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April 12, 2012
Light up my face by ~MariaForHisGlory
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Light up my face

Ruslan and Olesya wedding

Thanks very much to all who commented on the photo. I really didn't expect so much attention :) So these two friends of mine are both very devoted Christians and for them it's truelly one man and one woman for the rest of their lives. Yes, that kind of love still exists! Due to God's love living in us of course.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. (The Bible, Genesis 2:24)

and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. (The Bible, Mark 10:8)

Please don't use my works without my permission. Sharing is a blessing. Stealing is a sin.
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wahidubaidillah's avatar
like it very much ... great pic 
seraj2013's avatar
Imaginary-Night's avatar
You've been featured here [link] :heart:
Kaz-D's avatar
You've been featured - [link]
MariaForHisGlory's avatar
TearsofEndearment's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous photo!!! Love the effect you added to the photo as well.. :) Well done!!
PoorEccentric's avatar
I really liked this picture until I read the caption. Don't get me wrong, people don't have to agree with me on every issue before I will like their work. I normally don't care.

I'm just made more than a little uncomfortable by the fact that the description implies you're against gay rights due to two quotes from the Bible. I don't think I can support that sentiment.
Ladye-Authiel's avatar
I had the exact same reaction.
PoorEccentric's avatar
I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I was scared that I was being overly sensitive. But it a pretty unfortunate implication, isn't it?
Tharshinaa's avatar
Hmm... maybe the photographer didn't mean to make it sound like that? I think he is just trying to illustrate their love by quoting the Bible? I think what he meant by the "truly one man and one woman for the rest of their lives" is just ... you know, they are very faithful to each other and will not go astray, because of how the world is now.

I personally doubt he made such an implication, really... but if in some sort of way he did, I'm a bit sad too. :<
PoorEccentric's avatar
I think that we can be forgiving, because it's very easy to forget varied couples when talking casually like that. Still, the fact that they specifically said "man and woman" instead of "two people" still hints that they don't think that god approves of gay couples.
Tharshinaa's avatar
Of course, it's also very kind and understanding of you to take that into consideration. =) Again, he is just referencing from the Bible, quoting directly. I think you already know how homosexuality was repressed and perceived for ages, and many people, believed it was a sin to be gay. Speaking from an agnostic point of view, the Bible, the Quran, the Vedas were all written by men over the course of generations, and is altered to suit their preferences.

That said, don't really have to take what the photographer said seriously. It's great that you can be forgiving, and that, I believe, is the way it ought to be. =)

Just my humble opinion ('cause religion is a sensitive topic for some people, and coupled with us discussing it online... I'm not trying to offend anybody. :))
PoorEccentric's avatar
Exactly. The fact that that phrasing would have seemed very natural during that time makes it so it's less likely to be purposely malignant.
monazul's avatar
aww es realmente bella, los colores, lo q expresa, es romántica... te felicito
SSLinkDSC's avatar
Wow that's really amazing! God bless to those couples! What you said is true and it is very encouraging =)

God bless!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :)
ImNotSuperChicken's avatar
Amazing photography and I love how you share the truth of the Bible in your caption! So glad you got a DD! :) They are such a cute couple with an inspiring testimony. God bless you all! :)
- A sister in Christ
LoveLiebAmor6's avatar
Very beautiful. You can definitely see the love between them when you look at this picture alone. When I first saw this, my first thought was, "It looks like a fairytale ~" :3
LoveLiebAmor6's avatar
Don't mention it. ;)
Sayornara's avatar
This is so sweet :'x
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