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Archangel MetatRON - Creation by MariaLoikkii Archangel MetatRON - Creation by MariaLoikkii
Archangel MetatRON - Creation is a twin work of Archangel SandalFON, that's why they carry the same name.  Legend tells Metatron once was a human who rose to the heavens in fiery carriage when he was raised to archangeldom. Metatron is in charge of the development of the stargate chakra, the 12th chakra. Legends also tells he's the only one of the archangels who has direct access to the Source. What the name Metatron means no-one really knows. The other archangels names end in EL, which is hebrew and means "of God". Metatron and Saldalfon are the only (known) archangels who's names end in "ON".

The credits of this one goes to


- Frostbo background Background 27 2560X2647 Space

- Glassthroughskin E002

- Glassthroughskin 00474

Fractals LordAndre firefractals & fractaltwirls

Fractals gradients by

Roula33 gold gradients
Elixa-Geg aka Vipi Design Fire  Gradients for photoshop - Fire
Crazykira 05 web styles crazykira-resources.deviantart…
Photoshop Gradient Pack 1

Metatron's eye by Ekamanganese fractal brush 6…
Eye's gradient Roula33 fire
Crazykira 05 Webstyles crazykira-resources.deviantart…

Flower of Life by SWDHaven Sacred geometry -brush…
Flower of life gradients by Roula33 Tonne red

Bubbles by Mjag…

Lightbeams under the bubbles by SS Lightbeams…
Gradients of the lightbeams by Photoshop Gradient Pack 1

Sparks: my very own, did first a star with Frostbo's instructions, then a starfield :) (Smile)…

Sorry that most of the gradients don't come out very well in their natural colors, they serve more as a light giving and balancing elements.
elixa-geg Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Thank you
fmr0 Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
Beautiful creation!  :heart:
MariaLoikkii Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
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