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Attention, all followers of my "Dragon Tales" fanfic on! I have deleted the original story in order to make way for a new and improved version of it. I apologize for the inconvenience, but here's a link to the new version: Dragon Tales: The Meaning Of Magic (Enhanced Edition) Chapter 1: Prologue: A Powerful Villain Emerges, a dragon tales fanfic | FanFiction
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Over the past week, you've probably seen me posting some art featuring Stellaluna, the sweet little fruit bat from Janell Cannon's award-winning children's book and its movie adaptation, alongside a preteen boy with a headlamp (see the cover image)? Well, this young human is Jody Swift, an original character I've created for my fanart pieces related to Stellaluna & other characters from her story! As a kid, I fell in love with the movie adaptation of Stellaluna (even though I was first introduced to the book), and developed a fantasy of befriending the character personally. I even had several dreams involving such scenarios. Over the years I've thought about how to make these dreams come true, and eventually made a decision: I would create a character to serve as a vehicle for my fantasy, and draw fanart of said character interacting with Stellaluna in various friendly scenarios. Thus my OC, Jody, was born. I don't have a full backstory for him yet, but I do have a basic premise for
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Hey folks! I just thought I'd dedicate my first journal entry to tell you about the creation of my very first OC: Maligna the Evil Sorceress It all started when I wanted a proper antagonist for the PBS Kids cartoon, Dragon Tales (absolutely LOVE that show XD). One of my biggest fantasies was to see Max, Emmy, and the dragons encounter Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty," but after seeing Vor, the villain from the Sofia the First series finale, I figured that I could come up with my own custom villain for Dragon Tales. And so, Maligna was born (Dun dun DUUNNNN)! There were 4 characters I used as reference for Maligna's design: Malia Nurmi as
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Hey, can you add Brutus and Nero to your pictures of Percival Mcleach teaming up with Madame Medusa and have them interact with Joanna?


Maybe in a future pic (perhaps a companion piece to my art of Medusa & McLeach meeting up in a restaurant), I just might feature such a scene.

The only trouble is that, for some reason, I'm having a hard time imagining how I would personally draw those three interacting with each other in such a scenario. So, I'll need to give the idea some thought.

Take your time, buddy.

I would love to see the sequence of Simone Lenoir growing a tail soon.

Hey, saw that today's your birthday! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. :)

Did you see my Chinese/Lunar New Year Art? 🥡🍜🇨🇳🧧🥢🥠🥟🐉🥮🐲