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Lightly injured twilight

Don't worry !
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Aww what happened, baby?
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You may be okay, but the person/pony that did this sure as hell won't be able to say the same thing when I get through with them.  In fact, they won't be able to say much of ANYTHING after I get through with them.  *bone chillingly evil smile*
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwJigglypuff: Base 
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Well if you say so.
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That's good. Wait. Are you just sitting on a red bean bag or is that... no, it's a red bean bag.
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OMG, what happened?!?
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:icontwilightepicsmileplz::iconsaysplz:If you think I look beat up, you should see what I did to Trixie!
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I can relate to this X'D
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She must have been playing QWOP again.
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WEIS HEIL! *applies healing magic to Twily* Now hold still, this may take a few minutes. In the meantime, tell me how you got all of... this.
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Uh... are you an alicorn? Because last I checked, only alicorns could use extensive healing magic (even on light injuries). It would also require tapping into the magic reservoir of the pony in question. Healing spells, even simple ones, are incredibly high-level unless one has a special talent for them (Nurse Redheart and the other nurses at the hospital are among those).
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I am something different. I am a wolf from one of the Primal clans. We use magic in a different way as it comes from our Wild Magic well within us. It is fueled by powerful emotions and it doesn't require tapping into the pony's reservoir of magic. We use an elemental link called Feral Shift to link our energy wells up and we just pool into the pony enough restoration magic to help his/her wounds heal up at a much faster rate. The invocation is just for kicks, we don't really use them XD
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Ah, sorry, I assumed that everyone around her was a pony. Silly me, I've heard that actually there are an awful lot of 'humans' around here. Well, at least there's another type of magical being around here, because from what I've heard humans aren't exactly what you'd call magical.

Oh, and unless this wasn't already clear: That kind of magic is epic. Just so you know.
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Our magic is nothing that special. Yes it's as old as Nature itself but we tend not to think about it too much. But be weary, these humans can be real pains in the bum if you get my meaning. They tried to catch me to make a coat once!
After enduring Pinkie Keen episode, I know that Twilight will endure everything.
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Twilight actually has a sixth band-aid on, but she's covering it's location. :iconifyouknowplz:
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You've been trying that spell again, didn't you?
T: Uh.... no?
Damn it, Twilight. I warned that you could get hurt pretty bad....
T: I'm fine. No big bruises... Beside, I heal rather quickly...
*sigh*I know you like to try new magic spells, even dangerous like this one.... but... Please... be more careful, okay?
T: Okay. I will.
Can you promise me you will be more careful?
T: *sigh* I promise. Happy?
Yes. Wait a minutes! Who put those bandages anyway?
T: Oh! Fluttershy warned the hospital that I got hurt and they took care of me.
What about Spike? Isn't him to usually do that?
T: Uh... well.... he still rests.... at the hospital... for a couple of days...
Still at the hosp... Twilight?
T: Y-yes?
What have you really done?
T: Uh.... an experiment... that didn't quite turned well...
You cooked?
T: How did you.....? *sigh* Yes.
The oven?
T: Exploded....
Uh... okay. Ummmm... No!
T: What, no?
Don't tell me you used that spell we were talking about to accelerate the process of cooking of.... what you were cooking before...
T: No! Not at all...
T:....  I used half the power of it...
*facepalm/facehoof* What were you thinking! You can't wait like everypony does?
T: I.... I was in a hurry...
In a hurry? In a hurry?!? You risked your life and Spike's just for trying to cook something faster than usual? What was it?
T: A cake.
A cake?
T: I learned that you were coming early to visit me and.... I kinda read too much.... so I tried to bake you a cake with Spike's help before you arrive... but it *sniff* wasn't cooking fast enough, so I tried to accelerate the process of cooking... *sniff* it didn't turned so well and it made the oven *sniff* exploding.... poor Spike got hurt in the explosion *tears*.... Fluttershy heard it like everpony in town and she informed the hospital after she got here and seen the scene... it was all my fault.. I shouldn't...
*hug Twilight* Shhh! It's okay. I'm sorry to have talked to you like that. Now I understand...
T: I just wanted to give you....
That's okay Twilight. I'm glad you are okay after all this. I can't say the same about Spike... Don't blame yourself too much. You just made a mistake.
T: Yeah, a mistake that could have killed us both...
Well, that's what I meant when I asked to be more careful. *sigh* All this for a cake... I'm still touched, you know...
T:  I was hoping so....
You know what? Let's buy one at Sugarcube Corner and let's eat it with Spike at the hospital...
T: That's a wonderful idea.... but I doubt they will let us in with it...
Well... You could teleport us directly in the room don't you?
T: Well... Oh alright, let's do this.
Good. Now let's get that cake.
T: Yeah. Ouch!
Are you alright?
T: I'm fine. After all, I survived the explosion, so I will survive this.

Short story inspired by your adorable artwork. I hope you'll like it.
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