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Beneath a Fairy Moon

Digital manipulation from an original B&W negs (except the moon) - built from about 5 different negs. The moon was kindly on loan from Michael Myers, who is a moon buff. Not that I didn't waste a lot of negs trying to photograph my own moon! Sigh. I have a great collection of totally blown out moon shots now. Anyway, most of the image is totally photographic, except for the wind wispy thingo and a few strands of hair. I can't paint or draw - wish I could.
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Beautiful work :clap::clap::clap:
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Precious! MOM! Spiritsigh is saying everything I'm going to say 5 minutes before I say it.
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I think you did a wonderful job with her hair. I love the way the ends curl up. To me, it just adds to her already dainty adorable look. This is another one of my favorites from you. I love the idea of her holding that dandelion. It's size gives us a better idea of how tiny she is. So cute!
your images blow me away. I wish i had the know how to create such an image.
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thank you - it is only photoshop you know. I use photoshop in the same way I would use the darkroom - dodging and burning and grain is what makes my images. My images are always B&W, then I just add colour in PS. I try to keep them fairly true to the originals. If I could make these faeries in the darkroom I would. I am a traditionalist really :)
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wow!! thats really really nice! keep up the great work :heart:
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