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I Support Digital Art

Yeah yeah, we all saw this coming, didn't we?

I love digital art. I love making it, and I love looking at it. If you love digital art in any way, please show your support and spread the love! :D


I picked this piece - [link] - for the stamp because this was my first digital piece after about a two-year lull. I was very happy to finally get back into art after an insane amount of traveling, working, and doing all sorts of things that left no time for drawing.

The traditional art stamp is here :: [link]

If you use this stamp, please comment, and tell me who you are! I'd love to know :D

Edit 01/09/07 : I changed the stampey border so that it looks prettier and shows up on more journal layouts now.
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And using this one too, because just because you support one doesn't mean you can't support the other.  :)
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I absolute adore digital artists as I ain't got a clue myself and I only do traditional everything they seem to do it mind blowing to me! :heart:
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It took me forever to get the tablet down. I tell you, it was harder than traditional.
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i am better with traditional art as, i do not have a tablet! DX
but my digital is not very bad ^^
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I am a digital artist, but I do not look down on other medias. They are options, not "ranks". :)

All that matters is the art itself, not how you make it.
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I love both traditional, and digital. They are both still art, and somebody's hard work.
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Used it :D thanks for making this stamp
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Both of these stamps are great, I'm going to use them in my journal. :heart:
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This club has used this stamp here-->[link]
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