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Twilight, what in the name of the royal sisters are you doing putting whipped cream on Sunset?
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twilight has the right idea here XD
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베이컨 위에 크림은 어떤 맛일까?~ Fool Emoji-13 (I'm sexy) [V1] 
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Eeeeee... This flank look tasty :D
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*puts whip cream on Sunset's flank and licks it* mmmmmmm~
Twilight what are you doing
Twilight stahp
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xDDDDD excelent la Twilight gourmande *slurp*
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I love Sunset Shimmer.
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YES! That flank <3 Isn't this what we'd all want to do?
Great work :) I love Sunset's face!
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Is that what they do with Pinkie's whipped cream? Them eyebrows 
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Dat delicious booty XD
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what's...going on in here?
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Oh no! I think your drawing just made me like this ship. I thought I was done with new ships.
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How naughty of the princess of friendship.
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That's what cutie marks are for!
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