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Snake Eyes

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Hey! Its snake again...mmm...MGS 4 coming for ps3...XD
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AnkicvProfessional Digital Artist
That s snake solid fromMetal gear or are they the same
I mean snake from Gi joe and the one from Metal gear
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TigerprimeProfessional Digital Artist
Hum this is silent snake lol
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Good picture, but it's not accurate. Snake Eyes is a 6 foot 2 inch tall caucasian american, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Still, great work.
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BohmaProfessional General Artist
At first I thought, "Solid Snake doesn't have blonde hair... He's been brunette since the 8 bit days..." Then realized that you were talking about G.I.Joe Snake Eyes, lol. This guy if from Metal Gear Solid, the video game. That's def Solid Snake in the picture, not sure why it's labeled Snake Eyes though... 0_o 
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Yeah, I was super young when I made that comment! I had always meant to correct it, but then I couldn't find the piece! XD I still can't believe I typed that all out on the wii. It wasn't long after until I found out my mistake and then I'd felt really really guilty about it. XD
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BohmaProfessional General Artist
Lol, that's funny. I know what you mean though. I didn't pay attention at first to most of the comments, but when I went further down, there was actually a ton of them saying similar things & also correcting the artist that it was Solid Snake, haha. I'm sure he just meant it as a title, but apparently it threw off a lot people, myself included. Anyhow, cool beans, no worries :) 
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Awesome!! I'd love to see your talent on my Capital Comics hero Bluejaye [link] !! :D
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- Coughs. - Um, good picture and all. But that's not Snake Eyes. Snake eyes was from G.I. Joes, MGS Snake is Solid Snake. Just saying.
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DrChipMunkStudent Digital Artist
his expression is cool :D

.. mgs4 is goin to rock:)
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Yes it will indeed! Love th PMCs n 'Taliban' geurillas...they made em look damn realistic to todays uniforms n gear.
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snake the old age pensioner. apparently u get to unlock a wheelchair for him in MGS4. snake forever! great work man :D

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LOL...really? MGS 4 is out alrdy???
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lol no. but judging by the way he looks in the trailer, he's on his last legs.
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Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the last will see of Solid Snake in video games. :no::sniff::cry:
According to the creater Hideo, MGS4 will answer all of the questions to the series, and Snake will...
Die.:cries: There will be no more Metal Gear after that.:raincloud:

The art is nice, is that a Soccom or an USP Snake is griping?
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scabrouspencilProfessional Digital Artist
Cool snake !
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haa! Thnx! :) Snake is too cool...MGS 4!!!
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Awesome!!! his face looks ace!
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phew* i like the faint red light coming from the gun. nice!
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Awesome! I love it, even though I do kinda prefer his MGS 1 outfit.

I know how you feel. PS3 and the Nintendo Revolution are my most awaited systems. I just wonder how MGS4 will work, I'm not entirely sure where this "Nowhere to hide" thing is going.
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