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I will be using these points to give some friends gifts. Some will go to Caspian's meds.

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:iconquilloraptors: :iconsothra: :iconwaterskulls:
Well, I need some points to get a character I wanted and I want to save up for commissions for some ocs that need more art. I'm killing my wrist for this character and the commissions I want.
Yes, I will take pay-pal for everything but the digital-line because I don't know how to split it on pay-pal. (I did recently get pay-pal working)

For Headshots, they are traditional
Sketchy - 10 :points:
Non-colored: 25 :points:

Busts, same type.
Sketchy - 20 :points:
Non-colored - 35 :points:

For Feral (no birds) -
Under 50 :points: are base edits
Over 50 :points:, traditional drawn with color
-Option is Locked right now, wanting for an approval-

For Birds!
Base edit - 20 :points:
Traditional - 30 :points:

Under 50 :points: are base edits
Over 50 :points:, traditional drawn with color
-Option is Locked right now, wanting for an approval-

-Options locked-

The Options will unlock when I feel better or approval of the option's idea is accepted.
Doing some redesigns or design tweaks for the following species:
Ponies (MLP)
Dragons (give me a ftu base to work with)
Dogs/Wolves (same thing applies from dragons)
Pokemon (Ftu base to work with)

10 - 40 :points:
It depends on the complexity of the character.

Complex Pony Design I have made/redesigned:…
Simple Pony Design I have made/redesigned: (was formerly Astral Moon)

Complex Cat -
Simple Cat -

Dragon Complex -
Simple Dragon -

Dog/Wolf - (simple only)


These will be on my stream!

These are my current prices for my commissions.

I can (and will) do:

- Ponies/MLP: FIM creatures
- Feral (mostly cats, foxes, birds and dogs)
- Dragons (Mainly night furies, monstrous nightmares, Japanese or Chinese Dragons)
- Humans (preferably easy characters)
- Gore (Keep it tame)
- Gorgis and Quilloraptors
-Homosexual/Lesbian/Etc. Couples

I won't do:

- Extremely complex characters
- Fetish art (just no)
- Cars, or anything similar

SKETCH LINEART (Traditional Only)

Headshot - 20 Points
Payment by MareOnTheMoon

Bust - 30 Points
Hollow Sketch by MareOnTheMoon

Half-body - 40Points
Tundra - OC by MareOnTheMoon
Fullbody - 50 Points 
Pay 4 by MareOnTheMoon
Extra character - + 10 Points 


Non-colored Traditional Headshot - 30 Points
Payment by MareOnTheMoon
Non-colored Traditional Bust - 40 :points:
Pay 2 by MareOnTheMoon
Colored Traditional Headshot - 50 Points 
Fallen Leaves by MareOnTheMoon

Colored Traditional Bust - 50 :points:
-need example-

Flatcolor Digital Headshot - 60 Points 
Headshot 1 by MareOnTheMoon

Flatcolor Digital Bust - 65 :points:

Simple Shaded Digital Headshot- 65 Points 
Aragorn Reyes by MareOnTheMoon
Simple shaded Digital Bust - 75:points:
-Need example-
Complex Shaded Bust and Headshot - 80+ Points 
(Need Example)

Extra character - + 20 Points 
Simple bg - + 10+ Points - Depends on what type of design
Complex BG - + 20+ Points - depends on what bg

HALF-BODIES (can go down to hips or knees)

Non-colored Traditional - 50 Points
Pay 1 by MareOnTheMoon
Colored Traditional - 60 Points 
Semi-Body Hug by MareOnTheMoon
Flatcolor Digital - 70 Points - Need Example
The Fire Never Dies-Art Trade by MareOnTheMoon
Simple Shaded - 75 Points 
Bill Cipher by MareOnTheMoon
Complex Shaded - 85 Points 
Happy Birthday, Violet by MareOnTheMoon

Extra character - + 30 Points 
Simple bg - + 20 Points
Complex bg - +30 Points 


Non-Colored Full-body - 55 Points
Sky by MareOnTheMoon
Colored Traditional - 70 Points
Fate Has Been Cruel (CE) by MareOnTheMoon
Flatcolor Digital - 80 Points 
-example deleted due to problem with the commissioner so new example is needed-

Simple Shaded - 90 Points

Complex Shaded - 100 Points
Need Example

Extra character + 30 Points 
Simple bg - 20 Points 
Complex BG - 30+ Points


Flatcolor bust - 40 Points 
Pissed off by MareOnTheMoon
Flatcolored half-body - 50 Points
Erza by MareOnTheMoon
Flatcolor fullbody - 70 Points 
Need example
Simple shaded bust - 60 Points 
need example
Complex shaded bust - 70 Points 
need example

Simple shaded half-body - 70 Points 
need example
Complex shaded half-body - 80 Points 
need example

Simple Shaded Fullbody - 80 Points 
need example
Complex Shaded Fullbody - 90 Points
need example

Extra character + 40 Points 
Simple bg + 30 Points 


Simple Base edit - 25 Points
Ezra as a pon by MareOnTheMoon
Complex Base Edit - 40+ Points
The Next Gen Princesses by MareOnTheMoon
Simple shading base edit - 20+ Points 
Day 27: Personal Aesthetic by MareOnTheMoon
Complex shaded base art - 30+ Points 
Stuffed by MareOnTheMoon
Base drawn by me - 35 Points 
Day 1 of 30- Plant by MareOnTheMoon

Extra character + 10 Points (base edit) 30 (base by me)
Lineless base - 30 Points 

PIXEL (Not Animated)

Icon - 10 Points
  Cat icon by MareOnTheMoon
Group icon - 15 Points 
-need example-


Simple pony custom - 40 Points 

Custom by MareOnTheMoon
Complex pony custom - 50+ Points
Discordpharynx by MareOnTheMoon

Simple custom - 25 Points
Dragon Box Revealed by MareOnTheMoon
Complex Custom: 50+ Points

Night Advent - Bloody Night by MareOnTheMoon

Next Gen Pony - 40 Points 
Prism - Ref by MareOnTheMoon

Cutiemarks - 20 Points 
-Need Example

+ 25 for cutie marks with pony/nextgen
+80 for reference sheet

Closed/Semi-Closed Species Customs

Species I have rights to:
Monstrous Furies
Water Lillies
A Lion-Dragon Species
Water Skulls
Firepit Ponies 
Water Skulls have to be approved by @/Nex-irou and @/DMC-CorbeauNoir 
Caticorns are to be approved by PencilDraws789
Firepit Ponies are to be approved by @/PechaStan
The Lion-Dragon Species, Flowerfell, Entities, Monstrous Furies are all approved by me and my co-founders
Water Lillies are to be approved by @/DMC-CorbeauNoir and @/Nex-irou 
Water Skulls and Water Lillies are over 100 Points but is more depending on trait rarity
Caticorns are at least min. of 40 Points
Monstrous Furies are 50+ Points
Flowerfell Ponies are 60+ Points
Lion-Dragon are paypal only at this time ($1 - $40)
Firepit Ponies are min. 50 Points
Entities are also a min. 50 Points
If you order a custom, you must fill this form:
Traits (Closed species):
Parents (only if next gen):

Song Lyrics/Poems (NEW)

- Song Lyrics -
Parody of an existing song - 45 Points 
Example - Blame it on me~!

Original Song - 70 Points
This Town is My Home

Parody of a song or poem - 35 Points
-Need Example-

Original Poem - 70 Points
 The Fall of Amelia
Dead Inside

Stories (NEW)

Short Stories - 60 Points

More than one chapter - 100 + Points

Crack Fictions - 60 Points

When to pay: up-front or when commission is shown


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United States

Hi, I'm Gay and Trans.

Got a problem with that? Then leave me alone.

Lunala by alolan-sprites

DB: OCxCanon 1of3 by DarkJediPrincess

~These people are important to me~

~My Real Sister~

~Sister Friend~
:iconaxyllia: / :iconglaceonice32:

~The Online Fam~

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Seven Deadly Stamps: Envy by Voltaira Seven Deadly Stamps: Wrath by Voltaira



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Okay, so I adore this one species and they have a raffle for this little one
: OPEN: Chocolate Gift (RAFFLE) by Bunaberry
Hey, so I'm like really bored. 
Should I stream and do 5-40 pt. Redesign of ponies and cats? These would be base-edits as my digital art is still not that great without help.
Hey guys, so I wanted to know if you guys want me to do a breed chart of my ocs x ocs or ocs x canon or ocs x your ocs


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