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Kob R4

I modified some of the paneling on the texture as the haphazard shapes of the other render of the ship were bothering me and I put in a much better background framing inspired by :iconbiomass: 's style.

Lame story below.

The in universe story:

"Karstern O'Brien was one of the first people that bought one of the first models of the Cobra MKIII when it first came out to make a living with. He spent the next 5 years eking out a living by mining and transporting his ore to close refinery systems. It was a safe route and paid the bills but it was a boring life without many credits to show for it, then Karsten hit forty and something clicked. 
He loved space, but had played it safe all his life fearing all the stories about pirates, slavers and many other terrible things, but hadn't much to show for it except his trusty ship, so he suddenly decided to spread his wings, abandon mining and find new routes out there in the black. 

Needless to say, it wasn't an easy life he chose at 40, but through perseverance, courage and luck he eventually hit it big and started his own transport company all from within his beloved Cobra, "Mistress of the Abyss". [For the complete story, the book "Karsten, the Man, The Legend" can be bought from any KOBC office] 

["Mistress of the Abyss" has gone through a full restoration and can now be viewed at the KOB Corporation Headquarters in the main lobby]

He was a successful and rich old man by the time his real passion, obsession many would say, became apparent; spaceships, especially Cobras. He collected them, restored them, modded them and sold them without caring if he lost money or not. It wasn't a long hop from this to envisioning building his own version and so he tried acquiring the licenses for building the Cobra MKIII from Cowell & MgRath and setting up his own factory. He was so sure all would go smoothly that he started building the shipyard station first and then applying for a license, yet what happened next bewildered him, Cowell & MgRath flatly refused him a license no matter the amount of credits he threw at them. Cowell & MgRath simply replied every time that they are not interested in licensing the Cobra MKIII at this time. 

Furious, Karstern used his power and influence in order to force Cowell & MgRath to sell him the license, all to no avail. Still furious and dead set on doing what he set out to do, he managed to find and buy smaller shipyards and companies that held licenses and tooling for the old, but still loved Cobra MKI and to his surprise, he also found the plans, tooling and parts for the ill fated Cobra MKII at a small shipyard which was considering building the MKII when Paynou, Prossett and Salem went bankrupt. 

Paynou, Prossett and Salem which had designed the MKI had went under after investing all they had into the development of the MKII, but failed to detect a serious fault in the hull design which prompted Cowell & MgRath buying them and redesigning the ship which became the wildly successful MKIII.

After all this, Karstern finally had a plan, vision and means of making his own version of the ship he loved so much so it comes as a suprise that this was the time he chose to die at the cheery age of 150. The shipyard he built remained and operated maintaining the large fleet of transport ships KOB Corporation used. All the cobra tooling and parts were stored indefinitely. Nothing would have come out of those if not for another ship nut CEO of the KOB Corporation, Kamden O'brien great grandson of the founder. 

He created a ship building division in the KOBC, took all those obsolete parts and made new old ships, which had become highly collectable, hence valuable. He then made high quality reproductions slowly gaining experience, building a data base and a group of skilled workers. After a few years he had finally all that he needed to build his dream ship the KOB R4. 
Taking a page out of the Cobra's history, they took the plans for the MKII they had and completely redesigned and updated it. 

The new ships still has a bit of retro look, but it is vastly different, with a new layout, more powerful engines ,new cutting edge materials and even some oddities that might attract buyers or scare them away."
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Thank you very much :)
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Lame story my ass!

This was a fun read - straight to the point, all about passion, and I love the backdrop story of how the Cobras were made - and failed!!

Especially the MkII!!

Pic's not bad either - so be proud!!

Good read :D
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Thank you very much.

The bit of about the MK II's failure and buyout is an actual piece of Elite lore.
That interesting tid bit is actually prompted me writing a backdrop story of the ship in  the first place, felt realistic.

I'm really glad you like it. Cheers ^_^
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Nice to see you appreciating the classic lines of the Cobra MK III.
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Yup. That was the intention. I posted another picture of it last year, but some things bothered me about it. I have a kind of crappy in universe explanation for this ship too.

I love the simplicity of the shapes in the old Elite games, amazing how such simple shapes with zero details could suggest speed, slowness, aggression etc.

Anyway this was an exercise in taking the shape of the old Cobra in Elite and make something that might have a place in the Elite Dangerous universe. The game has a serious lack of retro ships, it's like everyone went and bought the newest ships and discarded the old and faithful ones. It would have been a nice touch if some NPCs still used them in far off places. Oh well.
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I quite agree. And if that bothers you, go look up the ships for Frontier: Elite II and Frontier: First Encounters (which followed ELITE) for these are many of these old-style blocky ships around, which no longer exist in ELITE: Dangerous.
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I have a big collection of pics with designs from the old games plus the simple 3d models and the ones from the Elite clone games, Oolite and Pioneer. I'd like to do a few more "modernized" versions of the old ones.

I hope they will introduce more ships in ED too, but they have their hands full at the moment anyway. :P
JonathanBluestone's avatar
I sprang my wallet for the ''updates for life'' package to have it all. Horizons, Engineers, and now ... for some reason have not played Elite: Dangerous in over a year. Believe or not, its massive performance anxiety. I'm scared of playing it! I've no idea why, but I'll figure it out eventually. I do miss the classic ELITE. It was a simpler time and it was fun. Elite: Dangerous is too much like hard work for me and that's really sad as I've been a supporter of bringing ELITE into the modern era for thirty years.
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ED can be very grindy at times
It does some things very well but is lackluster at others. At least they are slowly getting where they need to be. Till then I'll just get lost in the hugeness of the galaxy or do trading and upgrading my ships. 

You should at least log in and land and drive on airless planets and also improve your ship at the Engineers, these weren't in the game a year ago. I've been gone on a pilgrimage to Sagittarius A since October and I was left with no buggy, so I can't find or collect minerals from planets and I'm still many LY away.
Maybe you should try setting a fun goal, like visiting all the famous spots in inhabited space or collect one of each rares and then sell it all, or visit some of the nearby nebulas and Giant stars. You don't need to be the best, just try and have fun. My goal was to see Sag A and did trading in rares to buy an ASP and equip it for exploration. Then I tried to find earthlike planets, found a few. What I'd really like to fin would be an earthlike planet that is a moon of a ringed gas giant and it is itself ringed too.
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My character, CMDR Jannah Berihn has been trying to get back to Diso since the beta. That was my homeworld in classic BBC ELITE (1984).
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Well, I wish him luck and a speedy arrival. :D
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