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My Treasure

Down the dark streets she carries her treasure
Far away from her nightlife of pleasure
Holding him for the last time. Until
Her own death, she'll remember him still.

Media: Tria Markers, Copic Markers, Pigma Micron colored ink pens.
Paper: 90lb smooth Bristol.
Size: 11 x 14 inches.
For Sale: [link]

The poem in the painting is 3rd stanza of Pushkin's "Романс" (roh-MAHNS), written in pre-revolutionary Russian, the way the poet had written it. Don't ask me to translate it. I won't.
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This is really cute, it looks like its out of a storybook
maria-jaujou's avatar
Nephro's avatar
beauuuutifully done my dear!
maria-jaujou's avatar
Nephro's avatar
you're welcome!!! ^___^
pootoo's avatar
I always love the designs of your illustrations, so much to look at, her dark skin is a plus since you don't see much of that, love it
Mairelyn's avatar
Absolutely stunning!
the details are gorgeous and wow. I'm speechless
maria-jaujou's avatar
Noe-Izumi's avatar
My God. I have shivers thinking on the time you've been doing this. WONDERFUL!
erichinji's avatar
a lot beautiful :love:
InKibus's avatar
THis is lovely!
NibbleKat's avatar
It's all really lovely-- I especially like the bird flying AWAY from the viewer. It really brings home the sense of sadness and abandonment that's echoed in the rest of the piece. Great colors, wonderful old-style book look to it.
shanrelle's avatar
очень хорошо!!!!! очень красивейшая картина
maria-jaujou's avatar
cpasibo bolshoe :)
beccc's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!

I LOVE THIS, well done!!
MeghanHetrick's avatar
Beautiful hun. Love the composition and the colors, although i have the feeling your scanner might've eaten them a bit, hehe.
maria-jaujou's avatar
believe it or not, this is actually the BETTER scan of the two. i turned off all auto-toning (that was making my pink/magenta dress into bright red and my slate-blue clouds into screen-of-death-blue) and messed with the levels a bit myself. and still, the colors are quite off. >_<
MeghanHetrick's avatar
That's one of the reasons i hate working with marker or watercolor anymore, both of which you do amazingly well, hehe. I can't get my damn scans to look anywhere near decent.
maria-jaujou's avatar
it doesn't really bother me that much. i just take it as a given that, even if i get the colors to look perfectly on -my- monitor, they will almost necessarily be off on anybody else's. so if the scanner adds some more color variation to it, oh well, we're still within the same margin of error.

plus, it's not like my colors are so spectacular that a tiny variation would ruin them ;) sure, the original looks much better than the scan, but it's not like she wouldn't look just as good in a slightly redder dress.
Katerina-Art's avatar
beautiful illustration :clap:
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