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Windows 8/8.1 Theme for Windows 7

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Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7

This is a most complete and most realistic Windows 8/8.1 visual style for Windows 7 on the internet.

Theme pack includes:

-All Windows 8/8.1 Default Wallpapers and Colors+Windows 8/8.1 Black Theme
-6 Windows 8 Earth Wallpapers and Colors
-6 Windows 8 Flowers Wallpapers and Colors
-7 Windows 8.1 Lines Wallpapers and Colors
-Windows 8/8.1 Cursor
-Windows 8/8.1 Sound Scheme
-Windows 8.1 Segoe UI Fonts
-Windows 8.1 Start Menu Button
-Windows 8/8.1 Navigation, Address Bar and Search Buttons (ExplorerFrame.dll)
-Windows 8/8.1 Navigation, Address Bar and Search Buttons for Black Theme
-Windows 8/8.1 Start Menu User Picture Frame
-Windows 8/8.1 White Task Pane (shell32.dll)
-Windows 8/8.1 Boot Screen
-Windows 8/8.1 Logon Screen
-Windows 8/8.1 User Account Picture

Theme suports Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and all DPI display size.

It's recommended to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 before you change system files.

If you have a problem with applying a theme visit this page….
Thanks Vishal Gupta for this great tutorial.

Enjoy in theme!!!

Some rights reserved.

-You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
-You may not use any element of this theme, dll files or any other part of this pack, created by me, in your work.
-You may not include this theme or any part of this pack in any kind transformation or customization packs.
-You may not redistribute any element of this pack for profit or commercial use.


Update 28
-Now theme pack includes all Windows 8/8.1 default colors

Update 27
-Fixed some minor bugs

Update 26
-Add Windows 8/8.1 Logon Screen blue color

Update 25
-Add Windows 8/8.1 Logon Screen
-Add Windows 8/8.1 User Account Picture

Update 24
-Add Windows 8/8.1 Boot Screen
-Minor ExplorerFrame.dll update

Update 23
-Add original Windows 8.1 color and wallpaper
-Add original Windows 8.1 Lines colors and wallpapers
-Updated Start Menu Button (Windows 8.1 Start Menu Button)
-Updated Windows 8 Segoe UI Fonts (Windows 8.1 Segoe UI Fonts)
-Minor visual style changes and bug fixes

Update 22
-A few minor changes

Update 21
-Fixed some bugs
-Updated Start Menu
-Updated Navigation Buttons (ExplorerFrame.dll)
-Add Start Menu User Picture Frame
-Add White Task Pane (shell32.dll)

Update 20
-Fixed some minor bugs

Update 19
-Add two new original Windows 8 color themes - purple and red

Update 18
-Minor changes in system colors

Update 17
-Fixed Firefox context menu bug
-Changed some system colors

Update 16
-Updated ExplorerFrame.dll (reduced size of navigation buttons)
-Minor start menu update

Update 15
-A few minor changes in all themes

Update 14
-Updated Windows 8 Black basic style

Update 13
-Small changes in start menu panels

Update 12
-Changed some system colors
-Add original Windows 8 yellow color theme

Update 11
-Several minor changes in main style
-Add Windows 8 black color theme

Update 10
-Updated some taskbar arrows
-Updated taskbar preview close button
-Changed explorer and start menu search bar text style
-Small improvements in start menu button

Update 9
-Removed some text glowe
-Add original Windows 8 grey color theme

Update 8
-Updated caption buttons in basic style
-Add Windows 8 start menu button

Update 7
-Removed text glow from AltTab menu
-Add ExplorerFrame.dll with Windows 8 navigation buttons (for white theme)
-Add original Windows 8 Flowers colors and wallpapers

Update 6
-Add original Windows 8 Earth colors and wallpapers

Update 5
-Small changes in jump list menu
-Add original Windows 8 white color theme

Update 4
-Updated breadcrumbs and command link button

Update 3
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Updated basic style
-Add original Windows 8 sound scheme

Update 2
-Changed start menu hover and log off, shut down button

Update 1
-Changed some system colors
-Changed address bar and search bar
-Improvements in AltTab menu
-Updated ExplorerFrame.dll (add original Windows 8 explorer address bar and search bar buttons)

Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7
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tophgifNew Deviant

looks nice

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Hi Guys, Windows 10 Version 1909 Theme Please?

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Hi, im new for this

can you explain more details how to install it


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i love the boot screen

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I'm glad you like it. ;-)
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Does it Work With Windows 7 Professional SP1 
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upload windows 8/8.1 icon patcher as you did for 10.
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The icons are almost the same in win7 and win8. You can find those few icons easily on the net.
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i know, but instead of searching the icons and these things, make the icon patcher.
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archive is corrupted . shows error while extracting
mare-m's avatar
It's not true. Everything works fine.
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link off :z
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What are you talking about? Link works perfectly.
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Thanks. ;-)
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Ok everyone, Just letting you guys know.

MareM does not make the programs that you have to use to Patch your theme files or for your boot screen. So it is not his job to give technical support for those things.

Also every time Microsoft does an update, you will lose your boot screen, your User interface, etc. You will have to reapply the theme which may not be compatible.
So you have to be very careful. It is best to make an image of your system so you can restore it if it happens that you screwed up.
Really you have to read everything he is written. If you don't want to read and do something stupid, this is your own fault and you deserve what is coming. 

This is the best theme for Windows, and sometimes we are wondering why Microsoft is sleeping while one man can do better than their whole team. 
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I was just wondering, can you disable the theme if you want to?
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You can just give the link for visual style theme only please?
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it didn't work for me :(
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Read carefully instruction or visit this page…
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Why the address bar is not white?
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