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There is a flavor of deviants out there whom I just don't understand. Their behavior is completely inconsistent in my opinion, and I often wonder why they do what they do. Maybe you know? There are a couple of types.

Type 1
A deviant comes in to my gallery, and leaves a comment such as "OMG, I LOVE your art!!" on my front page without having faved or commented on a single one of my pieces. This one I get. It's the simplest kind of brownnosery, designed to get me to go to their gallery and see their stuff.

Type 2
A deviant who leaves a comment such as "OMG, I LOVE this piece!" and doesn't fave it. If you love it, why don't you fave it? And if you don't love it enough to fave it... why do you say you do? I figure this one is also BS written to get me over to their gallery, but sometimes it's people who don't have their own galleries. What's the point then?

Type 3 (we're out of flattery land now)
A deviant who comes in, faves every single one of my pieces... and doesn't watch. If you like my art enough to keep ALL of it in your faves... why don't you watch me for when new stuff comes out? I'm vain enough to believe that my newer works are better than my older works. I don't get these people at all.

And finally, Type 4
A deviant who comes in, watches me, and doesn't look at, comment on, or fave, a single one of my existing works. Why watch me if you don't even know if you like my art? And if you liked it, why would you only glance at a couple pieces and not look at the whole gallery? And furthermore, if you liked my art enough to watch me... why not fave a single one? Can someone explain this to me?

I myself rarely add on new people to watch. Any new artist I watch has to be absolutely amazing. Their art must be inspiring to me and embody some concept that I would like my own art to improve at. But when I find such an artist, I look at their whole gallery. I fave everything that I like. And I comment on everything that I have something worthwhile to say about (no "wow, that's kewl!"s for me, thankyouverymuch). And then I watch them. Because if they did some amazing things in the past, I want to know about it when they come out with their latest amazing thing too.

Is that the best way to expose myself to great art, network with other artists, and still stay honest with myself? It is for me. If you have a different way you work, please share.


PS: if you haven't noticed already... I have a Twitter account now. Good place to know when I'm in town, when I'm painting, and also a great place to see sketches, since I won't be posting them here in my gallery. I'm getting some sketches done for my commission series now, and will post those there when they're approved.

:: Greetings to my newest watchers ::

I have 600+ watchers! Wow. Thank you, everybody!

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reizezdewickid's avatar
Sadly, I was one of the ones who just faved everything and walked away. Never looking bacl. Never saw more of their art and never even tried to have an active role. But I've changed in that manner. If I fav something, unless I am in a huge hurry or I know they will never EVER read it, I try to comment and be helpful to a lot of younger artists. I know I'm not the greatest, but I try now to help.

And I know you don't know me, but I just NOW came across your gallery and read this. LOL! Also, I really don't get why people are so afraid to comment at all. I will take the time to go through a gallery, but they can only fav, and I just don't understand. ESPECIALLY when I ask for comments and help. XD Most unhelpful.
Cola82's avatar
I do the first two all the time, but I didn't know people would think I was just fishing for pageviews. Mostly I want to express my affection for an image, or a collection of images, but my vocabulary fails me.

There's no hard and fast rule with me and faves. There's an awful lot of fantastic stuff out there. I can't add it all to my favourites gallery, nor would I want to. I want to be able to go back and find things. Sometimes, if an artist intrigues me but I'm on the fence about adding them to my watch, I'll favourite something of theirs I like and move on. Occasionally I go back when I have time and reconsider my choice. Very often, like today, I see something on my front page, in my random favourites, and I click on it and see how that artist's gallery has grown or changed, and sometimes I decide I should have added them to my watch.

Often, I add someone to my watch in passing because I like their whole gallery, but I have nothing intelligent to say and since they're in my watch, I don't think it's necessary to fave a bunch of stuff. I guess to summarise my position, it would be that I use these features merely to keep up with different artists over time, so I don't think too hard about how I do that. Comments are great (I certainly love getting them), but the majority of them are pretty vapid, so I try to only comment if I have something unique or important to say. I try, I don't always succeed.
StefaniaRusso's avatar
Ohhhhhh.... Great journal! I like your opinion of some type of Deviants... :aww:
I concorde in all with you... :clap:
To type 4 I was looking at people Galleries on DA before joining for a long time before I joined...I would just check randomly to see if people updated...then I joined; then I just started following those people...and because of that I didn't really see it as fair to start faving new work before going and faving old things...but I just never got around to I would fall into that category...I fav nothing and only watch people...but I do usually look at their entire gallery...
LadyLiena's avatar
type 4 gets banned alot.....but i am guilty of never leaving comments on some accounts i watch since i never get answers from them.
maria-jaujou's avatar
I try to answer all comments that aren't brainless flattery (you know, the kind where you can TELL that the person didn't even load the image). :)
LadyLiena's avatar
lol yeah.
i try to leave intelligent comments on everything...^^; hope i'm not annoying you.
maria-jaujou's avatar
No annoyance at all. :)
FreakishFeline's avatar
I don't know, I've personally left comments on people's pages telling them they had a nice gallery, even when I've never faved anything of theirs. Their art might not be particularly to my taste, or I may have other reasons for not faving their works, but it's still nice to drop a compliment now and then, especially for beginner artists. It just makes their day, you know?

(Sorry, you don't know me. Random journal comments for the win~)
maria-jaujou's avatar
Why would you tell them they have nice art, if you don't think that their art is any good? Art not being to your taste... is the same thing as you disliking it... is the same thing as you stating that it isn't good. If you don't like the art, why lie and say that the gallery is nice?

I don't have to know you for you to leave comments though. And you don't have to apologize. :)
FreakishFeline's avatar
It's not saying it's not good. For example, The Mona Lisa is good art--but it's not to my tastes. I can think something is good without personally liking it. likewise, I can dislike something without thinking it's bad. For example, the anime Nana has a particular style and I don't care for the way they draw faces--but that doesn't make it has bad art. It simply has art that I don't particularly favor.
maria-jaujou's avatar
How do you know that the Mona Lisa is good art if you dislike it, and state that it is good if you think it isn't?
FreakishFeline's avatar
Liking is not the same as appreciating quality. :/ I suppose it's hard to explain, but I can appreciate that a piece of artwork is a well well done without personally preffering the style. *shrug*
maria-jaujou's avatar
It's very easy to have a well-painted piece of crap. Hours of work spent on the painting... as well as thousands of hours spent on training, learning and perfecting the craft... are wasted if the end result doesn't do justice to the effort put in and the potential of the artist.

For example, this: [link] is a well painted dragon head. Very well painted. And the guy really can paint well, as evidenced by works like this: [link] . Except that the dragon head is the 10th or 11th in a series of identical dragon heads. It fits a purpose such as playing cards or other fantasy-related piece of entertainment -- detailed, intricate, serialized, part of something else. But it does not stand alone as a piece of art. It is well-executed but it's boring.
FreakishFeline's avatar
To be frank, this is not something i'm willing to argue about. I am perfectly capable of seeing the beauty and quality in an artwork without possibly favoring it. I tried to post a friendly comment on a stranger's page as an attempt to offer friendliness, but I'm afraid I'm simply not willing to have my personal ideas involving art to be challenged over a friendly, casual comment. I man this sincerely and in no ugly way, but I'm very sorry this conversation was not the...casual piece I had hopped, but I'm not willing to consider it, as...I'm simply easily stressed and I have stressors outside of this that...I'm simply very sorry. I hope you have a good, okay? c: and you find someone who is more...debating.
maria-jaujou's avatar
You don't have to apologize, and I'm sorry that I added to your discomfort. Your comment was friendly and casual, and I don't expect you to alter any beliefs about art just because I happen to have an opinion, so please don't stress. :)
Catgoyle's avatar
I never do #1. If someone's work is OMG! amazing, I will most certainly watch them, but almost never just leave a comment on their front page and hope they will find ME amazing, too. (snorts) I =know= I'm not amazing. Sometimes cute or sexy, but not amazing.

Sometimes I will do something LIKE #2. Some works I like, but not enough to want to have a quick link to whenever I feel like. (shrugs)

Seriously doubt I've ever done this. Very few artists are SOOO good that I'll like everything they do. Pink... pink is something that tends to turn me off when it's too pink, and not enough peachy-pink to be bearable for me. Lots of females love pink, and I'm glad OTHERS like it. (yes, this is why I haven't faved a few of your more awesome works) But if I do fav most of someone's gallery, I'm also gonna watch them unless they aren't active anymore.

And I may be guilty of #4. The only ones I can recall are when I faved someone I knew from real life, but all of her works are traces. Not into encouraging people to refer to tracing as "their art" by faving something that is more or less stolen from books. I also watch some people whose art isn't what grabbed me, but their minds. Their comments were thoughtful, funny... SOMETHING that made me go look. Some people I only watch for their Journals.

I like most of your work, but I don't think I've faved 75% or more of it. Sometimes it's because the colors aren't what grab me, or the theme isn't one I'm into. But I watch you because I like your mind and enjoy your work. You're very talented, and you're willing to respond when I do leave a comment. And I try to leave comments when I've got something more than, "WOW!" to say. Sometimes I'll comment but not fave. Usually I don't post comments when I fave if there are already 200+ comments on a work, unless I have something to say. Usually if there's less than say, 100 comments and I think I have something to say, I read all comments first to be sure I'm not the 15th person with the same idea, the same question in mind. Saves me from being one of the annoying masses who could give a rat's ass if everyone else has asked, why didn't you answer THEM?!?
pocketseizure's avatar
You know, some people tell me that they don't fave any pieces at all. Or watch people. Something about resisting the DA system?

Also, sometimes people I watch are really, really unfriendly. Like, I will leave a long gushy comment on a piece, not get a response, leave another comment on another piece, not a get a response, and then finally give up. I know I'm not the greatest or most original or most fantastic artist in the world, but I've encountered enough behavior like that to be really hesitant about leaving long comments for artists I think are really good.

So, what I'm trying to say is, I would take everything as a compliment.

Oh yeah, and it's wonderful to see you back again!
maria-jaujou's avatar
Actually... funnily enough, it's the long gushy comments that I take the longest to reply to. I want to keep them in my inbox and reread again and again... and if I answer, the comment will go away from my inbox... ^_^
Catgoyle's avatar
Actually, that's changed as long as you go to the original page the comment is on... try it with a less gushy comment and see! Like... this one. (smiles)
maria-jaujou's avatar
it didn't work :( it disappeared off my inbox :(
maria-jaujou's avatar
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