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Autumn Sonata Week 5 02

By mari-ash
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It's AGES since I last submitted something! I'm so sorry! I have such a backlog of new photos to share but so little time.

Today, I managed to steal some free time in the computer lab, so I'll get back to continuing with my autumn sonata series which many of you see to like~ Will just post a couple. The rest will be posted at my new website which is under construction.


This was my project for my fashion design course in college. It is an old photoshoot from 2007, but I really like the concept. From the months of August to November, there is a photoshoot per week to capture the theme of Autumn in terms of outfit selection.

Here is the 5th shoot~

Photography & editing: Robert Wang
Hair, Makeup, Outfit coordination: Me

Outfit rundown:
White and brown fake 2-layer dress with lace collar
Fur-rimmed jacket
Black stockings
Red pumps
Black beanie
Black handbag

It's autumn and the weather was slightly chilly, but not cold enough to be considered freezing. (or I wouldn't be wearing sheer stockings) Still, that shouldn't stop you from getting that 'elegant winter outfit' look.

The good thing about clothes lined with fur (faux/fake fur, not real fur. I don't support real fur) is that it's versatile enough to be used on a regular cold day, giving you sufficient heat and protection from the chill, while giving you an air of elegance. Instead of wrapping yourself in a multitude of scarves and clothing items and looking plumper than usual as a result, you can try clothes with faux fur linings. Match it with a formal-looking bag and stockings and you're good to go. A bright pair of pumps helps to snazz up a monochrome outfit.


All photos from this shoot here: [link]
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Incredibly beautiful!
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i love that you don't wear real fur :D You must be beautiful on the inside as well
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Beautiful shoot, outfit, model. . .perfect
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Wow. ♥.♥ This is stunning!
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really pretty (:
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*_* it's so beautiful!!
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Wow great shot... I love the smile, subtle but very expressive =)
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love your clothes matching!Looks just great! Especially in this picture.
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very beautiful ^^
may i use this as a reference for the pose?
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Adorable !
You look like a doll !
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woo, very soft*

you're really pretty
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Oh my gosh, I love the HAT! I hate standard beanies because they usually are really tight and they make my head look weird. :(

Awesome shot and nice outfit. I love autumn clothing.
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