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Summer Whisper

Hear the silence of the trees,
Feel the life within their leaves --
Summer whispers never cease,
And for them the Winter grieves.

Watercolor, on Arches Hot Press, 9x12 inches.

:star: Original for sale. :star:
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oh that's beautiful, I loooove your use of colour, it's so strong, but the colours are in perfect harmony it seems. I thiiink I'd like to see them affect each other a little more, meaning, that I'd reflect some of the yellow onto the wings, and some blue from skin and sky into the yellow, and red, but really only subtly. in any case this looks very nice.
it's nice how she seems relaxed, but the ear and her eyes shows curiousity, perhaps she just noticed something?
the composition is relatively simple and centred, but it does not really bother me, it seems to work well here :nod:

well done,
Daniel :aww:
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omg you looked at something I did and commented O.O -falls over-


thank you very much for the comment. someone else actually mentioned the reflection of the colors on surrounding objects thing as well in this painting. I tried to work on it in the next painting ([link]), but I still have quite a ways to go. your "portrait of love" is quite educational for that, i found. :)
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haha, why shouldn't I? :lol: This piece caught my attention immediately, so why not comment :aww:
And yeah, I totally see where you did it in the new piece, and I love it. Immediately the piece seems more physical and dimensional, and sits in his environment better, too :nod:
And I'm glad you find it educational :aww: I had to keep the bounce colour in mind especially with the knee above the red band. There the skin totally picks up some of the red. It might not be apparent on a quick glance, as the piece over all has rather muted colours, but if I didn't do it, it sure would be missing :nod:
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oh, i dunno, maybe because you're amazing, and i wouldn't expect something of mine to catch your attention :aww:

thank you very much for your comment and for looking at my other painting :) inspires me to push myself harder on my current wip :nod: :)
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haha, I'm not that amazing. I produce enough fails, trust me :lol: And hey, one of the things that help me and artists in general improve are critiques, so why not do that myself :aww: I critique quite a lot when I find the time :lol:

You are welcome :cuddle:
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i've found that most people cannot give or accept critique. the two extremes: "omg that's pretty!<the end>" or "let me list everything you did wrong without a single mention of anything you did right" are the most common, with the pointless compliment dominating every other type of comment. in a way, i miss art classes, even if they were full of negative, because at least it was -something-.
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Yeah, I know. The first kind is too lazy, the second to full of themselves. And when you look at their gallery they usually can't do crap :giggle:
But well, I guess we'll have to educate them a little :cuddle: And I never had art classes, so I don't know what it is like, butI suppose if the right people are in it, it can be pretty constructive :nod:

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It's such a colourful piece :)
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Woooow, really nice work with the paints!! I love how you portrayed the foliage....dang. :heart: The folds in her dress are beautiful, too!
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gods be damned. that is one pretty damn image. Gorgeous colours.
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I love her pose and her facial expression!! Her anatomy and the colors are just WoW!!
Nice work :thumbsup:
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This is wonderful!!
You did a great job on the depth shading and the colors are just so vibrant it makes me smile!! =D
maria-jaujou's avatar
thank you very much :D
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Beautiful! :clap:
The colors are great and i like a lot her wings and dress too =P
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She's so enchanting. I love her cute tail :aww:
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Aww she's so cute : ) Love her face and the dress the most!
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gorgeous, i love the vibrant color
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It is always great to see your works and I really love this one you did here, she is really remarkerble and beautifully done.
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