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:bulletblack: If you use my stock, please credit me AND the photographer and leave us both a link so that we can see your work. (NB: Not all my photographers have profiles on DA. If the photographer of a specific picture has a profile I will always link to it under the picture.)

:bulletblack: Please do not use my stock to create your own. You're not allowed to post my stock on any other website.

:bulletblack: You can submit your work as a DA print if you want.

:bulletblack: If you want to use my stock for commercial use, please contact me.

:bulletblack: You can post your work off-site including printed portfolios as long as credit is given to both me and the photographer.

:bulletblack: Don't use my stock for illegal, racist, pornographic, animalabusive or violent works.

For digital art/photomanipulations:

:bulletblack: You are not allowed to use parts of my body, clothes or jewels to fit another person.

:bulletblack: You are not permitted to replace my face by another persons. You can of course make changes in colours or add make up etc.

For traditional works (drawings, paintings ect.):

:bulletblack: You can use my stocks however you want to - As pose references and stuff like that. It don't have to look like me. You have all the artistic freedom you want, since you're not using my picture directly.

If anything remain unclear, feel free to ask.

I'm looking very much forward to see your work!

Thank you.
- Maria Amanda :blackrose:

© 2012 - 2021 MariaAmanda
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awesome stock i used it here. thanks!


I am loving your images. I want to see if I can use them I never post on here tho. Here is my IG if you want to see my work. www.instagram.com/cesar_giovani_imagery

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Hi Maria, I am an Artist that Create Canvas Art Prints for Sale - Have a look at my Instagram Profile on my work & tell me if its okay to Manipulate & sell artwork with your stock photos. Much appreciated ;) IG: @johanjjf

I'm sorry if is a stupid question but just to make sure that I not doing anything wrong.

I can't post a photomanipulation outside devianart using a stock of yours (instagram for example) even if I credit you and the photographer? I'm doing just for hobby nothing commercial.

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She also then says: "You can post your work off-site including printed portfolios as long as credit is given to both me and the photographer."

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No, what she means is that you can't take her stock photo and post it on another site as a stock photo.

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Can I use you as a face claim for a roleplay character?
Pricing for creating book covers with the stock?
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used your picutre Faun - Stock here:
thank you for posting these photos, they're gorgeous!
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Used a stock photo of yours called Faun for a pic I uploaded recently.
Hope I used the photo as per the terms and haven't overlooked anything
thanks for the work you and your photographers provide, it's very inspirational.
A Bittersweet accord by DanielRafferty
A Bittersweet accord
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using for drawing reference thanks for allowing this
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Used reference for homework, lol. I hope thats okay?

Wolf Queen by Misades
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Thank you so much for used of your stock 
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I'm interested in using your stock for an OC creation. I see you placed that I am unable to use your work on other websites. I create characters on an app called Amino and am wondering if I am allowed to use your photos for it. I can credit and add links as needed. 
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MariaAmanda Can I use your stock in YouTube videos?.
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I really want to sell this image  The City Beneath- Magic of Melies Contest by ImaraOfNeona    What are the rules??
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nice rues dude ...
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I've used some of your stock photos in the past for my photo manipulations on DeviantArt. I was hoping to use one or two of these photo manipulations that use your stock to display on my Fiverr profile the sort of art that I do. I wouldn't be selling the photo manipulations, only using them as examples of my work. Would this be acceptable? Would I need to pay any royalties? Is there a specific way you'd need to be credited?

Thank you! :-)
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Hey Maria, if u dont mind using ur photos in my art major works. Thinking about it. :) 
Btw keep up the good work ;) 
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If I used one of your picture as a pose reference for a painting, and then got prints made to sell and also sell the original would that be okay?
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Hej Maria - dine billeder er intet mindre end fantastiske! Er det ok at bruge dine billeder som references til commercial works?

Jeg er børnebogstegner og kunne rigtig godt tænke mig at bruge dine billeder som pose-reference til personer i illustrationer. Så selve dine billeder er ikke en del af de færdige tegninger, men personernes udtryk/pose vil være stærkt inspireret af dine billeder.

Er det i orden med dig? 
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Am I allowed to use an image for a book cover?
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Hello! You are a very beautiful girl, of your photos bring a lot of inspiration for me, I can use your image to use as a guide on youtube is not? I have carefully read your rules. 
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