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Izzy time !

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i like it 😎

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Izzy she lovely! 😆

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this is real good

Izzy is just the funniest unicorn ever.

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Izzy stole the show for me, there’s something really relaxing about her personality.

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Izzy time.

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Hello Jeremy-The-Guy!

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I definitely see her becoming the breakout character of the new generation 😊

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I’m gonna say it before someone else does “your a wizard Izzy” lol

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She's a fun character. A toned down Pinkie Pie, if you will. I'm looking forward to future shenanigans with this friendly purple unicorn.

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Best Pony wearing glasses! 😀 Awesome work, My Friend! 😁

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"I'm the prettiest and smartest pony around. *adjusts glasses* Yep."

Sunny: "Huh? You barely stayed awake when you began reading my book."

"Details, details..."

BEautiful work. Now I wonder how she would look with Vinyl's glasses. Like a party pony? Maybe?

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Beautiful picture!

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"HONeee, you came to the right cottage."

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I remember that because "HONee" is korean xD

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What does it mean in Korean?

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