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Wish I could be

By Marenlicious
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Thanks for offer to me!<3<3
Original art :…
Idea credit by :iconblingcity: <3<3

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© 2020 Marenlicious
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ViolitRoseNew Deviant

It took me a minute to realise what this was copied from.

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KelvinShadewingHobbyist Digital Artist

"Oh wait! I can!"

*shifts into a hippogryph*


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JaiDrawzAnthroNew Deviant
I ship it
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Haden-2375Hobbyist Digital Artist

너넘너무 ㅇ이ㅃ뻐뻥뻐요...ㅠㅠ

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omg too perfect great

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cute :heart:

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Victorqvalak666New Deviant

Love This ♡♡

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could you make more gallus x silverstream

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ur artstyle is gr8 m80

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HunterBrony101Hobbyist Filmographer

Queen Novo: Have you lost your senses completely?! He's a griffon, your a seapony!

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Silverstream I don't know when

I don't know how

But I know something's starting right now

Watch and you'll see

Some day I'll be

Part of your world!

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dempseyroll2019Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww ^^
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LOL! The Little Mermaid!

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I like this a lot!

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drake-rexHobbyist Writer

This is gorgeous TTwTT

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WizAhmadHobbyist General Artist

Thanks for this artwork. Brought back some good memories when I watched this movie at age 16. You literally got me singing that song and visualizing the scene again.

"What would I give to live where you are,

What would I pay, to stay here beside you,

What would I do to see you,

Smiling at me...

Where would we walk, where would we run,

If we could stay all day in the sun,

Just you and me, and I could be...

Part of your world!"

*Winona barking in the distance*

Applejack: "Gallus! Gallus."

*Silverstream quickly jumps back into the water*

Let your artwork be a part of my world - the world of my fave gallery.

Great improvement on Blingcity's art btw.

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HunterBrony101Hobbyist Filmographer

Applejack: Ya really delight in putting strains on Grandpa Gruff's blood pressure, don't ya?

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I always preferred that song over Under The Sea. Maybe in part because it's not as overplayed on Disney playlists.

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MarenliciousHobbyist Digital Artist
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WizAhmadHobbyist General Artist

aww... did I make you cry? I'm sorry

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WOW! So cute!

Um...did she zap him with her Magical Female Powers(tm)?

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Nice work!

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pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Little Seapony
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IsarniaNew Deviant
Aww cute
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