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Terra, finally painted! She is Atlantas' cousin, Sailor Earth. Commission.

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So you did this on water color paper? :)
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i love the colors and just the picture overall! very well done :)
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in water colour you did this!? are a very talented induvidual!^^
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I've been away from dA for awhile... I can't believe that I missed this watercolor. I love it! Even though this is an extremely stylistic painting, I think your use of shadows and lighting gives it a few realistic touches. I especially like her braid and the hand that's lightly grasping the staff. And what a cool idea for a staff, too! It's a small thing, but I also like the background. It's simple, but very effective.
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oh, thank you, lovely! i do like this little one myself, even if anime isn't really what i want to be painting :)
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As beautiful as Mother Earth!!
Nice work :thumbsup:
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That is really bloody amazing, your colouring and drawing is beyond brilliants.
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so cute!! beauiful watercolor!!
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This is really cute :)

I like the colors and the cat
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Nice! I like it very much!
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I love it!

Thank you!
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very happy you like it! :D

btw, i sent beka a note after i posted this... in case she has any additional description :)
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Well, Terra is my creation, not Beka's.

But I would like her opinion on her anyways.
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oh nononono, i meant on the other three characters that ARE hers. i asked her for additions to their descriptions, since they're next. :)
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Ah, okay, misread that part. ;-)
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