'Picture Yourself In Wonderland' 25 Semi
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We had so much fun going through all of the wonderful Wonderland self-portraits that you, the always impressive deviantART community, created! It was extremely difficult to decide, but from OVER 9,000!!! entries, 25 have been chosen as semi-finalists for the "Picture Yourself In Wonderland" contest.

From these 25 semi-finalists, the final three winners will be chosen by staff from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment!

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As Mad as a Mad Hatter by ISignRob where the real madness is by VNC-Children Tomato juice party by Natsuki-3 Playing in Wonderland by beaux-artworx I'm as Mad as a Hatter by NoName-Face I found myself in Wonderland by VixenDra Return to Wonderland by Ana-D ...Alice? by Mon-artifice Mad at myself? by Nathammer The calm Before the Storm by Chadrificus A Woodburned Me Hatter 1 by valdina13 Myself in Wonderland by bustavshica Alice and The White Queen by HrcneAubrey Far better to be feared... by JustMeOnyX Welcome To Mystery by Tsvetka :thumb166370855: Drink up me hearties yoho :D by Scarry Mad Hatter by LIVIUMphotography Red Queen by idaniphotography Let's Make Things Right Again by behindinfinity Me in Wonderland by 88grzes :thumb166337749: Whooo Are You? by Shimoyama Mad Hatter Me by yangtianli
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NamelessSaintProfessional Writer
What a biased set of semifinalists. You guys chose too many hatters while ignoring a good portion of better deviations.
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sparx333Hobbyist General Artist
The one of Aboslem looks the same as the guy that got thrid :O_o:
BirdintheCactus's avatar
Cool. But if I was a preexisting Alice character it would be the Dodo.
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JaneEdenProfessional Digital Artist
Wow many congratulations to everyone who won and also the semi finalist, the artwork is outstanding!!!
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stramp1aHobbyist Digital Artist
I want to thank the Judges for their hard work as this contests brought out tons of artists of all calibers and the judging must have been tiresome with so many fine works and original concepts to the theme. I enjoyed viewing all of the artists young and old, beginner or pro. You all did such a great job!
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its a shame most of these are just based on the tim burton film and not the actual book
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the contest was based on the tim burton film :)
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alicexzProfessional Digital Artist
I can't believe the number of childish, hateful comments that litter this blog. :iconihateitplz:

Thank you for the article and hard work, $margotdent & dA!
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MangoBlissHobbyist Writer
Wow, these are amazing! I don't know which one I like best! >///<

Good luck to all! <333
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It's sad how many people that are bitter about the semifinals selection. I understand that not getting picked stings, after all, we all want to win. What is annoying, though, is that some feel the need to degrade the semifinalists' work and say they only got picked because they were popular (or point out that they broke the rules), or the need to degrade the judges who went through the entries of this contest and say they just chose 25 random pictures.

To the semifinalists: congratulation and good luck!
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PixeLinkStudiosProfessional General Artist
I think this contest wasn't judging by original or creative interpretations of ideas, it was judged by number of fav ,

so that means you do not have to be creative just get bunch of freinds :D
margotdent's avatar
The contest was not judged by number of favorites.

So... yeah.
PixeLinkStudios's avatar
PixeLinkStudiosProfessional General Artist
its so many amazing art works you do not even look at,and Im not the only one person who think that, and it does not mean that i hate semi finalist

margotdent's avatar
But the thing is, the judges do look at ALL of the entries.

So despite what people think, that is the case.
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I have to agree with you margot, because if you check it carefully, a lot of people missed these artwork at the beginning or is mostly like how I said it, most people tend to view their artwork by popular not the newest and they tend to miss out a lot of good artwork. I was looking at some of these finalists work and discovered that they only got favorites or views right after they were selected for semi-finalist, so right away you know that the judges did not go by favoritism.
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NightMarginHobbyist General Artist
Huh, I guess this contest wasn't looking for creative interpretations after all.
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Anyway congrats to all the semifinalist.... And good luck...
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:depressed: I'm so sad I'm not one of the semifinalist and I think that the movie is called Alice in wonderland, and most of the semi finalist are like hte hatter... just like the movie more attention to the hatter... (I love the hatter, but is like Alice in wonderland not the hatter in wonderland):confused:

Any way I had great shots but I'm not blond that's why I'm not a semifinalist???? :steaming:
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QuietclawProfessional Artist
The contest was about picturing yourself in wonderland. Alice isn't the only one who is in wonderland, so people who made the hatter are following the rules and concept.
Lil-Deathmate's avatar
Yes, I'm not like talking about the people who did the hatter, I'm talking about that there are more finalist of the hatter than the other characters in wonderland as you say, for example the cat, or the white queen and the bunny
MangaMusicBurton-fan's avatar
I saw once one Alice In Wonderland film, and in that movie, her hair was brown.

I don't understand where did they got the idea, that Alice is blond?
The book(s) didn't say anything about, what colored her hair was.

AND, the original illustration wasn't even colored!
So... why is Alice (almost) always blonde? :confused:
Lil-Deathmate's avatar
Yes, the one where Whoopi Goldberg is the cat??? That is a great movie... And I don't know but, maybe is because the concept of the pretty blond girl or something.
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