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I Support Traditional Art

My first try at a stamp. ^_^ I haven't seen one like that around... and even if there already are a ton, so what? This was fun to make. :)

And given how much watercolor art I've been doing lately, I thought it was fitting. :)

So if you like traditional (ie, non-digital) art, please support it and spread the love! :D
Of course, you can like digital art too! I know I do!

The digital art stamp is here :: [link]

If you use this stamp, please comment, and tell me who you are! I'd love to know :D

Edit 01/09/07 : I changed the stampey border so that it looks prettier and shows up on more journal layouts now.
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Using both digital and traditional stamp! I'm a digital + traditional artist ^w^
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Using it.
Thanks for the use of the stamp. :)
Im a watercolor painter - hobbyist.
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using!  I'm a traditional + digital artist :) 
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As a traditional artist myself, I am using this. ;)
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Using this and I Support Digital Art by Maria-Ylla  as well c:

Amazing ^^
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No one likes my art JUST because it is traditional.
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Beautiful stamp!
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I support traditonal art too. I'm getting tired of digital arts at the popular pages in dA and the traditional getting forgotten
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So using! I'm not a very good artist but I really feel that traditional art needs a LOT more attention! 
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Oh this is so cool I thought I was the only one who doe's this type of art I feel, left out a lot :-( can I use this!?!
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I know what you Mean. digital Art everywhere!
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