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X-MAS cat watching Polarisstar (psychedelic) by marderchen X-MAS cat watching Polarisstar (psychedelic) by marderchen
Hihi like to draw cats.. and XMAS is  comming so fast so main idea was draw cat cor cutting and hang in windows..
buts fun creating art so its now even more.. maybe find goot solution to print on foil with backlight (its pixel artwork)
bind in my laz0r polaris star SVG shape *SVG file… from building laz0r decoration project and modifiert it a little.. zoom in its kind of wtf? verry dark colorfull for a monitorepicture :3) 
MEOW do with it whatever you want =^.^=

(its A4 600pi have to create the art smaler (and not lik typical 1200dpi caused 80MB limitations)
its basicla a windows decoration.. but cutting =losinng glow so try other solution:
try pring on light disurbt foil with ink:…… not realy working well..
try collorlaser print and sadd it with glossy lacke for transparenteness..… woirking better..

creatingsoldering  SMD LED (typ OSRAm 0.5Watt white ultrabright)…
wow its not full power but wtf?!briight…
nice just build lamp with same systeme its the MONOLITE lamp.. 
**lamp pics…… (its marten cat hole and always chaotic like my mind)……… omg its a flood light (even its running only with 30watt onm pictures lol)
o it hurts is watching inside… (but its adjustable^^)
its a long vertical black stick in rectangle shap so definnetly a vil MONOLITE :3 creeativity is funny *purrr*

glued the short stick on the acryl glas from a backlight unit i have from broken LCD monitor..…… working fine..

<== so finished and result finaly: ==>… a big hanup bicture with backlight… (good as possible with materials i have)… powered with Li-ion and step  up for 30VDC for testing later 5Vup to 4V from tablevaping USB-power..) so cute its material Art =^.^=  MEOW +PURRRRING like earthquake
Topzke Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2017  Hobbyist
looks pretty nice :D
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November 29, 2017
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