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Gargoyles :: The Mirror

I already tried posting this once, but the image never worked. One of those DA booboos :) Anyways :)

This was a submissions for an MGC back in 2002, where we had to design a DVD cover for the show. I picked my favorite episode, The Mirror (because sometimes they're cheap and they only put one or two eps on a disk! BLEH) ;) :D

All-digital, no pencil sketch. I think this was my first attempt at a completely-completely digital image. I even made that little DVD logo in paths ^_^;;
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Uff. I was already wondering why there were no comments to such a great work. Then I found out that it is submitted two times ;).
maria-jaujou's avatar
where is the other one?
maria-jaujou's avatar
oh, that's meant to be like that. it's a club submission. :) thanks, tho! :)
VioletteTheViolent's avatar
Yeah, that's what I thought. But there were no comments and that really surprised me. ^^
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You know I remember a fanfic based on this picture, where Demona and Elisa swapped bodies but when they see themselves in a mirror they see their true form, so Demona (In Elisa's body) would see herself in her gargoyle or Human form (Depends what time of day it is), while Elisa (In Demona's body) would see herself in her Human form.
maria-jaujou's avatar
fanfic BASED on this picture? probably just a coincidence :)
Naruto151's avatar
Yeah, the thing is that when I went back to in the gargoyle section that fic had been taken down.
kindlykiwi's avatar
That is hella awesome work :)
maria-jaujou's avatar
thank you very much :)
aseariel's avatar
you're welcome :)
avator's avatar
Fancy how you did demona's hair a lot, for some reason I never saw it that way in 3d in my mind, if that makes sense o.o *is tired*
pretty coloring as usual ;)
maria-jaujou's avatar
thank you :) i think if i had to do it again, i'd do it differently, though. more along the lines of what you're probably thinking ;)
IdiotOfTheDead's avatar
Looking good but I think Demona has a bit too much hair. :-)
maria-jaujou's avatar
yeah, she might :) she's also a little too short and stubby, but this is an older piece, and there's a lot of things i'd do differently now :)
rleeny's avatar
Cool picture! The dvd logo is a nice touch :)
maria-jaujou's avatar
teehee. thanks ;) my very first anything-useful done in illustrator is that dvd logo ;)
purplegoldfish's avatar
I love the coloring job on this! It's amazing for being your first ever digital painting! I really like that font too :)
maria-jaujou's avatar
thank you :) i regularly suck at fonts. i think this is the only piece i have where i like the typography :) well, that and the font i use for copyrights and signatures now :)
ellesmere's avatar
This one of the best episodes of the show! Good choice ;)

I really like your way of coloring. I can hardly believe that this was your first completely digital image :D Anyway, you did a very good job ^^
maria-jaujou's avatar
well, it's not really a "digital painting". i still did everything the way i would have done if i'd started with a sketch. it's just that my sketch was digital. this accounts for the severe proportion and balance problems in this ^_^ for some reason, a digital sketch makes it REALLY difficult to "see" proportions on your piece... i'm not sure why, but even REALLY REALLY good people can make tremendous mistakes just because they haven't zoomed out nearly often enough ^_^

i've made some "paintings" since then where it's been more like digital painting and less like digital drawing (you know that i mean, i'm sure, you've read the DA descriptions of the differences ;) ) and those I'm a little more proud of in terms of execution, but these gargoyle images are definitely my favorites ^_^
Noe-Izumi's avatar
Lovely! :D Looks like a cover indeed. The colouring is magnificient. Love the detail of the DVD logo and The Gargoyles Times :D
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