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teach how to make icons
want me to give you details in notes this is the price im making the tell my easy secret
5 frames 1 icon i will make it if you want me to
Ask Yanen the Cat
just to be curious
this will be updated for every adopt
4-5 ARE in stock please purchase them

80 points each
face reveal
this is for a face reveal if you want me to do it this is expensive due to it being my face and it is a temporary place up will be delete the next day
only sympathy 2
just like 'only sympathy' this one is for videos on YouTube every 100points i will upload a requested video that means i shall need to have you comment your video requests and there should be 10 to go on then i will journal a type of vote so you guys can choose what one you want
only sympathy
if you feel bad for me and just want to give points to me that would be nice and for every 20 ill line-arts for you guys
this is the body 50pts for every two days
i will put my commission prices up (this is for background 50pts for everyday if you asked for a background)
requests what you want
my styles out of control so you never know what your gunna get really but please i am willing to make art for you the best i can im only literally online mondays-fridays right now due to internet at home is down....... please just be patient....


For mariamoon2 by JerryGamer720 For mariamoon2 :iconjerrygamer720:JerryGamer720 11 0 Sakura and Amy by WitchyNade Sakura and Amy :iconwitchynade:WitchyNade 168 29 You're so cute!  by esbelle You're so cute! :iconesbelle:esbelle 133 14 Yanen the Cat by JerryGamer720 Yanen the Cat :iconjerrygamer720:JerryGamer720 4 3
Why Am I forgivable (and who I forgive)
NOTE: Please do not go attack the user(s) that I'll be mentioning here, this is basically an answer for all of the people that question why do I forgive that specific person on DA and an answer why am i so nice to the people that is nice to me, so let get this over with
The curse of being nice
I don't know how this even possible, Whenever that I have an argument to an old friend of mine and they treated me like shit, for some reason I always have the courage to forgive that person insults despite how much headache that they did to me.
To be honest, I don't know how this possible when I was young, I used to be a dick to everyone that I met, (throwing shoes, cussing at loud and etc.) and it kinda strange even as in today that I did a 100 to -1 very quickly in just a couple of years.
Whenever I have an argument, let say :iconxwinter-paradisex: as a example (plus she need more love lol) and she have said some unneeded word and insult where I tried
:iconnaruto9988:naruto9988 4 20
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mariamoon2 has started a donation pool!
253 / 1,000,000,000
to make more pics for all you guys
but i'd like to ask question about art make polls and that ain't possible with my current deployment so please donate…

and yes i changed this and i updated the goal for higher points but idk weather i reach my goal or not and this way i can keep polls going for a long while

i need at least 400 pts please help i wanna give someone core for an apology for someone 800pts for 2 people

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  • Homestar87
    Donated Jul 13, 2017, 8:57:40 PM
  • ChristopherLilyheart
    Donated Oct 15, 2016, 12:03:35 PM
  • Aishi-Hoyuki
    Donated Apr 26, 2016, 4:04:03 AM



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mug tatsumi
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
loves warriors and sonic the hedgehog i know the voice actors for sonic x

when you ask fave game not all are there the rest got cut off ask if you wanna know kay

if you have a request of edits place the name of picture under the comments and coloration that you want and i will do my best to make that happen or if you want you can email it to me


also never mess-up if i am helping you cuz i may have control of your account (refering to KenBlock99 who used my email and stole)

also ik my non-sonic art sucks but i try every once in awhile to maybe see if my style imporved when i work on my sonic art style(been drawn in that style since i was 7 years old bout 8years ago from now

please don't tag me in tag alongs i really dislike and i hate them i won't do them and their dumb consequences i hate them so just don't. if you try to force me i will terminate any contact i have with you. comment if you do understand.

twitter: Mariamoon2true
FB: Hyamariamariamoon2
Kik: mariamoon2
Skype: Mariamoon2true (magu tatsumi)
youtube: Almanac dog, mariamoon2
paigeeworld: mariamoon2
roblox: mariamoon2
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Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Get some Turkey, gravy, stuffing, and pie!
did i miss something on November 7th that i was supposed to attend to or what? from 3 views to 111 views in just 24 hours??? im confused???
i just randomly found out that this account was not my first account lol apparently i made my first DA account when i was 12 lol XD
yup. i found several pieces. that i did when i was like 12-14 years old. dunno how i got lucky. i just did. thank you google drive XD. i dunno when i learned to save things though i don't recall saving these to my google drive though.... then again it was 5-3 years ago XD
I have a question... should I update my icon here on DA?
before i get started i have to say this is when she is 6 not 16  in this story. now that that is said lets get started.


    Walking in circles in a room imagining stories is like meditation. This story is based off of one of those stories. Circling the room acting as the characters creating the story. It feels like you’re free from real life when creating these small adventures. Sharing these stories fills me with joy. Sharing the creations that are created in the circles is a wonderful feeling. The feeling of being free in your own little world is something great. It’s like dreaming, but you get to choose what you see.


    A young girl age of six. There was a really loud roar. A monster loomed over the town. The little girl was lost in this town and was walking in a small alleyway. She was walking towards the main street. Two boys who looked so much like twins made an appearance in the main street. They were looking back at the monster. The girl saw them and something whispered to her. “Kill the Twins” it said. The girl grips the handle of her astral blade, which is made out of ruins from an astral temple. She walks towards the boys. Then the building wall next to her falls on her. She is pinned by the rubble. Her lower back to her feet is covered by the rubble.

    The boys rush to her after hearing the wall fall to the ground. She sees them trying to get her free. “Just leave me the demons won’t bother me anymore” she says. The boys look at her and shake their heads. They continue trying to free her. It took about an hour to free the girl. The girl stands up and grips the handle of her astral blade once more. She stares at one of the boys. “You two only made things worse” she said.

    The boys introduced themselves. “I’m Light Streaker” said the younger boy. Light was about the same age she was. He had grey, nearly white fur and amber eyes. He was wearing white clothes. His clothes were covered in mud from unburying her. “I am Dark Stripper” said the older boy. Dark was about eight maybe nine. He had dark grey nearly black fur and red eyes. He was wearing the same design clothes as Light. Instead of white though, he wore black.

     She realized it was her turn to introduce herself. She had spaced off studying them. “My name is Alissa Mourning” she said in response to the silence between them. She had light blue fur and grey eyes. She was wearing a dingy white dress. The dress was super dirty. She had dark circles under her eyes and she was as pale as can be.

    The roaring of the monster got louder, meaning the monster was closer. “We need to go Dark!” Light said. “What about Alissa?” Dark replied. Light looked at her. He looked up and down at her. “She has a weapon. She can protect herself. We need to leave.” Light said. Dark glared at Light. “ We’re taking her with us Light whether or not you like it.” Dark said angrily. He grabbed Alissa’s wrist and pulled her. Alissa just did as she was told.

    She thought it might be a good idea to study them before obeying the creepy demon that controlled her. “So you two are twins right?” Alissa said hoping her assumption was correct. “Nope. we’re not even related. We get that a lot though. Its because we look so much alike that we get that.” Dark replied. He wanted to get as far as possible from the town. From the monster. Alissa felt she might want to wait to ask anymore questions. Dark and Light guided Alissa out of the town. They wandered about three to five miles out of that town.

Light trips and lands flat on his face. Alissa looks at him and makes a worried face. “You alright Light?” she asks.  “I’m fine.” Light replies. “Now that we’re out of that stupid town you should get lost.” he says. Dark glares at Light who was sitting rubbing his knees. “That was not okay, Light. It was super rude. Until we can find her family and ours she’s staying with us.” Dark says angrily. Light glares at Dark. Alissa hears another whisper at this time. “Kill the Twins, Child.” it says a little irritated. Alissa covers her ears. “They aren’t Twins. So go away stupid demon!” she whispers scared. Alissa starts crouching. Dark notices something's up with Alissa. “You okay, Alissa?” he says. He kneels down beside her and rubs her back. Light stares at her. “What is wrong with her?” Light asks. “Demons.” Alissa replied. (To be continued….)

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