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She is Bacon.
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Aren't horses herbivores?
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"Uhhh, Princess may have a fetish you want to try on me, hair's not bacon, okay? Tell you what, can you lick my neck instead and plant kisses down it? Thanks, sweetie."
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i ALWAYS THOught SHE was KETCHup and MUSTard
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"She is Bacon." Lol
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Bronies are horny un-hygienic horse fucking pedophiles, as you can see by this picture and this comment section. Reported.
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Lol, best mock-troll comment!
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She's "My" bacon.
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Wait, but aren't they herbivores?
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She tasted meat on the human world...Guess she miss it XDDDD
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Finally someone makes this joke! XDDDDDDDDDD
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And a new ship set sail into the ocean of love.
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I don't ship TwilightSun but this is cute xD
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Sunset BaconHair Shimmer heheheh
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Mmm, delicious bacon...
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Oh wow, I never thought of that. That's beautiful.
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:iconengineerplz::iconsaysplz:Needs moar BACON!
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Bacon is love
Bacon is life
Bacon is Bacon
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