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Twilight was a little drunk.

Come on Twilight !! You can d...Okay..
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Just a little bit.
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And then she gets the butcher knife... 
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Sunset :  T...twilight ?

Twilight : you ready for this ? *Heavy breathing*
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Dat rape!....I approve!
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Twilight:*Heavy breathing*
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Uh oh. This is gonna be either really good or really bad. In any case.... WE WIN!
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Only a little drunk!!??!?!?!? XD It happens XD
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i can imagine Twilight as she was in Lesson Zero.
Crazy Twilight
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That should be me with Sunset.
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Twilight: hey sunny! *tries to walk but tips* let's go at it huneh! *Throws beer bottle*

Sunset: umm twilight.... Your drunk... Just go home... Before you do anything cra-

*suddenly twilight jumps on sunset*

Twilight: Heh...

Sunset: T...Twilight?
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Like some guy say, somewhere, "Show Time"
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Twilight must love Sunset very much.
Meow :3 Meow :3 
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Nope nope nope nope so much nope
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and a little more nope for good measure
...I was thinking Twilight was sticking something somewhere...
After thinking about it for a while, all I can picture about is Twilight throwing up on Sunset.

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Ready to dissect...
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