a kick at BB's head, only to have him duck and deliver a qu
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TT Animals 1
The Wolf and The Raven: Wolves
We Are One-One Pack, One Family
Continuity: After Season 5 But Before Tokyo
The common room was silent, which was a surprise considering who was one of the occupants at the moment. Yes, I'm talking about our favorite green skinned part time comedian/full time hero, Beast Boy. He sat in the center of the half circle couch, arms stretched out on the ledge and his head hung backwards, towards the ceiling. It had been an exhausting day so far, so the Changeling figured that it was time to relax. The TV was on, but the teen hero had it on almost mute so not to disturb his own rest and his sole companion in the room from her reading.
Now Raven had always pray
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R And R 9
Ch. 9: Eastern Assistance!
"If you brought the lighting, I know Cy's packing the thunder! Wait for my cue! Titans' Together-Hey! That does sound better than Titans Go!"  Terra smiled to herself as she contorted her collected sand into the shape of a miniature cannonballs.
Aqualad did the same as he followed the blonde's lead. The two shot off their elemental projectiles quickly once an opening was clear, crashing into Adonis chest plate. "Bee hit now, in the center. Turn it to the max!" Terra called as she and her scaled companion continued combined their barrage into one final attack.
Bee pulled out her stingers as she poured on the power to 100%.  The heat of Bee's electricity caused the mud that had found its way into the kinks of Adonis's armor to harden. Terra's plan had worked so far, slowing down Adonis's swings at Cy and Bee. Now for the finishing blow! Terra found her footing in the sand once again, and yanked as hard as she could. Again, sand had wr
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R And R 8
Ch. 8: Ready To Rock!
Terra turns to see the demoness, who stands over the main computer that was connect to the Tower main screen. "Mammoth's attacking downtown, Johnny Rancid's cause trouble on the east side, and Adonis is making a mess of things as southern beach." Terra took a moment to memorize all the locations, hoping that she'd be sent to the beach scene. Nightwing nods at the information, instantly formulating a plan.
"Beast Boy, you head downtown and keep Mammoth busy until Raven can back you up. While she, Terra, and I get geared up, I want you to tell Cyborg to go handle Adonis at the beach where Terra will him assist and Star to pursue after Johnny, but keep her distance from that scuzz bucket."  
Beast Boy had to comment at Nightwing's unnecessary description of Johnny. "You really do have issue with him ever since the Larry thing, don't you, Rob?" Terra looked to Nightwing and Raven as they cringed at a memory she didn't have.
"Who's-" Nightwing clasped
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R And R 7
Ch.7: Call To Duty
After Beast Boy told Raven and I about his nightmares, they starting to become mine later for the next couple of nights-the images of me whipping a collared defenseless Beast Boy jogged my mind awake. My hearing was the only thing to wake up as, as I could hear someone speak clearly above me. "Silence my friends! Do you wish to wake Terra?" There was a pause from the other two presences hovering near my bed, and then- "Star…that's the whole point of us coming in here in the first place…" Cy's deep voice cut the silence short.
And then I heard a voice that caused the rest of me to wake up with a jolt- "Yea, it's our goal to wake Sleeping Blondie." It was BB, sounding much more upbeat and relieved now that he had Raven to help him keep reign with his dreams. I sat up forward quickly, my eyes popping open but I instantly was forced to squint at the sudden intake of light. Covering them with my hand, I groaned, "Ugh…What guys doing at-" I tilted my
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R And R 6
Ch. 6 Home, Sweet Home
Eventually our day off had to end. But since we're Titans we had to end it with a bang! Not only did we build two massive sand structures (guess who won?), but were also invited to the beach barbeque and fireworks show later that night.
We were actually allowed to blend into the crowd without having any crazed fans attack us. Another eating contest was announced, so all of us participated, save BB. Even Rae held her own, though it was funny to see her turn a familiar shade of green! After the amazing light show post-barbeque, we packed our gear and headed home in the T-car.
Both couples sat in the back, B at the window with an arm around Rae who's head rested on his shoulder, while Star leaned against Night's chest (Just how many people could we fit in this thing anyway?). Cyborg and I took the front and were the only one's awake for the ride. "So," I started casually, "How's Bee?" He grinned, relaxing his right arm back while his left stayed on the wheel.
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R And R 5
Ch. 5: Sand Cities
After the show of affection towards and from his first love, BB mewed happily as he changed forward, readying himself to pounce into his truly beloved's lap. Used to his antics, Raven's powers caught him midair as she looked back up to her book, placing him gently into his destination. He purred in contentment as he softly grazed his head against her leg, curling himself into a ball of fur.
Completely unbeknownst to Raven, her hand had somehow found his head and began stroking it gently. Tara smiled at the scene behind her, the displays of intimacy between the two very subtle compared to Bird Boy and Star. She let out an 'Aw!' when BB looked up at his Raven and let out a soft meow.
Raven, having been around BB for so long, knew for a fact that if he wanted something from her, he would use his kitten for in an attempt (his puppy form was for napping on either Raven or Star, and occasionally Robin from time to time) and that she couldn't say no to those big eyes
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R And R 4
Ch.4 Beach Side Stories
Tara couldn't help but think over the last couple of days-really, the last couple of weeks. Several weeks ago she had reinstated her lost friendship with three of the Titans; the past 2 days she had become close enough to Raven, that she considered her sister of sorts. Still, she was keeping a set distance away from BB (or Gar to Raven. Apparently she was the only one who was allowed to call him that. Tara had already made that mistake…). Dealing with him was going to be her hardest hurdle…
Tara was still having issues wrapping her head around the fact that Raven and BB happened to be a couple now. Sure, she remembered that the two of them had shared a close bond (i.e. having each other's back in battle, BB going out of his way to make her feel more welcome around the others, Raven reading to BB before it was lights out, etc, etc), but otherwise they were complete opposites!
But then again Tara knew full and well why the dark sorceress had devel
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