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Deep, deep, and far from wandering eye
There sleeps a demon. Once from high
Above she fell in charcoal blaze.
Now only darkness knows her face.

Forgotten by the world above,
She sleeps forever, white as dove.
Lest she escape, forever chained
For fear of hell she'd bring again.


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This is so unique... way out there... moving... I have been getting so many different feelings from it,, your poem really gave it a deep meaning
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Both the coloring and the gargoyle herself are done very well.
The Poem is also very nice, it works well with her.
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Your work is beautiful, the lighting is so emotional as well as professional. The poem is really inspiring, much better than most found on the internet nowadays. Does the title have any signifigance, or was that merely whimsical muse?
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I think your poem really adds life to the picture! :) Great work!!
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cool pic is she like a satyr chick?
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you mean a half-goat? no. :)
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Absolutely gorgeous! Her skin looks so soft. And...Gargoyles!!! I've been meaning to rewatch that for weeks. *has the dvds*
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thank you! :dance:

*has 2 DVDs full of AVI files* i've been rewatching a bunch of eps for the gargoyles calendar page thing. this year's theme is to redraw a scene from the show. :D
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O_o YOU were the one that did this one?! OH MAN. It's been one of my absolute favourite gargoyle pieces EVER. So pretty, and sad... it definitely has great emotion to it. Your paintings never cease to amaze me. :) I don't say it enough, but it's true.

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haha, you have no idea how much it makes my day to have you say that! ^_______^ thank you! :D
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Poor sad little demon... Nice job.
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I remember this from MGC, I loved it! ^^ Great coloring and her pose it's excellent ^^
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Lovely that is why I had to make this. [link]
Hehe she free in this picture though.
I also just had to :+fav:
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oh, cute! very very cute. :)
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love the shadowing, her expression, and she is so pretty
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