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Batman vs Spiderman

Bueno... el versus entre Spiderman y Superman la verdad me gustó mucho hacerlo y parece que caló entre los buenos amigos,, así que pensé en hacer la revancha, donde Superman leñateaba a Spiderman... sin embargo, por suerte un amigo me hizo ver la luz con esa idea, y me propuso una mejor... que spiderman luchara contra Batman( ya para tirarme encima a otro tamaño de fans)
La idea me gustó y les presento lo que salió.

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"Well, caped crusader, I got yer belt!"
"And now you think I'm helpless? Not a chance, webslinger!"
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Go Batman!

Nice job. :)
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Yes! Spider-Man for the win!!!
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O.E.: Take this from a DC fan; Spider-man would wreck Batman. Batman's biggest asset would be prep time, but if you give Batman prep time, you give Spider-man prep time, and seeing as Otto Octavius is still in command of Spider-man's body, his prep advantage would find a way to cancel out any prep Batman could create. Spider-man's "Spidey Sense" would allow him to dodge and counter ANYTHING Batman can do; hell, it allows him to dodge automatic gunfire at point-blank range. His strength, speed, and durability are greater than anyone Batman has faced without prep time (Bane on venom is still the strongest Batman foe physically and he's a 7 tonner at best, Spider-man is a 25 tonner.) I'm sorry Batman fans, but Spider-man has him outclassed, and before anyone tries to counter with "Batman has beaten Superman, of course he can beat Spider-man", Batman has never won against Superman in DC canon, so any feat involving him "beating" Superman is automatically invalid.
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*snort* yeah right, Spidey was defeated before he even started.
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O.E,: I'm not even going to go into all the reasons why you're wrong. Prep or no prep, Batman is outclassed by a large margin, especially seeing as Octavius is still Spider-Man. Seriously, read up on Spectacular Spider-Man, Batman has far lesser strength, speed, durability, and prep knowledge than Octavius Spider-Man. He can create a counter neural inhibitor if Batman tried to negate his "Spidey Sense", which will allow him to dodge anything Batman throws at him.………………
And this is just the beginning.
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And the fact that Batman has defeated Superman, who is more powerful than Spidey ever was means nothing?

And don't pull the "oh, he used kryptonite" bit. The amount Batman actually carries would barely phase Supes.
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Except Batman has never beaten Superman in canon. Frank Miller even admitted his hatred towards Superman so the entire Dark Knight Returns argument is about as valid as someone using a fanfic to prove a point. In every canon encounter between Batman and Superman, Superman has won. Maybe if you were smart and read up on comics, you'd know that.
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I knew DKR was non-canon, but I guess I figured you wrong, I thought you'd be a marvel buff, but you appear to be equal parts.

But, Batman does have active contigency plans for all the league members... or is tha not canon either? But, I digress, they'd never fight eachother because they are on the same page (except peter is kind of an idiot and sold his marriage to mephisto... come o think of it, mephisto's an idiot too... and Batman during his off periods like the 60's and Brave & the Bold)

Also, just out of curiosity, fVorite batman film and best spiderman film?
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Batman does have contingency plans in the pre-n52 universe, but they're both a) Pretty flimsy, and b) too grandiose for even Batman to pull off with his resources. Ra's al Ghul is the only one to pull off the contingency plan, and even then, the story was pretty weak.

Also, Favorite Batman film: depends on the situation. As a cinematic film, The Dark Knight Rises is pretty damn good, as a Batman/Superhero film, I'd give it to Under the Red Hood

For Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man is still the best one out there, although the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man is pretty good.
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Wow, a Dark Knight Rises fan, with everyone harping on it, I'd thought it was universally panned.

But, I guess it just comes down to picking someone who outclasses him. Shouldn't it be Batman vs Punisher or Black Panther?
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Both of those battles are mismatches for different reasons.
Batman vs Punisher goes to Batman simply because the Punisher isn't bringing anything that Batman doesn't already have a counter mechanism for in his standard arsenal.
Batman vs Black Panther incredibly one-sided towards Black Panther due to the fact that Black Panther is essentially a better Batman. Black Panther is a master combatant, has access to innumerable resources, has a better standard arsenal, has a massive stat advantage over Batman ever since he was granted power from the Panther  Goddess, and has the Vibranium armor and weaponry as well as the anti metal weaponry, which wallows him to break down metals on a molecular level 
This fight was bull down to the last second
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Salty Bat-fanboys were always sore losers.
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get it through your head for those who think batman would beat spiderman. because spiderman would totally win he is faster than the eye can see, he lifted half of the daily bugle building on his own in the comics, that was 7000 tons which is = to 14 million pounds. batman could literally not even hurt spiderman. spiderman could beat batman while blindfolded holding his breath and 2 arms and 1 leg tied behind his back. face it batman fans batman is stupid because it doesn't count batman beats super powered bad guys when he only fights people like bane. spiderman fights people far stronger than bane like venom , carnage, new goblin , rhino, sandman. and don't even deny this batman fans that in spiderman 3 when spiderman was being held down by venom while being crushed by sandman that batman could not even take one of those hit spiderman took batman would die from 1 hit. spiderman throws cars tanks with 1 hand holds trains up knocks down trains with the flick of one finger. spiderman at his peak would be in the high trillions of tons he could even beat batman just by blowing air on him good job spiderman fans for knowing who is better stronger faster more durable smarter better in ever way besides being a loser and anyone feel free to reply back.
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dude calm down, Jesus Christ. We already know spiderman is basically the king of heroes, but you don't need to be som pompous, let the batman fans believe what they want. I'm all for spiderman. And technically spiderman can get hurt and batman could still do some damage.
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matteo (deviantART Co-Founder) mah nigga you just said the magic word...
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