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Mecha Mario SMBZ concept by Mareeo64 Mecha Mario SMBZ concept :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 5 3 Mecha Mario Final Designs by Mareeo64 Mecha Mario Final Designs :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 7 5 7 Chaos Mecha Mario by Mareeo64 7 Chaos Mecha Mario :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 4 0 X, Protoman, Bass by Mareeo64 X, Protoman, Bass :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 1 0 Mareeo Vol. 1 - My Character by Mareeo64 Mareeo Vol. 1 - My Character :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 3 9 Mecha Mario Update by Mareeo64 Mecha Mario Update :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 9 5
Love sucks, whether you believe it or not.
You think you are happy, but are left in pain.
It hurts like barbed wire; like getting shot.
And all your efforts for love are in vain.
You inevitably fall, and act like you didn’t know.
You try to fight it, but it’s just no use.
In a labyrinth of hate; that’s where you’ll go.
It will break you from the mental abuse.
And so you have fallen; left in the dark.
Your time’s running out; your life force is thin.
It shows in your mood; that terrible mark.
You think it’s over, but it just begins.
It’s not that innocent; your precious love.
It is hell on Earth, not soft like a dove…
:iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 2 0
Life was empty…
A lost world of pain
leaving the lone crow
trapped in a battlefield
of thought…
Such emptiness
gathers and boils.
Anger rising,
forever writhing,
this crow continues
to fall…
This cave of pure hell
endlessly existing;
the crow’s soul continues
to fade.
Against the odds
the crow sees light,
an opening in the cave is found.
He emerges
free of the dark,
a raven appears by his side.
The birds,
they meet,
they’ve found something
The raven,
she is hope.
The crow begins
to feel.
Emotions returning,
rising past limits...
What is this feeling?
This crow is no longer
He begins to wonder:
Is this my dove?
My long-awaited?
My savior?
The other side;
The raven in distress.
False doves came,
false doves went.
A crow appears;
Too soon,
she can’t.
The crow was wrong
yet again…
Blaming himself,
the crow plummets;
falling back
to the place he fought
to escape.
Denial imminent.
Pain intensifies,
this crow breaks
a wing.
One wi
:iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 2 0
Blue Sky by Mareeo64 Blue Sky :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 0 0 ESP LTD FRX painting by Mareeo64 ESP LTD FRX painting :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 1 0 Green Sky by Mareeo64 Green Sky :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 0 0 Phoenix by Mareeo64 Phoenix :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 0 0 Space Fruit by Mareeo64 Space Fruit :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 0 0 So Many Colors by Mareeo64 So Many Colors :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 0 0 Tree by Mareeo64 Tree :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 1 0 SMBZ Mecha Mario Vol.1 by Mareeo64 SMBZ Mecha Mario Vol.1 :iconmareeo64:Mareeo64 4 0


The Brawlzilla Project: Gamera
Walking Speed: 3/10
Air Mobility: 10/10
Weight/Knockback Resistance: 8/10
Attack Power: 6/10
Special Attributes: Gamera cannot be attacked from behind. Furthermore, fire-based attacks deal no damage to him and instead replenish health. The more powerful the attack, the lower his damage percentage becomes.
Standard and Tilt Attacks
Neutral Attack – Hard Slap: Gamera strikes the opponent with his hand. Quickly press A to strike with the other hand.
(Neutral Combo – Piercing Tusks): The Guardian of the Universe strikes out with his tusks.
Side Tilt – Snapping Turtle: The monster quickly lashes out with his jaws.
Up Tilt – Elbow Claw: The creature swings up with his arm, striking with the nails on his elbow.
Down Tilt – Crouching Claw: While crouching, the monster slashes out with his claw
:iconbrawlzilla:Brawlzilla 4 0
I Want to Say I Love You
And I don't
I can't say
I love you
Because if I did
I'm scared you'd say
Me too
I mean
How could you love me?
The girl who's been broken
Head in the clouds and
heart on the ground and
never quite sure what she's doing 
or why
would you be able to love me
when I can't even love myself?
:icondewypetals:DewyPetals 2 3
Lightning FX Animation by AlexRedfish Lightning FX Animation :iconalexredfish:AlexRedfish 2,670 351 Lightning Strike Making Process by AlexRedfish Lightning Strike Making Process :iconalexredfish:AlexRedfish 1,032 50 Fire Bird FX Animation by AlexRedfish Fire Bird FX Animation :iconalexredfish:AlexRedfish 1,831 219
La La La
...I originally wrote this with the intent of showing it to my father.
However, I now have convinced myself that showing this to him would only make matters worse. But I need to share this...whatever it is...with someone.
It's a vent, of sorts. If you don't wish to read it, that's perfectly fine. You can safely ignore this if you follow me only because of my poetry.

I'm covering my ears like a kid.

When your words mean nothing, I go la la la.
I'm turning up the volume when you speak.
'Cause if my heart can't stop it,

I'll find a way to block it...
"Dammit, stop fucking
:icondewypetals:DewyPetals 1 0
Knowledge by Valshe-chan Knowledge :iconvalshe-chan:Valshe-chan 1 0
The Awful Truth
That goddamn loneliness is creeping in.
It's always trying to do me in.
I mean, this fog that surrounds me
Confuses, confounds me
How the hell am I supposed to make it out?
The silence swallows every scream, every shout.
No, I don't scream anymore.
haven't tried in years
I mean, how do you scream when
you don't even shed tears?
I think...I think...
Oh God.
I don't
I don't think, or feel, or...
I don't...even hope
This fog it just-
It...kept everything away
So much so that I just...
I stopped trying?
I...lost hope?
But I'd been getting better!
Or...was that only a joke?
Just...just some sick twisted lie?
A facade to distract while I died inside?!
What the hell's even real anymore?!
I can't even tell
the gates of Heaven
the fires of Hell
I didn't think this poem was good enough to be submitted as a deviation. So I posted it as a journal instead.
It's funny, though. How you can think you've won the war...only to
:icondewypetals:DewyPetals 4 4
Vegeta in Tangled by Abbadon82 Vegeta in Tangled :iconabbadon82:Abbadon82 2,908 425
The Tide of Loneliness (Part 2)
The Tide of Loneliness
And sometimes all it takes is the distress of a friend to distract me from my problems.
And the shoreline grows closer.
And the riptide gets weaker.
And somehow
My loneliness doesn't seem so bad anymore.
:icondewypetals:DewyPetals 3 0
The Tide of Loneliness
is far too much to bear
You mustn't drown child
let it carry you away
Don't fight the riptide child
the shore's not far today
But every time that I grow near
I'm pushed away by someone dear
:icondewypetals:DewyPetals 4 5
:Spinosaurus: by Abz-J-Harding :Spinosaurus: :iconabz-j-harding:Abz-J-Harding 837 58 Soul Eater- Stein by Valshe-chan Soul Eater- Stein :iconvalshe-chan:Valshe-chan 11 2 Mecha Sonic vs Knuckles by Nerkin Mecha Sonic vs Knuckles :iconnerkin:Nerkin 2,249 345


Mecha Mario SMBZ concept
Just Something I forgot i had. It's basically a polished up take on what he would've looked like had SMBZ continued.


No journal entries yet.


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Wouldn't U. Liketoknow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there, deviant artists. I am a spriter who enjoys making edits, customs, and animations of the Mario/Sonic/Megaman/DragonBall Z type. I've made numerous sprites on the ong deceased DSI app: Flipnote Hatena, and have moved on to full color using Gamemaker as an editor. I've worked on a few animations, and plan on doing something big that involves characters from the series' above (Yes, it won't be easy to incorporate them all together, but my mind is not one to be underestimated ;P)

I appreciate credit if any of my future sprites are used, but honestly It's not a requirement.


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XFireMHDev Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hey you still around? 

 I just wanted to let you know, I'm very close to finishing those metal sonic customs, from hatena to the internet, you made for hatena and was wondering if you wanted to post them on your deviant art since you made these custom sprites in the first place?

I'm just asking if you want.
Mareeo64 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well sure, i can do that. Though, i'll be giving you the credit having been the one to put them all in full color. Whenever they're ready, i'm game
XFireMHDev Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Okay I'll send you a note.  

Btw I got another question.

Have you been working on Your Mareeo64 OC?  Because I kind've want to use him in a series thats been running through my head.  At least his base form.
Mareeo64 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be frank, I haven't touched a sprite in a very long time. It's one of those interests that comes and goes in accordance to whatever's going on in life. You're more than free to use him, of course. I'll see if I can find if I still have any more work I may have had done on him.
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Raze-the-Raccoon Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Student Artist
Got my Follow. Stay awesome and inspiring Mareeo!
- Raze Shot
babyluigi957 Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you the Mareeo64 from Hatena? I'm Mario957! How's it going? :]
Mareeo64 Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's me ;) been such a long time since the Hatena days
babyluigi957 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was looking through my old Hatena profile and I saw you were mentioned in my friends list :3 It has been so long ago lol
Mareeo64 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
totally :P still spriting?
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Anti-Nexus Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I found you, lmao. Sup, bro.
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