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Hi dear friend :wave:,

Reference photo,[link]

ـآحتَآچُ لـِ مَن يُحَرِرُنيً منً شَرنَقةِ آلوَچع

مَنً يُشَتِتُ رَمآديَةَ آلبؤسً آلعآلِقهً بـِ فَگريً وَ يُخَفِفُ وَ هَچ آلحَنينً !
آحتآچُ [ لَيً ، لَهُمً ، ... لهً ..]

ليً " مُگَبلةٌ ـآنآ فَمآ عَسآيَ فآعِلهً

لَهُمً " عَآلِقينَ فيً ضَچيجِ ـآلچَهل فَمآ آستَطآعوـآ قِرآءتيً !

لَهً " آستَلفَظنيً بـِ آلآمسً آلبعيدً منً قَلبهً ، وَمآ عآدَ يَشتَهيً آچتَذآبَ رَوحيً!

عَقيمةٌ آذاً
لآشَيءَ يَچعَلُنيً آلِدُ ـآلآبتِسآمةً وَ لآ شَيءَ يَنموـآ بَينْ قَلبيً لـِ آگونَ آُنثآهـً !

I hope you like it :heart:,
Thank you for Comments & Favorites

My digital drawing work,


© Mariam Mohammed- All right reserved.
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Featured here:…
Awesome work, Mariam! :love:

those eyes just hit me.

i probably looked at them for 2 minutes straight. and while writing this comment i stopped and looked at them again.

im not happy with her mouth ( 7.5/10) but the rest of her face, her cloths are 10/10 and her eyes are 11/10. amazing work. makes me wanna browse ur gallery now ;-D
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Breathtaking, Mariam! :love:
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very beautiful
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ما شاء الله ، ابداع أصيل يستحق الثناء عليه...
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:iconcternetea::iconsquirrelflight-77:Your artwork has been featured in Christmas special feature my friend:huggle::iconsquirrelflight-77::iconcternetea:
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Superb! Hope you are happy for me to share with thousands of other art lovers in my art gallery - with your credit - link below... thank you ♥
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It is my pleasure:love:,Thank you♥~
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Very beautiful work
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you're work is amazing! mabrook! :D
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حلوه كلش
وتستاهل 10 ديلي دفشن

+ مفضله
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اشكرك أخي :aww:,
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