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Kun Makes:'Ello,Folks,And,¡Behold,I'll Had a Collection Of Favourites In DA That Includes Youtubers,Musicians,Dragons,Fantasy,Evildoers,Movies,TV Shows,Original Awe Characters, Gore,Overlords,Hot Males,Seduc. Women,Cats,Dogs,Vampires,Werewolves, Zombies,&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& Yeeeeeet Eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome Moooore, But,Well,Since Hallowe'en,(October 31th/All Hallows' Eve),Is Coming For Me...,I'll Done My Own Collection Of Favourite Arts Anyway...,Mehehe...,¡Bwahahahahahahahahahaaa¡



Kun Makes:Ah,'Ello Again,Guys...,And,Looks Like That I've Done My 1st Powerful,Amazing Trickster Oc,Who Is Like Ms. Koopawolf's,''Caster'', But,This Fellow's Name Is,''Spellcaster'',(Conjurador),Whom Conjures All Black Force Under His Cloak,Buuuut,Chibi's Oc Inspire Me To Do This Wizard,And,Yeeeeeet,He'll Appears In His Autobiography Au,''Spellcaster'',Where Mortas Maleficum,(Spellcaster's True Name),Was a Reaaallly Professional Magician & Gambler,Whom Goes To The Old Town Of Ramshorn To Play In a Old Casino Called,''Aurora Royale'',For Play & Even Do a Deal Ft. Death,But,Also,Mortas Make a Deal For His Soul Along a Weirdo Whom Was Lucifer Himself,Yeeeeeeeeeeet,In His Agony,Spellcaster Promised That He'll Gunna Come Back Of The Tomb,Yeeeeeeeeeet,Suddenly,One Nefarious Day,a Necromancer Named,''Niokar Doomwhisper'', Summoned Spellcaster,Due,On His Undead Form,He Has a Magic Bag That Came From The Underworld,(Heck,If I'm Right),Buuuuuuut,Well..., Mortas M. Is Like Rasputin,(Anastasia),Queen Grimhilde,Ganondorf,Steppenwolf,Hex,Wack Lizardi,Ramsley,Lord Zeurak,Kaos,Imhotep,Xibalba, Charmcaster,Hyness,Magolor,Lord Zedd,Malekith The Accursed,Loki,Chase Young,Pariah Dark,Yuga,Chaos,Ultimecia,Queen Sectonia,Kefka Pal, Moloch,Gul'dan,And Yeeeet Along Incognito,But Spellcaster Is Scheming,Wicked,Morbid,Powerhungry,Neurotic,Playful,Sarcastical,Glamorous, Ambitious,Comedical,Enigmatic,Mysterious,Malicious,Always Perverse,Devious,Stubborn,Manerless,Calculating,(Like Tord),Proud,Destructive, Dominating,Deadly,Opportunistic,Loquacious,& Yeeeeeeet Inconsiderate,But,This Great Guy Have Done His Deals,& Spellcaster Went Keeping His Black Magic...,Soooo...,Spellcaster Have Got His Revenge On a Family Whom Killed 'Im...,Yeeeet,Mortas Maleficum Killed The Owner Of All Casino,And...,Then,The Deal Was Done...,Until Now...
Scruffy,The Fearless Mouse
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Folks,And,I Have Done a Newest 2018 Character,Whom I'll Called,"Scruffy,The Brave Mouse",an Rat From Rose Valley Whom Went In a Quest To Defeat His Most Awful,Yet Dangerous Rival,a Powerful,Wicked Sorcerer Known As,"Kapral Graves",Yeeeet,This Friendly Fellow Loves Eating Cheese,Instead Of Being Devoured By a Kitten,But,Well,His Parents Suffered a Demise That The Ol' Golden Retriever,Velocipus,Provoked In Them...,Yeeeeeeet,Scruffy Went Seeking a New Family And a New Home...
Kun Makes:'Ello Once More,Folks,&,¡Behold...,I've Done an New Villain,Who's a Powerful,''Candymancer'',(Real Name:Parch Darkmore),an' Rich Aristocrat Who Loved Lollies More Than His Own Parents,Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet,He's Handsome,Deadly,(He'll Uses Few Lollipop Magic Tricks),Scheming,Cold,Charming,Impatient,Authoritarian,Sarcastic,Hypnotic,& Devious,But This Guy Is Cynical,And,He'll Appears Into an' Lollipalooza Au,Where He's a Rival For Our Main Kind Character,a Young Mortal Named,''Milton Fétique'',a Kid Whom Will Do Everything For Stop Candymancer From Summoning Zombie Gummy Bears & Undead Chewing Gums,Yeeet,Candymancer Has a Purpose:Become a Mighty Gummy Warlock By Putting Deadly Traps Into His Castle,Where He'll Lives As The Supreme,Powerful King Of The Galaxy Known As,''Gamma Alcynoeus Nebula'',Yeeeeeeeeeet,Previously,Parch Darkmore,(Candymancer),Worked As Court Jester In All Alcynoeus Coro Nebula For King Ohra,Emperor Of All Gamma Alcynoeus Nebula,Buuuuut,One Day,Into All Middle Of a Nefarious Scheme,Parch Darkmore Went To Overthrow Him...,Yes...,I Know That Some Of My Villains Plan To Threw Their Wise Kings...,Buuuuuut,Anyway...,Candymancer Gave a Special,''Gift'',As Ohra's Vizier,Buuuuut,It Was a Dangerous Reptillian's Poison...,Yeeeet,Suddenly,Ohra Died...,& Parch Usurped The Throne For Himself To Rule All Gamma Nebula...    
Scruffy:Suffolk Triplets
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Folks,And,I Drew 3 Suffolk Sheep,(¿Or Shoul. I Say...,Lamb, Triplets,Right?,Yup...,!Behold...,I'll Finally Made 3 English Cute,Handsome Suffolk Triplets For a Animal Au Where a Mouse Named,"Scruffy",Got Raised By a Farmer Called,"Farmer Pete",Along All Animals..., Yeeet,These Guys,(Suffolk Triplets),Are Named,"Eddie,Cookie & Valentine",Who Help Scruffy In His Adventure For Beat an' Maddened,Deadly Warlock,(Kapral Graves)...,His Most Awful Enemy...
Villainyear:Thunderbee,(Ralphie,Revolutionary W)
Kun Makes:Hello Again,Folks,And,I've Done Another New Villain,And,This Time,He's a Handsome,Arrogant,& a Ferocious Supervillain Whom Wanna Get Rid Of,''Ralphie,The Revolutionary Werewolf'',an' Friendly,Sweet,Nice,Kind,Wisecracking,& a Joking Revolutionary Veteran From Paris,Who Can Shapeshift During a Full Moon In an' Deadly Werewolf,But,This Villain It's Named,''Thunderbee'',(Abeja Tronadora),Who Was a Humble Earthling Named,''Eugene Charbonnier'',a Handsome,Humble,& Friendly Earthling Whom Went Seeking For Money,Yet,Thunderbee Was Poor,& His Awful,Wicked Family,Mister Geronimo And Mrs. Melchora Charbonnier Wouldn't Let Their Baby Boy Have All Of His Cash,And As Revenge,Thunderbee Travelled To The Streets To Win Cash For Food,And,He'll Meet a Humble Young Girl Called,''Pompillia Nixon'',Whom Become His Assistant,And Pompillia Helped Him On His Quest To Become a Deadliest,Ferocious,& Insane Supervillain Called,''Thunderbee'', Who Wants Cash By Stealing From All Earthlings' Planet... 
Villainyear:Mistress,(2018 ID)
Kun Makes:Well,I Downloaded Autodesk Sketchbook On My Phone Once More...., But,!Behold,Guys...,Uhhhh...,I've Finally Drew Myself As My Villainsona,The Amazing,"Empress",Who's Known As, "Mistress",a Deadly,Handsome,Devious, Insane,Arrogant,Sarcastic,Mad,& Really Evil,(Uh...,I Hide The Darkness Behind Me)...,Yeeeeet,*Ahem*,Well,For Zis Year,I Did It By Myself...
Villainyear:William McBratt,(Who Killed Jenny?)
Kun Makes:'Ello,Folks,And,Halloween Is Coming...,!Gosh,I'm So Excited!,!Buuuut, Behold,I've Done a Newer Villain,Folks!, Yup,I'll Have Been Brainstorming Great Aus,And Now,The Au That I've Invented Is Like Clue...,Yup...,!Uhh...,I Have Made a Greedy,Due Rich Lawyer Called,"William McBratt",(Guillermo McBratt),an Greedy, Rich,& Aristocratic Earl From Ireland An' Scotland Whom Went Seeking a Home In Paris,But,King Louis The II Wouldn't Let Will Come Into His Place,And,Soooo,All King's Money Belonged To Will,Whom Stealed It From All Versailles...,And,He Does a Cameo In,"¿Who Killed Jenny?", Where He Seems a Lil'...,Suspicious Of Mistress Jen,(Jennypennygirl's),Death, But,His Lackey Rick Never Think About It...
Demonborn:Dolgril,(Magic Storm)
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Folks,And,Now,¡Behold...,Let Me Introduce a New Character For,''Demonborn'',Where He's a New Singer,Yet,I'll Finally Called Him,''Dolgril'',Who's The Leader Of a Amazing Funk-Urban Rock-Synthrock-Epic Music-Acid Rock-Doom Metal-Melodic Metalcore-Soul-Fado-Indie-Keyboard & Organ-Emo Folk-Shock Rock-Comedy Metal-Industrial-Darkwave,(Gothic),& Polkabilly Supergroup That I've Called, ''Magic Storm'',(Tormenta Mágica),a Mighty Popular-Vodevil-Funk-Heavy-World Folk Supergroup Which Was Formed In 2018,(Uh,Zis Year), By a Yokai Pianist Named,''Dolgril'',Whom...,As a Kid,Wanted To Become The Most Amazing Musician Ever...,Yet,He Was Born In a Humble Human Family,That'll Had His Humble Grandparents,''Edwin Ludolf-Norman-Bonaiuto-Joseph-Pascal-Johannes Calandri-Valentinian-Kaiser-Phillippus-Marcellus-Spence-Róthke-Rainer'',a Wisecracking,Handsome,Sarcastic,& a Generous Grandfather To This Fella,Whom Went On His 1st Great Journey Around All Planet,Ft. Magic Storm's 1st Album,''Conjuration Of Ruins'',But,Well...,Since He'll Done His 1st Tour,Maurocena Irene-Valerie-Umbria-Hontañon-Hancock-Villalpando-Todd-Donis-Kummer,(Great Grandma),Died At Night In Their Mansion,& Dolgril Done 2 Dark,Depressive Songs That I've Called:In Memoriam.../Open Your Heart To Smile,And,Then,When All Red Plague Came,His Nice Grandpap. Edwin Kaiser-Valentinian Died,Yeeeet,'Dey Leave 'Im Alone,Buut,Then,Dolgril Begun Finding New Youkais For,''Magic Storm'',Duuue,Yeeet,In a Foggy,Yeeet Blacke. Street,He'll Encountered His Young Sibling,Rar'gorik,Whom Will Stay As His 1st Organist,Along Olgir,(Bagpipe),Zorgar,(Acoustic Guitar),Thaggimok,(Violin),Kagrath,(Piano),Dalgalon,(Guitar),Kerthroman & Rennimach,(Singing Duo),Roglennath,(Acoustic Bass/ Bass),Vozzudag,(Conductor),Eggukon,Jergraron,Morkanoth,And Dorkammon,(Violin,Viola,Cello,& Classic Bass),Morkanoth, 
Villainyear 2018:Coffin Master,(TFTC)
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Folks,And,I've Done My Oc,''Coffin Master'',For This,''Villainyear 2018'',Where He's a Dastardly,Creepy Storyteller Who Is Different To The Cryptkeeper,The Gravelord,(Kun),And Even Rex,(Henry Bones),But,The Coffin Master Was One Of My 1st Ghastly Storyteller Oc's,Ft. Baron Vampirius,Henry Bones,& More,Buuut,This Guy Is Perfect For a Nightmarish Taletelling During This October,And, He Has a Voice That Was Inspired On Sirronlionheart,(Sirron Has a Creepy Voice On His,''Super Mario 64'',Playthrough),Yeeeet,The Coffin Master Begins Like...,''Heh,Heh,Heh...,¡Welcome To The Lair Of The Macabre,And The Terrifying Terrors That Lurk Ahead...,¡I'm Bartholomew Theodoric Vo,''Coffin Master'',a Dastardly,Villainous,& Ghastly Storyteller Whom Will Read a Heartpounding,Chilling Story Called,''The Terror Of Frederik Ferrier/Opera Of Fear'',Where a 
Villainyear 2018:Will West,(Zombie Highschool)
Kun Makes:¡Behold,I've Made Another Villain For All Year's Rogue Collection,''Villainyear'',Who Is a Brilliant,Yeeet Loony Scientist Who Was Inspired Onto Dr. Herbert,(Howard Phillips Lovecraft,The Best Horror Author),And Even Doctor Viper,(Turquoisepho),Yet,I've Finally Called This Guy,''Will West'',an' Smart,Mad,Clever,& an' Cautious Scientist From The DNA Testing Bureau Of Classified Zombology,(Zombie Study), But,He Has a Reason Behind All Zombies From His Daughter Madeleine Cunningham's Highschool In,''Undead Highschool'',Where a Innocent Mortal,(Madeleine Cunningham),Goes To The Graveyard Of Holly Grove,Where She Meets a Mad Scientist Who Is Her Adoptive Father,Doctor Will West,a Undead Reanimator Who Loves Reanimating The Dead For Fun,And,Also,Dr. Will Convinces Madeleine To Make Pals,But,Everyone In All School Are...,¡Zombies¡,Yup...,Of Course,He Has Zombie Soldiers,Yeeet,Heeeey,He's a Neutral Villain...
Villainyear 2018:Master Trickster,(Musicaux)
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Folks,And,¡Behold,I've Done a New Au,Which Will Have a Villain That I Called,''Master Trickster'',Who Wanna Steal All Cash From The Dominion Trust Group On,''Musicaux'',Where 
Villainyear 2018:Lord Akiriaku,(Magicspinner)
Kun Makes:¡Mwahahahaha¡,¡Behold¡,¡Villainyear 2018 Is Here¡,¡I've Started It Right Now, Drawing a Reptillian Antagonist Who Will Do Everything For Resurrect The Lizard King,His Master,In a Newer Videogame Called,''Magicspinner'',Along All Serpentians,a Savage Race Of Lizards Whom Hate,''Friendly'',Intruders Whom Dare To Travel To Their Planet,And Eat Them As Their Breakfast,But,The Lizard K. Send His Minion Bosses For Destroy an Magical, Peaceful Planet Known As,''
October Is Finally Here,Guys
Kun Makes:Well,Well,Well...,After a Long Waiting,¡The Spooky Month Has Arrived At Least¡,¿You Might Be Wondering Where I Was All The Time,Right,Guys?,Yup...,I've Made Myself As My Creepysona For Today,(September 29),Because,¡OCTOBER HAS ARRIVED FINALLY¡,YUP...,¡I'll Will Murder 'Cha Until Next Time,Folks¡,¡Hahahahaha¡<3
Married With a Demon:Lil' Rebel Angel Tumxuhr
Kun Makes:Well,Well,Well...,I'm Not Dead,DA...,¡Yup,I'm Not Dead Yet¡,But,Looks Like I've Brought One Of My Oc's Back...,¡My Little Hybrid Rebel,Tumxuhr¡,(¿Guys,Remember My Adult Party Sitcom,''Married With a Demon''?),Yup...,He's One Of The Protagonists,Along Charlotte B, Pinzuhr,Quixor,& Charlotte's Boyfriend Giovanni,But,Anyhoo...,Looks Like I've Finally...,Friggin' Done a Newest Redraw...,¡Heh,He's Tumxuhr, a Demon-Angel Hybrid Who Will Appear As a Cameo In My Hallowe'en Drawing,''¡Happy Hallowe'en¡'',In Where Lord Zeurak,Father Leo,Doc. Bloodmist,Spellcaster,Scrum,Betty And Donna Grunt,Texxius,Nurse Frederik,(Ghostbury Close),Farmer Gus,Uncle Mortem,Dr. Evillian,Wally Weasel,Chickenmeat,Kokonuts,Hooded Patch,Scratcher,Count Tarantula,Brutus Torment,& Everyone In All Aus Celebrate In a Graveyard,But, I'll Made Tumxuhr Again...:3
Demonborn:Mr. Pheles,(More Intimidating)
Kun Makes:'Ello,Folks,And,I Got Addicted To This Guy...,I Mean...,Mr. Pheles Right Now..., Yet,Looks Like I've Drew Him More Intimidating Like Before,But,Anyhoo,I've Drew This Boy Some Time Ago,But,It's Fun Doing Redraws...,Sorta,Yet,Uhm...,¡Amazing News,Everyone¡ :I'll Gunna Include Him In My,''Villainyear 2018'',Due,¿Let's Go To His Loooooooong-Arse Flashback,Shall We?:

Real Name:James Mephisto Pheles.


Nicknames/Alliases:Jim,(Kazumo),Faustus Mephisto,(Shakalo),& Demon Jester.

Meaning:Ex:J. Means,''Juvenile'',& Pheles Means,''Precious''.

Origin:He Grow Up As an' Normal Human Called,''Kirvaf Stefan'',Who Was a Young Human Who Was Loved By Everybody In The Another Dimension,But,One Night,an' Sad Thought Caught Him In His Happiness,& So...,He Started To Smoke & Drink,Yet,His Parents Were Worried,And 'Dey Needed a Recovering Quickly,But,Yup,He Got Violent,An' They Send Him To a Home For Smokers,Where Dr. William Küttner,a Professional Psychiatrist,And a Great Buddy,a Millionaire Psychiatrist,& Greedy Businessman Who Helped Their Son In a Quest To Recover Himself From The Depression That He'll Had,Yet,As a Child,He'll Got Sended To a Mortals' Orphanage,Where Mephisto Meet Another Joyful Demons Like 'Im...,But,It Was His 1st Time At a Rehabilitation Institute,Where He'll Was Under The Care Of The Nice Doc Küttner,Whom Cared For Mephisto Than James' Own Mortal Family,Whom Rejected Him At First,Yet,Later,Sir Pheles Done a Deal Along His Newest Adoptive Parents,2 Mischievious, But Jolly Ghosts Named,''Xizzellur'',&,''Kogronnig''.

Title:Sir,Mr.,or Lord Mephisto.

Pet Name:Kid Babe.

ID Number:???.



Gender Role:James Pheles Acts More Masculine Than Almost All Males In My Drawings.


Real Age:34.

Age Appearance:As a Teenager,James Pheles Is Handsome,& Immortal,(Youkais Can't Die,¿Right?).

Birthday:May 3,2019.


Birthplace:Human World.

Astrological Sign:Taurus/Capricorn.

Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius.

Immediate Family:Xizzellur And Kogronnig.

Distant Family:Felix & Maria Wood.

Parenting:His Human Parents Felix & Maria Were Strict,Yet Loveable.


Infancy:At 0 Years,James Pheles Was a Beautiful,& Yet,a Cute Demon Baby Who Was Raised By His Mother,a Kind,But Catholical Madre That I've Named, ''Maria Wood'',&,At 2,His Human Family Adored Him Through Their Own Hearts,Yeeet,Suddenly,Felix Wood,(His Daddy),Dropped Him At Birth Since...,Felix,(Mortal Daddy),Doesn't Wanted a Kid Anymore...,Yet,At 2 Years,James Pheles Celebrated a Grand Birthday Along All,Due,His Most Greatest Wish Was:Ruling Over Mankind By Becoming The Most Nastiest Villain Ever...,(Well,Quickly Tidbit:This Was His Only Wish After All)...

Childhood:At 3 Years,Sir Stefano,(James Pheles),Was a Sweet,Mean & an' Arrogant Demon Boy Who Assisted To a Mortals' Preschool And an' Kindergarten,Which Was a Daycare & a Kindergarten Called,''Castle Gardens/Oceanside Elementary Kindergarten'',a Orphanage For Demons & Even Human Children,That...,Uhm,Was Lead By a Famous Yokai Musician Named,''Targon'',Who Teached Him Perfect Human Manners,Like His Best Buddies,''Princess Kazumo'',''Shakalo'',(The Prince),''Rahsieroch Hishiza'',(One Of All Mentors),Along Almost All Demons From Underland, And,Soon,Targon Become His 1st Mentor...,Due,At 12,

Texas' Lot:Father Leo
Kun Makes:Hello,Guys,Due,Uh,I've Done a New Villain For All 2018...,Yup...,He's Sorta Devious,Athletic,Perfectionist,Selfish,(Like Leopold III And Clawbone McCheesetrap),Treacherous,(Like Lord Darkius),Greedy,Merciless,Contradictory,Unreligious,Bloodthirsty,Enigmatic,Oldfashioned, Playful,Narcissistic,Disturbing,Arrogant,Powerhungry,Hateful,Quiet,Sly,Ambitious,Domineering,Irascible,Moneyminded,Villainous,Ridiculous,(All Transylvanians Laughed & Mock),Silly,Hideous,Resentful,Fierce,Bossy,Pompous,Foolish,Selfcentered,Hostile,Narrowminded,Lazy,Moody,Harsh, Very Fussy,Furious,Annoying,Wild,Gloomy,Eccentric,Mean,Rude,Cynical,Sneaky,Mischievious,Insane,Rebellious,Killjoy,Suspicious,Uncaring,Very Jealous,Sarcastic,Predatory,Naughty,& a Draconian Vampire Emo Father From The Plaguewoods Mausoleum Into Transylvania,Yet,His Name Is, ''Father Leo'',Aka,''Raymond Seymour-Nicolai-Boris-Severn-Henry-Victor-Duncan-Desmond-Spike-Orion-Kellam-Mortas-Mordred-Darick-Odolff -Raoul-Gareth-Octavian-Treznor-Kirnon-Warren-Valentine-Leopold-Cyphrian-Lucien-Kristoph-Viscardi-Silas-Drake Skullhammer-Ravensbow'', Who Is a Immortal Vampire Father From a Church Called,''Shrine Of Aiphanira'',That Was a Abandoned Church Which Was Unique In All 1.967 Transylvania,Yet,Everyone In Romania Believed That Leo Replaced Pastor Marius-Simon Sillivasi By Drinking His Blood...,Yet,Errrrrrr...,Uhhh..., Some Another Theories Say That Our Wise Hungarian-Arabian Cardinal Is Alive...,¿And,Now...,Uhhhh...,May We'll Go With This Guy's Own Flashback...?

Raymond Ravensbow,''Father Leo''.

Full Name:Seymour Drake Ravensbow.

Nicknames/Alliases:Emo Entity From Hell,(Everyone),Most Worst Enemy,(Cardinal Marius),Father Drake,(Henry),& Immortal,(Everyone).



Age:1.000 Years,(It's Probably That Leo Is Immortal).



Zodiac Sign:Aquarius/Gemini.


Technology Level:???.

Dimension's Category:???.

Current Residence:Texas.


Relationship Status:Roland,His Assistant,And Henry,His,''Friend''.

Native Language:Celtic.

Accents Spoken:???.


Devotion Level:Low.

Job:Bloodthirsty Father.




Drug User:???.




Figure/Build:Handsome,Very Tall,a Little Hair That Covers a Green Eye,Has a Grey Cape With a Orange Collar,& Carry a Wooden Cross.

Hairstyle And Colour:Normal Black,With a Emo Haircut.

Eye Colour:Right,(Amethyst),& Left,(Green).

Skin/Fur Colour:Light Pink.




Clothing Style:Cardinal Leo Always Wears His Wintery Cape,Which Is Grey.

Distinguished Features:???.


Intelligence Level:Low.

Mental Condition:
Purple Bunny Studios:Nutty Andy
Kun Makes:Hello Again,Folks,And,Looks Like That I've Drew My 1st Psychopathic Character For My Universe,''Purple Bunny Studios'',Where He Is Nutty Jimmy,(Countandra's),More Nutty,& Eldest Brother,Who I've Named,''Nutty Andy'',a Arrogant,Tough,Calculating,Mischievious,Childish, Sly,Delicate,Intolerant,Soft,Devious,Sadistic,Outrageous,Cold,Mean,(Like Lawrence LeBlood,Iggie,(Fish Insanity),Lamrus,(Demonborn),Leon,(¡Kimyo Oni-Kun¡),Gakazu,Kapral Graves,Nebula Wolfmoon,Kragen McHooter,(Rat & Owl),Dr. Phantasfright,(Astrodog),Offic. Rhino,Anubis,The Bla. Cat,(Scream Alley/Frightbury Close),Count Bloodblossom,Storm Tempest,Valentino Scarpone,Emperor Yaarot,(Space Buddies),Wacky Bat, Nightshade Moonblossom,(Demonarium),Pastor Lucio,Lucius Doomfire,Karver Calarook,Norman Maganti,Chill & Freeze,(Dreamlanders),Mithrik Rathmore,(Cybercraft),Evil Tv,Ranulf Wulfric,Viscardi,Obscurion,(Tales From The Dream Desert),Veggie Overlord,Sheriff Batty,Patrick Vincent,(¡Strangeazoid¡),Dimitri Bubbles,Bennie Dubois,Rhinogirl,& Rex Carter,Yeeeeeeet,Well,I've Finally Decided To Call This Guy,''Nutty Andy'',Who Is a Handsome Psychopath From All Ganexul Bayside Boulevard Aka,''Gloomville'',an' Apocalyptic World Where He & Even His Youngest Sister Vivian Rise Against The Secret Services From Their World's Nasty President,Mr. Oswyn Quintin-Baynton-Maynwaring-Kemp-Braunstone,a Grim & a Malicious Man Who Wanna Kill Andy And Get Rid Of All Fuchsia Rabbit Studios For Conquer Gloomville AND The World...,Yet,Fuchsia Bunn. Shall Do Everything For Recover Their Underground Home By Any Kind Of Way...,Like Zeurak,Heng-Fe,(Dreamlanders),Uncle Mortem,& More. 
Purple Bunny:Vivian
Kun Makes:Oh,Hello Again,Folks,And,Now,I've Drew Nutty Andy's Most Youngest,Mellow,Ambitious,Handsome,Paranoid,Cold,(Just Like Her Eldest Brother),Inconsiderate,Scheming,Sadistic,Perverse,Greedy,Impatient,Powerhungry,Lazy,Ruthless,Always Melancholic,V. Trustworthy, Odd,Wicked,Malicious,Gloomy,Neglectful,Extravagant,Hateful,Decadent,Smooth,Questioning,Old-Fashioned,Hypnotic,Dominating,Irreligious, Quiet,Paternal,(She Is a Sisterly Figure To Andy),Worried,Unsentimental,Bewildered,Enigmatic,Weird,Mysterious,Tough,Powerhungry,Mean, Heartless,Deceitful,Morbid,Hostile,Very Selfish,Nonauthoritarian,Obedient,Messy,Cowardly,Playful,Naive,Dirty,Romantic,Venturesome,(Even Tough She's a Criminal),Outspoken,Neat,Peaceful,Realistic,Friendly,(Even Tough This Folk Is a Villain...,She Has a Golden Heart),Sarcastic,& a Fearful Pink-Golden Haired Thief-Like Burglar Who Lives In Gloomville Along Nutty Andy Into a Underground Lair,Where They Work For Ms. Wilamin LaBridge,'Deir Mum,a Famous Thief From 'Deir Tow Who Hates The Governor,Mr. Oswyn Braunstone,an Nasty,Greedy,Perverse,Lazy, & Predatory Governor Whom Wanna Kill Nutty Andy And...,Also,Convince Vivian To Accept Him In His Marriage,Due,Vivian Hates Oswyn,An' She Wants To Stay Along Her Brother... 
Happy Birthday,Josh
Kun Makes:'Ello Again,Guys,And,Looks Like My Good Friend Joshawafrost Is Celebrating His Birthday¡,¡That's Right,I've Drew Him For Wish 'Im The Best Birthday Ever¡,¡But,Well,Happy Birthday,Man¡,¡I Hope You'll Have a Good Day¡,OWO...,Oh,Man,Your Artwork Is So...,*Gasps*, So Pretty...,(Specially,Your,''Darth Frostius'')...,LOL...,But,Now,Josh,¡Happy Birthday¡<3
Kun Makes:Oh,Hello Again,My Dear People,& Uh...,I Got Good News For Ya'll:Every Night,I've Get a Au,And Characters...,Uh, Since Like,"Warriors From The Moon","Villain's Nasty Guide", "Party Easy",(About an' Serial Killer Who Got Outta a Mental Hospital To Kill Everyone,But,1 Guest Must Discover Why The Killing Is Insane),& More,But....., Uh,Yeah...,I Love Creating Aus, & Also,Don' Forget That Imma Still Makin' 'Em...


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Kun Makes.
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Lady-Kun:Hola,Mis Queridos Amigos,y Sean Bienvenidos a Mi Pagina De DA,Que Es En Donde Yo Dibujo,Pero Tambien Me Gusta Cantar, Comer,Bailar,Estar Con Mi Nueva Tablet,Ver Shows De Adultos,Peliculas,y Lo Que Sea...,Se Atreven a Entrar?,Jeje.../Lady-Kun:Welcome,My Fiendish Friends,And,Here's My DA Page, Where Ya Can See My Art,But,Also,I'll Like To Sing,Write,Dance,Eat,My Tablet,& Moooore,And, Also,Yep,Whatever,But, Pssss,Enter....,If You Dare..., Heh,Heh,Heh...

Current Residence:Colombia.
Favorite Music:Whatever.
Favorite Photographer:Whatever.
Favorite Styles Of Art:Whatever.
Operating System:My Tablet.
MP3 Player:Tablet.
Shell Of Choice:Whatever.
Wallpaper:Every Type.
Favourite Cartoon Characters:Whatever.
Personal Quote:Imagination Is Inside a Human's Mind,And, Into a Evildoer's Culture,We Were Made To Rule The Earth Along Our Minions....Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha...


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Thank You very much for the fav on my Cloudlet doodle! C:
(I host a small Collaboration Project if You would be interested Meow :3 )
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