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By MariaAmanda
I want to tell you all about a book that means very much to me. Taggers, by author Brandt Miles.
I got to know this book because I was chosen for the cover, and this has meant more to me than you can imagine.
Taggers sends us on a journey inside the head of a troubled individual. His fight for surviving the world and his own mind is combined beautifully with philosophy and physics in a existentialistic masterpiece with an ingenious plot.
It's a vicious novel, and perhaps not for the faint of heart, but that's one of the things that I think makes it special. After all, life can be brutal.

Brandt Miles is an amazing author, father and man. He's worth supporting. Life hasn't been too kind on him, but he survived and brought this fantastic novel to all of us.

Taggers is not out yet. Brandt Miles is trying to raise money for the publication through this Kickstarter project: www.kickstarter.com/projects/b…
Every donation is highly appreciated by both Brandt and me.
One of the prizes is a print of my painting "One" autographed by me.

This novel lies close to my heart. Please support and read the lifework of Brandt Miles and I will be forever grateful.

Yours sincerely
- Maria Amanda

Some new gorgeous uses of my stock:

Away of your Heart by Consuelo-Parra woman of the tiger by thornevald Night of the Fae by Everild-Wolfden Little liar by Lub-Ad A moment of peace by Neitin Queen of Shadows by Consuelo-Parra When in the Moonlight by PrincessOvero Profundum by Consuelo-Parra Marpessa by i-am-JENius :thumb307560978: Between thoughts by Eithen Dark Mystery by moonchild-ljilja Beau visage by MsDeadly Requiem for a Dream by emanrabiah Lady of the Crows by Whendell The history of the bat by ABRORA Allure by Phatpuppyart-Studios Juliet In Love by FP-Digital-Art :thumb306157411: Dragon Girl by DragonDew Butterflies and Ravens by Whendell Emergence by Consuelo-Parra Blossoming Heart by i-am-JENius As Autumn Calls by KarelysLuna Magnolia Red by liadan-bran :thumb304449473: I wish by sara-hel No Pierdas La Esperanza by AndyGarcia666 Magic Symphonies by moonchild-ljilja My Blue Autumn by TheDarkRayne .: The Hunter :. by KuramaPhoenix :thumb304250896: Portrait of a Fairy by AndyGarcia666 Tell Me What You Wish For by Phatpuppyart-Studios Autumn music by VampireDarlla :thumb301675998: :thumb304895265: :thumb306241639: Phoenix Passion Fire by LorelainW Madama Butterfly by Everild-Wolfden the magic sword by PauBuenoZ Ghost of a Rose by LadyxBoleyn Maria by Phatpuppyart-Studios :thumb301499192: Lethe by Dragon-Kiss A Summer Stroll by Phatpuppyart-Studios Queen of Shadows by Phatpuppyart-Studios The Gaze by Mariah2ng time by Limze The Key by jremmers Ice Mage by Eyliana Red Riding Hood by Visualiart

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Is it ok if I have your permission to post a sketch I did of your likeness on my deviantart?
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thank you...tour gallery is fabulous!  I used your stock here: rambleon2015.deviantart.com/ar…
Oh Maria Amanda all you want is alright to me!You are the finest lady I love
and I wish you all has a meaning for you.
With love
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I say "dated" but I better not try to make a better an e-book.

Has he thought about doing it as an ebook, making money off that, & then possibly making enough money to put it into print?

Why not try better to publish the book in "Google Play Books". It is much easier to do that a publisher publishes a book. Besides the license fee is "$ 25 dollars". Just follow these simple 4 steps:

1. - Having rights reserved (I assume you already have).
2. - This link goes to my Deviantart account:

3. - Follow the instructions, wait a while to appear.
4. - A bit of advertising (I think you'll have no problem with that), and


You also have the option of Bubok (at no cost), Amazon Kindle, iStore (Apple store) and there are several other options. The first four are the most reliable, but only know the first two.


Link Page Web Argentina:

In Bubok can publish without limits your poems, novels, stories, essays, dissertations, comics, recipes, manuals, reports, guides ...

With no setup fee and all additional editorial services tailored to need you.

Your books will be available through our website. We will handle the billing and shipping information to your readers, and request payment of your monthly income.
Just have to upload a PDF document with your work, fill in the details of the book, put the price and start promoting it to sell.

You will take 80% of the book profit
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could I be put up on that list of stock use? ;D [link] :thumb337577254:
I found out about this too late, and I'm very sad to see that the funding deadline was not met. Is it possible for Brandt Miles to try again? I really would stretch a bit to fund this, if he could take another crack at it. I would like to see his book get into print too.
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Has he thought about doing it as an ebook, making money off that, & then possibly making enough money to put it into print? Everybody is going to Nooks & Kindles these days. It might be an idea.
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I can't wait for him to get it published, I wanna read it! Sounds fantastic, I really hope they raise the money needed. *crosses fingers*
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excelent photos!
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I watched pics of the cover of the book of another Deviant user, I believe the photographer.

Indeed it's a wonderful cover and definitely I am way glad that you were chosen to it.

You deserved it and I'm sure that this is only the beginning of a really successful career in modeling and related stuff.
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