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Commission :: Eel Mermaid

This is the finished commission for *Merman1234. This diver girl gets magically transformed into a latex eel mermaid.

This was lots of fun to do. I haven't done any Photoshop art in a while, and this was the perfect excuse to do it. I also got to play with multiple lightsources, textures, more realistic hair, etc. Lots of fun. I'm very happy with how she came out.

I tried a new hair technique on her! Tell me what you think! :D

Stingray Mermaid

Medium: Photoshop.
Time: 8-10 hours. I think :)

Idea (c)
Art (c)

How I did this picture you can see here : [link]

:star: If you'd like to know more about commissions, check out My Commissions Info Journal. :star:
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I like the idea of a eel mermaid. Her tail is so beautiful. If I was the girl I would be happy.
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I would be blessed to have that tail and live underwater.

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Get me a magical mermaid transformation thingy? :)
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She's so very beautiful, love the idea of a Eel mermaid. Eels are so awesome ^^ really like how you did this, the shading and lighting on her skin color is beautiful <3
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one of my most faved mermaid transformation. the concept is not too complex, but very precise expressing the transform. the lighting and the shape of eel tail is almost perfect for her. whole picture looks very comfortable, and of course, also sexy xD
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Nice concept, I like the way her colouring goes right up to her neck, the way a wetsuit would cover her - very cool :D
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Very nice. I love the lights on her body. And I love her webbed hands :D :+favlove:
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Excelent picture!
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I love that shade of red.
And the hair is awesome.
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wow the hair is brilliant, but the detail i like most is the bubble rith above the diver's mask.
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lol, thank you ^^ that's my favorite too ^_^
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This is amazing, I love the way you coloured the hair. The little details (like the diver's goggles) really add to the piece =) I'm so watching you from now on.
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oh, thank you very much :)
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I wonder if she can shock people with her electric tail :P
maria-jaujou's avatar
i think the red latex skin is shocking enough ;)
PlastikFan4evR's avatar
he he he yeah thats true.....its just that I dont see too much shiny or reflections on the latex suit :(
maria-jaujou's avatar
latex isn't as shiney and reflecty in the water. :)
PlastikFan4evR's avatar
Oh yeah..........I forgot about that.......;P well u should have a pic where she's out of water :D then that be interesting n_n
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I think you have done a very good work
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thank you very much :)
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