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Pink Flamingo

Edit: prints of this painting are now available through the DevArt print service.

Flamingos are beautiful birds, but what excuse do I really need to paint a big poofy dress in pretty pinks, with lots of bows and ruffles? I mean, c'mon, seriously. *wink*

This is Kiya again, but I changed her haircolor to dark-brown/black because it works better with the color scheme than green hair. But it's still her. I just love her hairdo!

I've tried a bunch of new things in this painting: the sky, the border, the flamingo.. and I really like how it all came out and came together. I hope you like it too!

Watercolor on Bristol.
9 x 11 inches, painted to the edges.

(Note to all my Russian watchers: who can guess what 90's pop song was stuck in my head while I was painting this? *wink* )
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*mouth drops* Wooooooaaaaah... 0.0
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Her outfit is adorable ^^
maria-jaujou's avatar
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You have amazing talent. I love your gallery so much! And the way your colors blend is just stunning!!! I really enjoy your art. ^^ And this piece is beautiful and striking with all of the pinks. Nice work!
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beautiful colors an lovely dress :)
maria-jaujou's avatar
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Yes yes! Flamingo flamingo!
I've commented here! =D
Although I'm not pink fan, I'ma definitly flamingo fan! =D
love it! :heart: =3
maria-jaujou's avatar
i really like this tube of pink paint, so by extension i like pink, hehe ^^ and yup, flamingos, sunsets, big foofy dresses, i love them :D

btw, i LOVE your new icon :D
Nephro's avatar
aa yes, some pink items are just undenyably nice. happens from time to time :XD:
sunsets are big on my list. top top yes!

Thank you! :XD: same person who made the last one made this one too ;P
figured I was done "popping back" so now I'm happy to be back and boogying down! :D :dance::boogie::dance:
maria-jaujou's avatar
*lol* yeah, it's very very cute ^^
Nephro's avatar
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I like it :heart:
Pink is my favorite color and I like poofy dress
maria-jaujou's avatar
lol, i LOVE foofy dresses ^___^ thank you! :D
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You have a really nice control of watercolors. I love the blending in the bodice of her dress and the flamingos feathers in particular. The drawing is nice here too. I love her hair :)
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I love the details in the drawing and the colors are great! ^^
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wowww! this picture is absolutely wonderfullll X3 hehe i saw it from tenshi's dA.... (so im not entirely random XD) ...but woowwww... x] im impressed(: *thunbsup* ;D
maria-jaujou's avatar
KUROxWOLF's avatar
hehe np(: wooww... your commisions are so expensive!^^; i was thinkin about it but woowww.... (haha im brokeee) XD^^;
maria-jaujou's avatar
technically, if you consider how much time i put into my work, i'd get paid better for flipping burgers. ^^; you can always try to shoot for a kiriban. :)
KUROxWOLF's avatar
hahaha ic.... woww... im sorry i uhh... jumped to conclusions^^; hmm... but what is a kiriban?
maria-jaujou's avatar
very rare free art. kinda like the 200th pokemon. :)
KUROxWOLF's avatar
hehe okayy! well im not sure if i can score it... but ill tryyy<3 btw, do you have a gaia account?
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