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I want to tell you all about a book that means very much to me. Taggers, by author Brandt Miles.
I got to know this book because I was chosen for the cover, and this has meant more to me than you can imagine.
Taggers sends us on a journey inside the head of a troubled individual. His fight for surviving the world and his own mind is combined beautifully with philosophy and physics in a existentialistic masterpiece with an ingenious plot.
It's a vicious novel, and perhaps not for the faint of heart, but that's one of the things that I think makes it special. After all, life can be brutal.

Brandt Miles is an amazing author, father and man. He's worth supporting. Life hasn't been too kind on him, but he survived and brought this fantastic novel to all of us.

Taggers is not out yet. Brandt Miles is trying to raise money for the publication through this Kickstarter project:…
Every donation is highly appreciated by both Brandt and me.
One of the prizes is a print of my painting "One" autographed by me.

This novel lies close to my heart. Please support and read the lifework of Brandt Miles and I will be forever grateful.

Yours sincerely
- Maria Amanda

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Away of your Heart by Consuelo-Parra woman of the tiger by thornevald Night of the Fae by Everild-Wolfden Little liar by Lub-Ad A moment of peace by Neitin Queen of Shadows by Consuelo-Parra When in the Moonlight by PrincessOvero Profundum by Consuelo-Parra Marpessa by i-am-JENius :thumb307560978: Between thoughts by Eithen Dark Mystery by moonchild-ljilja Beau visage by MsDeadly Requiem for a Dream by emanrabiah Lady of the Crows by Whendell The history of the bat by ABRORA Allure by Phatpuppyart-Studios Juliet In Love by FP-Digital-Art :thumb306157411: Dragon Girl by DragonDew Butterflies and Ravens by Whendell Emergence by Consuelo-Parra Blossoming Heart by i-am-JENius As Autumn Calls by KarelysLuna Magnolia Red by liadan-bran :thumb304449473: I wish by sara-hel No Pierdas La Esperanza by AndyGarcia666 Magic Symphonies by moonchild-ljilja My Blue Autumn by TheDarkRayne .: The Hunter :. by KuramaPhoenix :thumb304250896: Portrait of a Fairy by AndyGarcia666 Tell Me What You Wish For by Phatpuppyart-Studios Autumn music by VampireDarlla :thumb301675998: :thumb304895265: :thumb306241639: Phoenix Passion Fire by LorelainW Madama Butterfly by Everild-Wolfden the magic sword by PauBuenoZ Ghost of a Rose by LadyxBoleyn Maria by Phatpuppyart-Studios :thumb301499192: Lethe by Dragon-Kiss A Summer Stroll by Phatpuppyart-Studios Queen of Shadows by Phatpuppyart-Studios The Gaze by Mariah2ng time by Limze The Key by jremmers Ice Mage by Eyliana Red Riding Hood by Visualiart

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14 min read

Hi guys! :wave:

I just have to share with all of you, how thrilled and thankful I am about all the positive response you are giving me! :la: :la: :la:

Last month I uploaded two new stocks, and you've all been so positive about them and given me sooooo many wonderful comments!! Since I uploaded these stocks, you've sent me almost 1400 messages!! :faint: One of the pictures has already passed 2500 favorites and my number of followers has now reached 3349!! :omfg: I can't express how much this means to me! :heart: Sadly, I haven't been able to keep up with you, and a lot of you are still waiting for me to respond to your messages. I really want to answer everyone cause every single comment means incredible much to me, and I really want to give something back to you. :huggle: My intention is to at least answer all your questions, notes and links to artworks even though it may still take some time, so please be patient with me. ;P
I'm amazed how many gorgeous artworks you have already made with my new stocks, and I just can't stop looking at them. You guys are all incredibly talented and I'm SO proud to be a part of your work! :tighthug:
I know that I haven't written comments to all your works yet, but you should know that I always look at your links right away cause they bring me so much joy, and I will leave comments as soon as I have the time!

Yeasterday, I uploaded a new stock for you and I hope it will inspire you as much as the two previous. :fingerscrossed: This is a stock I have been wanting to create ever since I started being a stockmodel half a year ago, but I had to wait for the anemones in the spring. The pictures were shot at my favorite place in Denmark at the time of year where it's most beautiful. I hope you will enjoy the fairy tale feel of the place as much as I do. :aww:

I can't thank you enough for all your support and compliments. It is you guys who continue to inspire me and make me improve in my work as a stockmodel, and I'm so so thankful to have been given this opportunity to work as a stockmodel, it is just so much fun!! :happybounce:

Lots of hugs! :glomp:
- Maria Amanda

Some new uses of my stock:

Sakura-i by IrinaFoxx Lost in Paradise by Lub-Ad Tryst with Ravens by TheDarkRayne Crimson Leaves by Consuelo-Parra Final Battle by Pri-Santos Chant of Roses by Consuelo-Parra The Guardian by artorifreedom :thumb295261098: Deep in the Forest by Consuelo-Parra :thumb295443513: Azumi by Consuelo-Parra Hojas Voladoras by AndyGarcia666 Harbingers of inspiration by iluviar Secret Key by LorelainW Geisha by aycatanrikulu Ravenheart by Everild-Wolfden Born to Die by Antonio-Figueiredo Sunshine by TheDarkRayne The Last Samurai by darkriddle1 ALICE FALLING by Whendell After The Rain by l-a-ll-o The Moment by FP-Digital-Art :thumb295028472: Taking lives by flankerus Icequeen and cat manipulation by sonjagatetodreamsart  :thumb298500993: Mysterious Forest by LadyPingu Ancient Magic by Phatpuppyart-Studios Can't live without you by sara-hel Asian wind.. by DiosaEMR  :thumb295636140: Shadows of Mystery by Consuelo-Parra crow woman. by IMertTmyksl Samurai School Girl by Zanariya :thumb297928875: WIP by AloneInUniverseArt

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4 min read
:bulletblack: If you use my stock, please credit me AND the photographer and leave us both a link so that we can see your work. (NB: Not all my photographers have profiles on DA. If the photographer of a specific picture has a profile I will always link to it under the picture.)

:bulletblack: Please do not use my stock to create your own. You're not allowed to post my stock on any other website.

:bulletblack: You can submit your work as a DA print if you want.

:bulletblack: If you want to use my stock for commercial use, please contact me.

:bulletblack: You can post your work off-site including printed portfolios as long as credit is given to both me and the photographer.

:bulletblack: Don't use my stock for illegal, racist, pornographic, animalabusive or violent works.

For digital art/photomanipulations:

:bulletblack: You are not allowed to use parts of my body, clothes or jewels to fit another person.

:bulletblack: You are not permitted to replace my face by another persons. You can of course make changes in colours or add make up etc.

For traditional works (drawings, paintings ect.):

:bulletblack: You can use my stocks however you want to - As pose references and stuff like that. It don't have to look like me. You have all the artistic freedom you want, since you're not using my picture directly.

If anything remain unclear, feel free to ask.

I'm looking very much forward to see your work!

Thank you.
- Maria Amanda :blackrose:

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13 min read
Hi all! :wave:

Thought it might be time for a little update. :aww:

First of all I would like to apologize for not being able to reply on all your lovely comments and artworks right away. I'm writing my Masters thesis at the moment and spend a lot of time in the laboratory and I find it more and more difficult to keep up with all the messages I'm receiving. I'm afraid I may not be able to answer every comment in the future… :no:  But I want you to know that your messages mean the world to me!! I love all your support and interest in my work. It's truly all of you who inspire me to do what I do and I deeply appreciate every single message. :heart: You guys are awesome! :tighthug:
I will of course always answer my notes and write comments to works made from my stock. :thanks:

Because of my school it has also been difficult to find time to make new stocks the last couple of months, and when I finally had the time it was always bad weather!
But now spring is here and I finally made two new stocks for you guys! They're almost ready and I'm submitting them very soon. I hope you will like them! :meow: We had a lot of fun making these stocks and I hope you will have just as much fun working with them. :aww: I'm soooooo excited to see what you will create from them!! :la:
I have so many ideas for new stocks that I can barely keep them all in my head! ;P I can't wait to bring the ideas to life! :happybounce:

Happy spring to all of you, my dear friends!

Lots of hugs :heart:

Some great uses of my stock:
:thumb281127176: .: Maria - Shapeshift Flight Form:. by KuramaPhoenix Black Swan by MirellaSantana Harmony by FP-Digital-Art dark friends by peroni68 :thumb282498732: Slave To These Dreams by EvanescentAngel666 Whisper by BurakUlker .: Maria :. by KuramaPhoenix :thumb281602202: Hypnotic Eyes by Consuelo-Parra Tarde de Lluvia by AndyGarcia666 Blue Cat by Bi22 Life After You by Vandyla Full Moon by AndyGarcia666 :thumb281285554: Innocence..? by DiosaEMR :thumb284303597: Waiting by venomousey Butterfly Lament by AbaddonArt don't leave me by pratt29 Angel by msriotte Mariana's Dragon by DragonDew Please don't go away..... by betsymail Midnight Symphony by AndyGarcia666 No More Darkness by MirellaSantana Lonely Road by AndyGarcia666 Be My Light by Corvinerium The Lady and the cat by MsDeadly Lighting The Darkness by Lub-Ad roses are red... by daChelissius Emerald Eyes by dienel96 Ink by ChisSweetArt :thumb291824757: Despondency by TheDarkRayne No love on the street by MskyCarmen :thumb289463413: :thumb289293825: Looking Up by Sultzaberger Soft Dream by Kim1486 :thumb290203349:

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11 min read
The beginning of this year has given me more than I could ever wish for. My work is getting so much attention and I'm receiving so many wonderful comments and links to gorgeous artwork that I have the honor to be a part of.

When I joined DA two months ago, I had never expected that it would mark a whole new chapter in my life. I had never expected that people would call me beautiful and use pictures of ME to create the fantasy art that I have always loved. I have never considered being a model and never really liked being in front of the camera, but now I'm actually kind of a model! That sounds so weird to me... And all you wonderful people in here are giving me so many amazing complitments, that I have a constant population of butterflies in my stomach.
Actually, the reason I joined DA in the first place, was to get a chance to show my paintings. But then I discovered the word "stock model" and thought it would be awesome if I could be a part of maybe just a few fantasy works, so I could show them to my children one day, and they could be proud of their mother like I have always been of mine. So I submitted some pictures that my friend and I had taken for fun and now it's all happening so fast that I can't believe it!! My pictures have been used by so many amazingly talented artists, a lot of people watch me and comment my work, I stumble across pictures of myself on the internet once in a while, people are using my face for their profile pictures on DA and Facebook and suddenly I'm going to be on a book cover for this wonderful author:…
This is all so big that I can't quite grasp it yet. I'm still a bit confused as to how all this happened!

I'm totally high on happiness and my head goes like this all the time: :iconyaayplz:

I just want to give you all my deepest gratitude for your support and this amazing opportunity. You really help me believe in myself.
You guys are truly amazing.

Hugs :heart:
- Maria

Some new gorgeous uses of my stock:
Mysterious Woods by DesignbyKatt The winter fairy by Neitin blue fire.. by IMertTmyksl Linked forever by Blood-fridge Moonlight Serenade by FP-Digital-Art :thumb274256546: Black Winter by DanielPriego Another story... by MsDeadly + Quiet the love + by ROSALIAN Good times gone by dangerous-glow Angel of Destruction by Lord-of-Souls ' Autumn leaf fall ' by Blackmoons32 Black Lady by Lord-of-Souls feel the moonlight by Ka-Kind Souls by SweetLittleVampire :thumb274188357: I Love the Rain... by Consuelo-Parra water world and the world of fire by IBlackz :thumb274504116: Things We Never Shared by NoorL3yoon Dark Angel by TheDarkRayne Dead Winds by NoorL3yoon Beautiful Sunset by AndyGarcia666 Winter Elf by nicola2187 Better Days Ahead by Phatpuppyart-Studios :thumb277973462: I Wander by Phatpuppyart-Studios El cofre secreto by PauBuenoZ Song for a New World by Phatpuppyart-Studios Onyria by RossanaCastellino

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