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No Place to Hide

Another attempt at Shinkawa style, Photoshop CS5.

"No Place to Hide; No Place for Hideo!"

'Old Snake'; 'Metal Gear' is copyright 2008 Konami
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I freaking love this art style so much. And love MGS. I think MGS4 is still my overall favorite. Phantom pain was epic but felt like it was missing something. 
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Great work! I love this style so much!
TheAdmirerOfBeauty's avatar
metal gear is love mteal gear is life! great work!!!
I finished 4 but I never know happened to solid after the game 😯
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I seen this in the corner of my eye when I first skimmed over it I thought meh but then as I went back I noticed it was snake and that it was an older version and was like no way like my first experience into shooters of any kind was the solid snake series this is just awesome ^^
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Damn. This is amazing. I love the art style, it's wonderful. This is the meaning of "clash of colors". Very cool and unique. 
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goooooood one man, this looks so damn good, looks like you invented the mgs style, seriously impressive!
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I really like your painting !
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Unique Style. I want to learn this...
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Great work! Ah question though how did you get the brush effect? Sorry if I got curious
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Sorry for the slow reply, im not always online here!

I was using the watercolor wet brush in Photoshop and manually painting in the effect actually, and adding a texture filter on top to get the uneven ink look. Hope that helps! :)
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it is okay sir and no problem!

Thank you so much for the reply! I will try and do it more power to you and your works!
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0.0 holy sh..! awesome :)
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Awesome!!! oO
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I first saw your Raiden and then immediately noticed your Snake! Dude, you rock!
"Art has Changed..." Nice artwork
i honestly though that Shinkawa did this himself, you have the gift
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Really awesome artwork :+fav:
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one of the coolest drawings ive ever seen
Let me buy these... I need this hanging up in my office...
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