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Suceava Fortress

I'm trying to model a reconstruction of the medieval fortress from my hometown.

Here's a bit of history:

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Man, that looks good.
Marian87's avatar will look a hell of a lot better if I ever finish it :P
freiheitskampfer's avatar
Nice design. You have a final render of this project with the textures?
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No, I haven't worked on this in ages. I will finish it someday.
E-Squid's avatar
I just love castles... I visited a ton of them as a child. I like the top right one.
Marian87's avatar
Can't say I visited many, just the few around my area. Wish they were in a better shape though.
Sum1Good's avatar
Very interesting project! : )

I'm curious about one thing... have you considered learning to use the free virtual world creation and deployment software Unity3D to make the recreation a massively multi-user online explorable world?

If so... there is a HUGE opportunity there for readily finding *formidable* investors for such projects.

Just a "heads up" from one 3D modeler to another! : )

All the best to you!
Marian87's avatar
Thanks for the tip.

I heard of unity3d but didn't actually investigate what is needed to get stuff into it.
Sum1Good's avatar
You're most welcome! : )
gabihantig's avatar
Great!I visited too this Fortress;)
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great work, what rendering program did you use?
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Thanks. I used Simlab Composer.
Technohippy's avatar
cool it does a nice job
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more moore mooore moooore
Marian87's avatar
lol. More will come soon :D
Marian87's avatar
so soon it will not be done in a year...:P
orcbruto's avatar
Cool! I loved this design =D
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