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Rapunzel and her magical loooooooooooooong hair :D
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Wow this is amazing!! :D

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Hello there. I was wondering if I could use this artwork that you created in a YouTube video on my channel. I'll give you full credit for it and put a link in the description. It's okay if you say no, I understand, just thought I'd ask.

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Of curse you can use it as long as credits are mentioned :)

I'd be happy if you mention my twitter instead of DA
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You got it and thank you.

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This looks so AWESOME! Fantastic job!
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Her teeth are so detailed. :)
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Her eyes are so big and cute 。◕‿◕。 Also this is random but does anyone else think Disney should have more princes as main characters? 
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She really have long hair! Awesome work.
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Rapunzel: Havery told me-

Timber Spruce: He told you the Entity came back. Nothing more, nothing less.

Rapunzel: So, it is the Dark Nella Phantom after all?

Timber Spruce: Sleepwalker is its true name. Or rather, was. Remember, we are looking that a present that isn't happening. A future that will never come to pass. The true Sleepwalker was killed when Discord destroyed my universe.
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Her story is a powerful one. "We do not know that we are being deceived until we are not" ~Newsboys
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Do more rapunzels!! Your art is absolutely beautiful, you truly have a great talent🌹
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This is beautiful! I like the flowy, fantasy style she's drawn in Love 
Beautiful job!
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Perfect 😱😱❤️
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I love her expression!! and your coloring :love:
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