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pipp 😭
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To be fair, you lied to your own subject along with your mother about being able to fly. I'll be surprised if you didn't get unfollowed over it.

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Poor little Pipp


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*Feel Better Hugs Best Pony* 😟/:hug: Great work, My Friend! 😀

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I guess some ponies still haven't gotten over that whole...phony pony full of baloney incident.

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When you gain one thousands new followers, but lose a single one.

"*cries* W-w-why? What have done wrong?"

"Uh, what's wrong, Pipp?"

"One of my followers... *sniff* unfollowed me..."

"So? You got thousands of them. You can't make everypony to love you."

"*gasp!* Why would you say such a horrible thing to me?"

"Because, each pony has its own taste? That the way things are. For example, maybe that pony you said changed its mind about you and left for..."

"For....? FOR??? For what, huh?! For making me feel miserable! Thank you unfollower, you did it! Nice job, you a$$hole!"

"What are you doing?"

"Telling that poopy pone my thoughts!!"

"(Sheesh. I would unfollow too if I learned how she is outside the camera.)"

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TFW some hater RTs and the notifications start rolling in

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Poor Pipp, come on everypony, let's give her a lot of likes and retweets!

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Aww... Why would someone unfollow her? :(

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