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Literature Text

“You look beautiful.” It was the first time ever that Kuroo Tetsurou praised you. A little blush crossed your features and you were about to thank him. “Chibi-chan.”

“I’ll never understand you.” You sighed and started walking, leaving the boy behind. Staying in the front of your house was the same as asking your brother to see you and Kuroo, and the last thing you wanted now was Sawamura Daichi having a jealously attack. “So, where are we going?”

“You seem buoyant.” His smirk returned much faster than you imagined. “I’m sure you’re happy to go out with the great Kuroo, Chibi-chan.”

“In your dreams.”

“If I tell you’re already in them, would you believe me?” It was impressive how easily his voice tone changed, a minute before he was joking and now it seemed completely serious.

“Of course not.” You tried to reply fast, praying that he could not see the blush that kept adorning your features. “A dork like you does not have the capacity to dream.”

“Do you really believe it?” He was laughing, probably of you. “Anyway, we’ll have a marvelous date. Someone told me you like amusement parks, and I’m taking you to one.”

“Who told you that?”

“That’s a secret.” You kept silence, looking for a way to reveal the informer, but you could not think in anyone.  You two walked for more than ten minutes until reach the train station, getting off at the right one; most of the time it was a comfortable silence between you two. One time or another Kuroo teased you and received a good answer, until you were finally at the amusement park.

“So, where you want to go first?” He asked. “I decided the date would be here, and we are staying all day so I’ll allow you to choose the ride.”

“Why are you being so kind?” You asked ironically.

“I’m always this kind.” Kuroo commented feeling offended. You could not choke back the laugh, which made him smile. “So, how about that one?” He pointed to a rollercoaster that seemed attractive.

“The one who puke first pays the lunch.” You exchanged challenging smiles and ran to the ride. The rest of the morning was well spend in the most radical rides, but none was enough to make any of you puke, so Kuroo offered to pay the lunch. Soon after eating, you went to the Ferris Wheel since it would be dangerous any other ride.

On the top of the ride, you could see all the rest of the park, admire all the people, the trees around and even the other rides. For a moment the sky took your attention and you noticed it was covered by gray clouds, nevertheless you forgot quickly when noticed it really seemed like a date since you two were alone at the cabin.

“Why did you invited me?” You asked looking directly to Kuroo’s dark eyes. You needed this answer since the bet you two made, but only now was courageous enough to ask it. “You left Tokyo to see me and then brought me here. Why?"

“It isn’t obvious yet?” He raised an eyebrow. How could you be so dense? “It’s because I like you.” Your cheeks immediately got hotter and you admired how Kuroo could be so calm even when confessing.

“I wouldn’t do all this if I didn’t.”

“But you…” You looked to the window, avoiding him. “You always tease me.”

“Because you are really cute when gets flustered.” He smirked while you kept looking to the outside. “What about you?”


“You only came because you lost the bet, or… You actually came because you wanted?”

“I… First I came because of the bet.” You noticed a little disappointment crossing his features. “But then, I actually enjoyed.” You smiled a little, trying to observe Kuroo without being cough. “Thank you”

You two left the Ferris wheel a little disconcerted, but Kuroo managed to hold your hand and walk side by side. He was about to ask what you wanted to do when he felt drops of rain. You two started running, looking to a place to protect yourselves.

“Can’t believe it’s raining.” Kuroo cursed.

“Don’t worry.” You replied. “I’m sure we can still do a lot of things!”

“But I don’t have an umbrella…”

“I can’t believe you are afraid of water, Bed head-kun.” You smirked. “It’s impossible to your hair get worse.”

“I’ll give you three seconds to run, Chibi-chan.” He was smiling like a psychopath and you started running immediately to the exit of the park. Once out, you crossed a street and hide in front of a library, laughing when you saw Kuroo having to wait until the traffic signal open to him, getting completely wet at the process.

“Don’t laugh at me.” He commented grumpy. “It’s your fault.”

“You were the one who told me to run!” You keep laughing at his attempts of dry himself.

“Thinking it’s funny, huh?” He approached stealthily, you did not notice until cold, wet hands were under your shirt, at your lumbar back; and you felt damp cloth at your own clothes. “How about now?”

“Stop it Kuroo!” You complained trying to take away his hands off you. “You’re wet and cold!”
It was his turn to laugh at your useless attempts; he was much stronger. You two remained like this until Kuroo noticed the compromised position and smirk at you, who looked at him innocently.

“Are you sure I’m cold?” He laughed. “Because I’m kind of feeling hot right now.”

“Pervert!” You seized the moment of distraction to push him and turn around. “I can’t believe I actually accepted to go out with you…”

“Too late now, Chibi-chan.” He took you wrist and pool you back to him, this time holding your waist and touching your cheeks. Your faces were so close it was possible to feel his breath ticking your nose. “Can I kiss you?”

“Why are you even asking for permission?” You smiled and pulled his neck, approaching your faces until lips were connected. This time there was no Yamamoto to disturb and you could slowly enjoy the kiss.

“We should go now.” You answered after the kiss, turning on your heels to hide your embarrassment. “There’s a library there. Let’s go.”

“Of course.” Kuroo smiled and followed behind you, holding your hand all the way. You spent a lot of time together and it was much more fun than you thought. Kuroo was not exactly the kind of person who read a lot a books, but he had read a few and the conversation flowed easily.  Time flew and you only realized you had to go when the sky was paint in orange, the rain out.

You tried to slow down your pace and decrease the distance of your steps so you could spend more time with Kuroo. Yes, most of times he was annoying, teasing you and making you blush, but after today, there was something different between you two. Maybe it was the good feeling of having someone to take care of your back, or maybe the way he looked at you and gave that smirk of his.

“Safe and sound.” You looked at the familiar gate of your house wishing it didn’t belong to your family. Kuroo had his hands on his pocket and a little smile in his face, his dark eyes seemed to be analyzing your actions.

“Thank you for today.” You said trying to avoid his gaze. “It was fun.”

“This means we can repeat it another time?” His teasing tone didn’t left, and you knew your cheeks were starting to get red again.


There was silent after your answer. Truly, Kuroo expected to you instantly reject him, but as always, you were full of surprises. He blinked a few times, still catching your answer until there was a big grin in his lips.

“So you really fell in love for me, Chibi-chan?”

“Shut up, Bed Head-kun!” You grumbled. “I would never fall in love for a guy like you!”

“Is that so?” He bent a little so his eyes were directly into yours. Then in a fast movement, he touched your waist and pulled you for a sweet and very fast kiss. “Then I’ll have to work on it.”

“That’s impossible for someone like you.” You turned your back to him and opened the gate of your house, noticing a movement behind the curtains. Your face was completely red and you would never let he sees it. “Give up, Bed Head-kun.”

“Never. I’ll call you later, Chibi-chan!”

“I’ll be looking forward.” You whispered to yourself smiling and going to your house.

“So am I.”

Extend Ending

“Next time you bring a boy home, you better notify me. Sawamura (First Name).” A shiver ran down your spine when you heard the icy voice of your older brother.

“You see Onii-san…” You were sweating. “He is just a friend.”

“So you are friend of one member of Karasuno’s eternal rival?”

“Well… It’s like they say… Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer.” You tried to laugh, but it seemed like you were choking. The saying definitely did not mention anything about kissing your enemy.

“I understand.” You sighed when noticed Daichi leaving with a more peaceful expression. “But next time I see you two together I’ll make sure to keep our enemy close to my fist.”

“H-Hai.” You replied nervously. You fear for Kuroo, but there was nothing you could do. Daichi was and would always be a super protective brother. And you loved him exactly like this.

“Oh, dammit!” Kuroo exclaimed in the middle of the street. “How am I supposed to call (First Name) if I don’t have her phone number?” He rubbed his hair intensely while others looked at him like he was crazy. “Well, I’m pretty sure that if I call Daichi he will give in her phone to me.” A smirk crossed his face. Kuroo was definitely smart. “Yes! That’s what I’m going to do once I got home!”
Hello, I'm here again! With another Kuroo Tetsurou Fanfiction, that can be read alone or like a sequel for my first one (Bad Day).

Also, I'm not a native english speaker so, please, if there are mistakes say it! I'll try to correct it immediately.

Thank you for reading and please comment!
© 2015 - 2021 Marguaery
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This is so good! Argh! I love this!!
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please rest in peace Kuroo-kun
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It was nice meeting him

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smart engh to get a beating !!! LAFFS
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Exactly! Just imagine a pissed Daichi!
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i love this ;w; so cute!!!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it! ;)
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