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Gargoyles :: Goliath and Elisa

Ha, I finished it on time! Well, today's the 1st, but we can forgive this tiny delay, right? It's still the weekend, after all! :D

Goliath and Elisa. So sweet.

I really like how his muscles came out. A lot of you guys were saying that the inks made him look too scrawny and un-bulky, and I hope the colors fixed some of those concerns. :)

A lot of this actually looks a lot like color pencil, but that's what happens when you got one tiny brush to do a whole painting, including large areas. Was a little hard to scan because the paper rolled up. I might rescan this after I press it, but I so wanted to show this to everybody! ^_^

Size: 11 x 12 inches.
Media: Watercolor and Ink.

:star: Semi-glossy Print on Canvas-textured paper :: $10 :: [link] :star:
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Awe love the soft expression on his face
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Elisa looks. . . . .  too white. . . She's half Native half Black. . .  But nice pic though
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This has actually always bugged me, including in painting this picture. Although they SAY she is, in the show she's ridiculously pale and only appears dark because it's always nighttime. In bright lights, she basically looks like a tan white girl:… and generally shares few facial features with her mother. I get the feeling that the mixed race was thrown in later in the show to make for some fun Avalon episodes. But then again, Goliath's chin changed mid-show too, so... :)
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To me she always looked Hispanic and when I found out she was half Native half Black I was shocked. But Goliath's chin changed?
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Lovely and gorgeous<3
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Amazing colors! Watercolor is hard to get nice, clean lines...for me anyway. Wow!
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you did a wonderful job with the colors it really gives it that warm feeling
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wow very beautiful
MOON-GUARDIAN369's avatar
Aw how sweet!!! I can totally feel the mood of this happy couple!!!
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Wow thats a bit spooky! It reminds me a lot of a scene in my Gargoyles fanfiction :O_o: Could be a fanart made for it :XD: Cool!
A truly touching moment...they were always a great pair in the show...amazing how one misses the was truly one of the greats for my childhood
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This is so charming.
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I love how you captured the two of them.
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You're welcome. :)
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that is beautiful! What did you ink it with? I grew up with those Gargoyles. :)
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i think i inked that with pigma microns...
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Love the style and paint texture!
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Mmmmmmm, sexy
Wilbury's avatar
Please make them have sex!
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