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NEWS : July 1st

Hey, guess what, everybody?! I'm at 50K views! How did that happen?!


I am hard at work painting my latest, which you can see a sketch for down below on the left. I'm really starting to learn a lot about watercolor, and thanks to the crits of my lovely boyfriend, I think my colors are getting better.

I was going to send some art to the Gathering this year, but it turned out that I had to go on like 3 consecutive business trips in the weeks leading up to it... and never got around to sending them art.  So sad... Maybe I'll get my butt in gear in time for Comicon.


In other news, I unwatched about 50 people last night because they hadn't posted anything at all in years, or because they weren't doing the kind of art I wanted to be inspired by, or both.


Summer Whisper by maria-jaujou Standing Still by maria-jaujou Dahlia Dream by maria-jaujou Angel of the Night by maria-jaujou

I Support Traditional Art by maria-jaujou I Support Digital Art by maria-jaujou :thumb37897520: Featured by F-M-A by Alis86

:: Greetings to my newest watchers ::

I have 600+ watchers! Wow. Thank you, everybody!
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congrats on all your views.. you have beautiful pieces of art that just keeps us coming back for more.
pocketseizure's avatar
Congratulations! It happened because you're not only such a cool artist but also a really nice person on dA. You definitely deserve all the attention!
maria-jaujou's avatar
thank you dear :)

i posted almost no art since the 40K hits... so I feel like it wasn't my accomplishment, y'know? :)
pocketseizure's avatar
Don't be silly. ^.^
Vashtastic's avatar
congrats, nothing wrong with some spring cleaning
Catgoyle's avatar
(grins) Your style is lovely, of course you've got a lot of page views!

(blushes) I know I'm on a jewelry kick right now, and haven't drawn a thing from scratch in... uh... Bad sign; I can't remember how long it's been, and there's dust on my Prismacolor pens.
maria-jaujou's avatar
i'm slooooowly working on my new painting. dust actually settles on the brushes between sittings. quite sad.

your jewelry has been lovely!
Catgoyle's avatar
(hugs!) Thanks, trying to get comfortable in making it. I have some lovely little square beads I've been collecting that are clear with various amounts of dark purple threaded through them. I'm debating on what color of wire to use, as I have a number of choices. I could use one of the standard, gold, silver or copper, or buy some of the purple wire... (coughs) It's a lovely shade, and other than orange, the only shade I don't currently own from what JoAnne's offers.
maria-jaujou's avatar
that's awesome that you're getting so creative with it! i hope you'll post more soon. :) how's the sales on it been going? and what have you been up to in general? ping me on IM, we should catch up :)
Catgoyle's avatar
Next time I see you on I'll do that. (smiles) I've been inspired by some of the other jewelry makers I've seen, both online and off. I have at least one necklace set that only needs a bit of altering to be ready for a photo shoot. Thinking of adding a bracelet to that set as well, as I have just enough beads for it.
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How did that happen? Let's see:
1) You are a pretty good artist
2) Your gallery is worthy of admiring
3) Both

Congrats on the 50K views :clap: :clap:
Here is your prize -> :trophy:
Madfairy7's avatar
YAY congrats, you totally deserve them!
I un-watched a few people, too! I thought I would never do that, but they became inactive or started to have shitty art:( I hope I never do that:(!
DesignbyKatt's avatar
wow congrats onthe views! I love your gallery!
kittywhiskas's avatar

This calls for a kickline!

or something of that sort ;)
maria-jaujou's avatar
haha, thank you :)
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