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Me: Thinking they just switched quirks.

Also me a couple seconds later: Ohhhhh its lights and the sparky things (im so dumb)

I thought the same thing 😂😂

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Doesn’t his hands hurt from the spark? It hurts me.

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I am two years late, but this is just so charming and creative, I love it so much

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When you just favorite it because you like the art even though it's 2021

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2019 was a good year...ahhh the good times before COVID...😊

2021 is just 2019 on hard mode

Josebgamer's avatar

im in 2021 tho ;-;...

arnajes's avatar

Don't worry I am in 2021 as well

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This is pretty accurate. Denki and Kiri are just being dudes back there lol

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and then came along 2020...

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the MHA movie: that can be arranged

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I didn't even notice the plates. Anyways, I love this.

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Can I use this for a video, if I can I will credit you

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That’s so pretty💞

This is one of the most cute things that I had ever seen. And I LOVE IT!!!

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If I can share this on Amino I will credit you

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You did a great job drawing this, it's just I find the concept horrifying.

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My question is “how do those sparklers NOT hurt?”

This is adorable, by the way :D
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That's my question, too. How does Deku even able to resist?

DanomaruZenon's avatar

The guy has the pain tolerance of a stone statue!! I guess if you break your limbs over and over again, this kind of pain isn't that significant! The fact that he's also doing this while bearing such a wide grin proves further that this sort of thing doesn't seem to bother him!

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This is super cute XD
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