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Hecate or Hekate is a chthonic Greco-Roman goddess associated with magic and crossroads.
She is attested in poetry as early as Hesiod's Theogony. An inscription from late archaic Miletus naming her as a protector of entrances is also testimony to her presence in archaic Greek religion. wikipedia [link]

*Model *Tasastock [link] [link] [link] [link]
*BG [link] by *venomxbaby
*moon [link] by ~Not4Lovers
*Jewelry [link] by ~SnailLadyStocks
*Fire [link] by ~miponi-stock, [link] by ~compot-stock,

Hecate's Symbols:
*Torch [link] by ~Moon-WillowStock and fire [link] by ~nykyanimallover
*snake [link] by *Twins72
*Dogs [link] and [link] by ~slime-stock
*aconite (also called hecateis)[link] by ~pandora1921
[link] by =steppelandstock
*ivy [link] by ~MirandaRose-Stock
*Hecate's "iunx" - golden ritual sphere with sapphire - also as other - my painting

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Just beautiful Love Clap Clap 
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I am the creative director of a magazine that publishes new age material, and a poet  that we have chosen for our September issue would like to use this image to illustrate her poem "She Sees in Three Directions" and I'm writing to ask for your permission.
The editor also likes your work and was wondering if you'd like a feature in our December issue, or another issue somewhere down the line.
Please get back to me as soon as possible as I'm putting together the September issue now.
here is a link to the magazine website:
and here you can view the latest issue:…
Thank you,
Are you selling prints of this?  I really want to purchase one.
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She's definitely one of my favorite goddesses in Greek mythology. Most of the gods are quite cruel in the myths so the ones who are more mysterious seem a lot more likeable. She was also the only one who helped Demeter search for Persephone.
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I would like to use this great version of Hekate Triformis for my educational blog:
the perfect Hecate
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A true masterpiece for our honoured queen of wisdom.
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cool Hekate painting, that shows her as young woman, true to mythology. She is NO crone goddess, but a deity of the starry night sky and also the moon.
Her twin Hekatos, was later to become  Apollon, sun god and ruler of the day. Hekate#s moon aspect changed into Artemis.
She is an old pre-hellenistic Goddess, part of dualistic twin deities, representing night and day.

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Love her pose and the two hell hounds.
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Very cool looking
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this is exactly how i imagined Hecate !
Oh man, why is this not available as a print? I love this one
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Ask her on I think the 29th of each month she's is granted with all knowing.
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:D hey i want ask your permission to used your image in my story, my OC is a rencarnation of hecate please if you allow me to use it gimme a message in my inbox of deviant :D
Nice! Very intriguing.
One question: May I use this as the cover photo for one of my fanfics?
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you have been featured here:[link]
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I put your creation in feature on my new journal [link] !
Very beautiful work!
es hermoso tu trabajo
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